Liga MX Predictions and Daily Picks 2024: Updated Odds and Best Bets

We are thrilled to inform you that professional Mexican soccer and with it – Football Whispers’ Liga MX predictions and betting picks! Will the Eagles soar to success in Apertura? Will Pachuca try to defend its reputation? Or perhaps underdogs Queretaro and Mazatlan will cause a shock in the 2023/24 campaign? The answers to these and many more questions can be found in this article which we will update regularly for you!

Without further ado, here are our top three Liga MX predictions:


⚽ Club America vs Cruz Azul

Julian Quinones to Score Anytime


⚽ Club America vs Cruz Azul



⚽ Club America vs Cruz Azul



This is the place to be if you want to have easy access to the best Liga MX predictions each week. We will tell you which match would be the most interesting game to watch, if you are busy and only have enough time to watch one match. Our article will supply you with the betting lines for three major Liga MX picks for you to choose from. They will include the bookies we are partnered with, so you could go directly through them in case you haven't chosen your online bookmaker. Our job is to briefly explain these betting tips so that you don’t have to do any thorough analysis. Soon, we will start getting into the Categoria Primera since it's ben gaining some popularity on an international level. If you're wondering which sportsbook would be best to place a bet on these predictions we mention in this article, check out our list of the best online sportsbooks that we personally adore.

Meanwhile, if you want to find more in-depth Liga MX predictions, you can find links for them in this article. Scroll a little bit lower to see for yourself the vast number of outstanding betting tips and predictions we have for you!

Our Liga MX Score Predictions For Today – 19/06/24

Here you will always be able to find the most interesting Liga MX picks and Liga MX predictions and player forecasts, if you're a hardcore fan and participating in a fantasy league for Liga MX, for the upcoming games. Our soccer experts will analyze the data and will provide you with the most secure betting suggestions completely free. Liga MX has always been a passionate soccer league and a difficult one to predict but that’s the beauty of Mexican soccer. This week we have some very good Liga MX predictions for you that we think you’ll appreciate. Make sure to give our list a thorough read:

Liga MX Predictions for Today’s Games

  • Pick 1: Club America vs Cruz Azul – Julian Quinones to Score Anytime @ +125

We were expecting to see a Henry Martin goal in the first-leg match between these two a couple of days ago, but the Eagles’ captain disappointed us. He squandered a couple of good chances to make things spicy in the rematch, but thank God it was Julian Quinones to the rescue.

Coach Andre Jardine opted to give his star player minutes among the starters, and Julian didn’t disappoint. He scored an early equalizer in the 16th minute of the game at Estadio Ciudad de los Deportes and could’ve easily bagged a winner in the second half, as he missed a great chance.

However, we should give credit where credit is due – Julian Quinones is the star player for coach Andre Jardine in the 2023/24 Clausura race. With six goals and five assists to his name, the Colombian winger is simultaneously the top finisher and key creator under his manager’s guidance. It goes without saying that he will be among the starters in the decisive match at Estadio Azteca. He will have plenty of decent goalscoring opportunities in front of him on the 27th of May.

  • Pick 2: Club America vs Cruz Azul – BTTS @ -144

Club America have the best defensive record in the league, with barely 12 goals conceded in the Clausura race. Cruz Azul come in second, with 14 goals allowed. However, in the first-leg match between them, both teams managed to score and according to our Liga MX predictions, this will be the case on the 27th as well. The tension at Estadio Azteca will be immense, so both backlines will be susceptible to errors. We expect to see the strikers enjoy a good day, as we saw the defenders make blunders in the first match as well.

Yes, there weren’t all that many shots on target in the first game, but we still saw both teams score. Moreover, Club America have a fantastic goalscoring record this season. Henry Martin and his colleagues scored a total of 30 goals. Only a handful of teams managed to outscore the Eagles.

  • Pick 3: Club America vs Cruz Azul – Draw @ +250

The first match between Club America and Cruz Azul at Estadio Ciudad de los Deportes resulted in a tie. The 1-1 draw was a logical conclusion to what we saw on the pitch by the 22 players. We believe the game at Estadio Azteca could also end in a draw in regular time, despite the Eagles having an obvious head-to-head advantage over Cruz Azul. Under coach Martin Anselmi’s rule, Cruz Azul transformed into one of the top teams in the league. We are sure that they will do their best to prove they are no pushover versus almighty Club America.

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Top Liga MX Outright Bets

2024 Clausura Winner

Will high-flying Eagles continue to impress by defending their 2023/24 Apertura title or will we have one of the key contenders for the title become victorious? Maybe even a surprisingly good display by one of the underdogs?

  1. Club America @ +135
  2. Cruz Azul @ +200
  3. Tigres UANL @ +370
  4. Monterrey @ +420
  5. Pachuca @ +550

It's understandably why we have Club America down as the expected winners in this season's Clausura. Coach Andre Jardine managed to transform this team into the best club in the league. It would take quite an effort from Cruz Azul's part to shoot down the Eagles while they are soaring to succcess.

However, if you are looking for surprises, these few teams have the best chance of causing last-minute mayhem:

  • Pumas UNAM @ +1,200
  • Leon @ +1,350
  • Necaxa @ +2,300

Pumas UNAM are performing surprisingly well this season, so it wouldn't be too surprising if this team is among the title contenders at the end of the campaign.

2023/24 Liga MX Top Goalscorer

The passion and unyielding character of Mexican soccer is famously known within soccer circles. Rarely do we see games in Liga MX result in very few goals, and we are convinced that such will be the case throughout the entire campaign. So far, we’ve had a neck-and-neck race between Santos Laguna’s Harold Preciado and Tigres UANL’s Andre-Pierre Gignac, but which one of the two has a better chance of picking up the Award at the end of the campaign? Are there any surprising names we should consider?

  1. Andre-Pierre Gignac @ +190
  2. Harold Preciado @ +230
  3. Guillermo Ayala @ +250
  4. Julian Quinones @ +270
  5. Juan Brunetta @ +350

As you can clearly see from the odds above, Tigres UANL’s Gignac is the obvious favorite for the Top Goalscorer Award at the end of the season. At the time of writing, he was one goal short of joining Preciado at the top of the goalscorer chart, but seeing as he is fit and has been a firm starter for his manager in recent weeks, we believe that the French goalscoring veteran will be the one to win the Top Goalscorer Award at the end of the campaign.

Liga MX Odds & Picks for Tonight Explained

Here you will find some valuable information concerning our Liga MX picks for the next games. We try to find the top odds around as well as the most likely to happen picks. If you are wondering how to make a good Liga MX bet then look no further. Some of the most famous ways of betting include the following:

  • Over-Under 2.5 Goals
  • Match betting
  • Both teams score

Another thing that can be a burden to the ones who are new to the world of soccer betting is the odds. Liga MX odds aren’t different than any other soccer odds around the world but what’s important is the format. If you are from North America then the default betting odds format would probably be the American one. On your soccer bets you might find something like this:

  • +200/-200
  • +170/-108

And so on, and so on. Basically, when you see odds starting with a little plus sign, then you should know that despite having a larger potential gain from your bet you also carry a lot of risk as this team is considered the underdog to win the game. When you see a little minus sign, then your bet will be a lot more secure as this is the team that is considered a favorite to win the match. If you place a 100$ bet on the underdog whose odds are set at +200 and the team does win, then you’ll congratulate yourself with a total payout of 300$. If you place a 100$ bet on the favorite to win the game at -200 odds, then you have a chance to win 150$.

If the American betting odds format is confusing for you, then you always have the opportunity to switch it to the decimal (1.50; 2.00; 1.78) or fractional betting odds format (2/1; 19/20; 3/4)

Liga MX Match Betting

This is undoubtedly the most common way of betting on soccer games out there. You find the best Liga MX picks out there, you figure out who the favorite to win the game is, and then you place your bet on that team with the hopes that the team will win the game. Example:

  • Team A plays against Team B.
  • Team A is the favorite to win the game and the odds are set at -200.
  • You’ve done your research and you see that Team A has a great chance to win.
  • You place a 100$ bet on Team A to win the game.
  • Team A wins the game and you earn a 150$ prize.

Liga MX Predictions and Picks for Over-Under 2.5 Goals

Well, there are plenty of Over-Under betting opportunities you can make but the Over-Under 2.5 goals is considered the standard one to use. What it means is that the outcome of the game doesn’t matter. You can win regardless of who wins the game – Team A or Team B. What does matter is how many goals are scored in the soccer game. Example:

  • Team A plays against Team B.
  • Team B has the best attack in the league and is very likely that they will score plenty of goals.
  • You decide to bet that this game will be Over 2.5 goals.
  • The game ends with a 1:2 victory for Team B.
  • You win and your prize depends on the Liga MX betting odds that you have received when making your bet.
  • It doesn’t matter which team scores the goals, what matters is that there have to be three goals in order for your bet to be a success.

Liga MX Predictions For Both Teams to Score a Goal

This one is quite self-explanatory – you bet that both teams will either score or one of them won’t. Example:

  • Team A plays against Team B.
  • Both teams are dreadful in defense so you think that both teams will concede at least one goal and you bet on “Both Teams To Score”.
  • The game ends with a 1:1 draw and your bet is a success.
  • If it’s a 1:0 victory for Team A, then you lose your money.

Questions and Answers Regarding Liga MX:

  • Who won the 2022/23 Liga MX race? – Club America went on to win their 14th Liga MX title in the 2022/23 season.
  • Which bookmakers should I use? – We highly recommend you use BetMGM, Caesars Sportsbook, or FanDuel for all your Liga MX bets.
  • How many teams qualify directly for the final series? – Only the first four teams in the Clausura ranking qualify for the final series while the remaining eight partake in play-offs to determine who the next participants will be.
  • Which is the most decorated Liga MX team? – Club America. The Eagles are proud owners of 13 titles in their trophy cabinet and they’ll undoubtedly go for one more this year.
  • Which are Liga MX’s key TV partners? – FOX Sports, ESPN, Claro, TV Azteca, and Televisa.
  • Who’s the bookies’ favorite to win the 2023 Clausura race? – According to the bookies, Monterrey have the best chance to bring the trophy home.
  • Which player is the favorite for the Top Goalscorer Award in Liga MX in 2023/24? – Andre-Pierre Gignac from Tigres UANL is the key favorite for the prestigious award.

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