Liga MX Predictions and Daily Picks 2022: Updated Odds and Best Bets

Liga MX is undoubtedly the most popular and interesting soccer league west of the Atlantic. With teams like Club America, Atlas, Pachuca, and Monterrey how could it not be? Each week we get world-class soccer games that provide tons of entertainment but also plenty of betting opportunities.


In this article, you will find everything you might need for a successful Liga MX bet – a list of Liga MX predictions, betting suggestions, bookmaker suggestions, and ideas on how to make the most out of your money. We will be updating this article regularly so that you can always receive the most interesting and up-to-date facts and Liga MX opportunities.

This article will not only help you find the best Liga MX odds and Liga MX picks out there but will help you answer any questions you might have about the upcoming Liga MX games. Be the first to find out who the main injured players for the next games are, which players received red card suspensions, who are the top scorers in the league, which player and team is currently on a hot streak, and a lot more. Our readers will benefit a lot from our professional soccer expert’s tips. What’s the catch you ask? Believe it or not, there’s no catch. You receive all of this information completely free!

Our Liga MX Score Predictions For Today –

Here you will always be able to find the most interesting Liga MX picks and Liga MX predictions for the upcoming games. Our soccer experts will analyze the data and will provide you with the most secure betting suggestions completely free. Liga MX has always been a passionate soccer league and a difficult one to predict but that’s the beauty of Mexican soccer. This week we have some very good Liga MX predictions for you that we think you’ll appreciate. Make sure to give our list a thorough read:

Liga MX Predictions for Today’s Games

  • Puebla vs Juarez – Draw @+230

liga mx predictions

Puebla did a great job in the Clausura last season but the team is unrecognizable these days. Yes, Juarez is one of Liga MX’s weakest teams but the team did have a good start to the season this year despite the recent misfortune. We believe this game will end in a draw for a couple of good reasons. First of all, Puebla is the team with the most draws this season. The team’s last five league games all ended in draws. Furthermore, seven of the 10 games played so far ended in draws. Puebla had only three games that didn’t end in draws – two victories and one loss. Juarez, on the other hand, has the second-highest number of draws in Liga MX this season – five. The two teams played only seven games against each other in the past and those seven games are enough for us to have a good idea of where this next clash is going to head. Puebla won three games, Juarez won two, and two games ended in draws. As you can see, quite the even display by these two teams.

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  • Mazatlan vs Club America – Club America to win @-109

liga mx predictions

It’s a David vs Goliath battle in Liga MX this week! Mazatlan will do their best to put a spoke in Club America’s wheel in the Liga MX title fight but it seems as if there’s nothing that can stop this amazing team from Mexico City. The Liga MX betting odds for this game are amazing and our Liga MX picks this week just have to include a victory for Club America. The team has had four consecutive victories in the last four games. Club America was humiliated with a 7:0 result by one of the most prolific Liga MX teams around – Cruz Azul. Just recently the team played against Real Madrid – the best soccer team in the world. And yet, Club America didn’t lose the game. How exactly is Mazatlan supposed to be an obstacle for the title fight in Liga MX? The two teams played only four games against each other but they are enough for us to see that Club America feels very comfortable when facing Mazatlan. Club America achieved three victories while Mazatlan earned only one win.

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  • Cruz Azul vs Queretaro – Over 2.5 Goals @+105

liga mx predictions

Cruz Azul and Queretaro are the two teams with the worst defensive statistics in Liga MX this season. Our Liga MX predictions wouldn’t be complete without Over 2.5 goals on Cruz Azul vs Queretaro. Just a few fixtures ago, Cruz Azul was destroyed with a 7:0 result in the Mexico City derby between them and Club America. Cruz Azul has conceded 25 goals in the first 10 Liga MX games – 2.5 goals per game. Queretaro is at the bottom of the table with 17 goals conceded with Cruz Azul just a spot above them. Further issues for Cruz Azul include the foolish red card that one of the key players – Rafael Baca, received in the last game against Club America. Alejandro Mayorga is the key left-back but he will also miss this game due to his injury status. The last four games in the league for Cruz Azul all ended with at least three goals being scored. If Cruz Azul wants to escape the bottom of the table in Liga MX, then the team must attack. We know that Cruz Azul is capable of that, they did win the Campeon de Campeones at the beginning of the season.

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Liga MX Odds & Picks for Tonight Explained

Here you will find some valuable information concerning our Liga MX picks for the next games. We try to find the top odds around as well as the most likely to happen picks. If you are wondering how to make a good Liga MX bet then look no further. Some of the most famous ways of betting include the following:

  • Under/Over 2.5 Goals
  • Match betting
  • Both teams score

Another thing that can be a burden to the ones who are new to the world of soccer betting is the odds. Liga MX odds aren’t different than any other soccer odds around the world but what’s important is the format. If you are from North America then the default betting odds format would probably be the American one. On your soccer bets you might find something like this:

  • +200/-200
  • +170/-108

And so on, and so on. Basically, when you see odds starting with a little plus sign, then you should know that despite having a larger potential gain from your bet you also carry a lot of risk as this team is considered the underdog to win the game. When you see a little minus sign, then your bet will be a lot more secure as this is the team that is considered a favorite to win the match. If you place a 100$ bet on the underdog whose odds are set at +200 and the team does win, then you’ll congratulate yourself with a 300$ prize. If you place a 100$ bet on the favorite to win the game at -200 odds, then you have a chance to win 150$.

If the American betting odds format is confusing for you, then you always have the opportunity to switch it to the decimal (1.50; 2.00; 1.78) or fractional betting odds format (2/1; 19/20; 3/4)

Liga MX Match Betting

This is undoubtedly the most common way of betting on soccer games out there. You find the best Liga MX picks out there, you figure out who the favorite to win the game is, and then you place your bet on that team with the hopes that the team will win the game. Example:

  • Team A plays against Team B.
  • Team A is the favorite to win the game and the odds are set at -200.
  • You’ve done your research and you see that Team A has a great chance to win.
  • You place a 100$ bet on Team A to win the game.
  • Team A wins the game and you earn a 150$ prize.

Liga MX Predictions and Picks for Under/Over 2.5 Goals

Well, there are plenty of Under/Over betting opportunities you can make but the Under/Over 2.5 goals is considered the standard one to use. What it means is that the outcome of the game doesn’t matter. You can win regardless of who wins the game – Team A or Team B. What does matter is how many goals are scored in the soccer game. Example:

  • Team A plays against Team B.
  • Team B has the best attack in the league and is very likely that they will score plenty of goals.
  • You decide to bet that this game will be Over 2.5 goals.
  • The game ends with a 1:2 victory for Team B.
  • You win and your prize depends on the Liga MX betting odds that you have received when making your bet.
  • It doesn’t matter which team scores the goals, what matters is that there have to be three goals in order for your bet to be a success.

Liga MX Predictions For Both Teams to Score a Goal

This one is quite self-explanatory – you bet that both teams will either score or one of them won’t. Example:

  • Team A plays against Team B.
  • Both teams are dreadful in defense so you think that both teams will concede at least one goal and you bet on “Both Teams To Score”.
  • The game ends with a 1:1 draw and your bet is a success.
  • If it’s a 1:0 victory for Team A, then you lose your money.

Frequently Asked Questions About Liga MX:

  • When was Liga MX founded? – Liga MX was founded on the 17th of October, 1943.
  • How many teams compete in Liga MX each season? – 18 teams compete in Liga MX.
  • Which team has the most championship titles? – Club America. The team has 13 titles in Liga MX.
  • Which bookmakers would you recommend for our Liga MX bets? – The best Liga MX picks can be made with BetMGM and Cesaers Sportsbook.
  • Which are Liga MX’s key TV partners? – FOX Sports, ESPN, Claro, TV Azteca, and Televisa.