Coppa Italia betting tips : Odds & predictions

Coppa Italia betting tips : Odds & predictions

Coppa Italia Overview

For those that aren't too sure what the Coppa Italia is all about, this tournament is basically the national tournament for domestic teams that play football in Italy.

It is a tournament that attracts thousands of fans to watch both in stadiums and on television, and some of the very best players in Italy are always participating.

The tournament itself consists of 8 rounds for those that start at the very beginning of the tournament, and we are already through to the third round at the time of writing.

With that in mind, there is still plenty of football to be played in this tournament, which is why we've created this Coppa Italia betting tips post in the first place.

We want to show you some of the key markets to look out for in this tournament, as well as show you where you could place your bets in the first place.

We are truly excited to share this information with you, but if you simply want to see our top tips for this event, check out the table right here. To see betting tips on many other leagues all around the world, check out our article Football Betting Tips Today, which has the best betting tips on football, updated daily.

Coppa Italia tips – teams that could win

Teams from all of the Italian leagues participate in the Coppa Italia, but naturally, it is only likely that some of the Serie A teams will manage to win the tournament. For that reason, we do have a few predictions lined up and ready for you to view.

All of these teams can be observed right here, but it is also important to know that in the Coppa Italia, these teams do not even play any games until the 4th round, which is why they haven't actually competed in the 2020 event as of yet.


First in line for our Coppa Italia betting predictions, we have Napoli. This team actually managed to win the Coppa Italia last season, so it's clear that the team is more than capable of replicating this result during this year's event.

The team is full of hungry and talented players, and they can definitely cause problems for any other teams involved.


Juventus is arguably the most successful Italian team right now, not to mention the fact that they have a certain Cristiano Ronaldo in the squad. Juventus managed to win Serie A last season, and the team is so good that some people are even tipping them to challenge for the Champions League trophy as well. Obviously, when you've got a team as good as this, they will always be in with a chance at winning the Coppa Italia.


Out of the three teams that we have talked about here for being favourites to win the event, Milan would probably be at the bottom of the bunch. However, this team is showing some really great form so far this season, and they are currently at the top of the league. They clearly have some dangerous players in the squad too, and the cool thing about Milan is that they have a great mix of experience with youth. Of course, the legendary Zlatan Ibrahimovic also plays for Milan right now, and if he has anything to say about, the team will certainly be eyeing up this trophy.

Key upcoming matches

At the time of writing, the tournament is only at the third round stage, which means that many of the larger teams have actually not yet played a game. But with that said, there are still some mouth-watering clashes that are scheduled to take place over the next few weeks. We've listed these games below.

Verona vs Venezia

Since Verona did not start out as one of the top seeds for the event, they are commencing their tournament journey at the third round stage. Amazingly, Verona is actually just outside of the top six in Serie A right now, and they’re in great form. However, given that this is the first game that they have played in the tournament so far, Venezia could well prove to be a slippery opponent.

Sampdoria vs Salernitana

Here we have another Serie A team in the form of Sampdoria. These guys are a little bit lower down than Verona, as they are currently sitting in ninth place. Given that they have been somewhat struggling for form in recent games too, we believe that this could be a pretty interesting clash indeed.

Genoa vs Catanzaro

Finally, Genoa is another Serie A Team that is in action in the Coppa Italia at the third round stage. Genoa is currently ranked in 11th place in Serie A, and they aren't exactly a team that is looking confident. They've suffered some rather heavy defeats in the last 5 to 10 matches, which is why Catanzaro could well cause an upset in this one.

Alternative betting markets

If you didn't really fancy betting on the favourites in the outright markets, you can follow some of the other Coppa Italia betting tips that we’ve provided below.

Underdog winner

Obviously, if you are going for an underdog winner, this would be viewed as a risky bet, but the returns could well be huge. If we were to go for an outside winner for the tournament, we would be inclined to go for Inter Milan. These guys are no strangers to success in cup football, and we feel that the squad is more than capable of achieving this feat.

Most clean sheets

If you look at the Serie A table right now, there is one team that has shown incredible defence. This is reflected in the number of goals that they have conceded so far, with just one on the tally. This team is none other than Milan, which is the team that we are going for in this market.

Top goalscorer

Whenever it comes to cup football, there is one man that just seems to be able to score goals like they're going out of fashion. Of course, we are talking about the legendary Cristiano Ronaldo, who we believe could score the most goals in this competition.

Obviously, he will need to play well to outperform some of the other in-form strikers, but we still feel he has enough in the tank to get the job done.

If you’re feeling ready to bet following our Coppa Italia predictions, don’t forget to sign up with any of the leading bookmakers in the UK and get your wagers placed!

last update : December 2023

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