Atlas vs Juarez Prediction: Betting Lines, Odds & Picks 08/17/2022

Our Atlas vs Juarez Prediction is bullet-proof. Atlas was the best team in Liga MX last season while Juarez was one of the worst.

Atlas vs Juarez: Predictions & Key Betting Lines

Atlas vs Juarez’s predictions are based on the fact that Atlas was Liga MX champion last season and we believe that despite the recent misfortune, the team has what it takes to make a comeback this season:

Atlas Will Defeat Juarez

Atlas became Liga MX champion last season while Juarez was one of the worst teams in the league. In the Apertura, Atlas was in 3rd place while Juarez was at the bottom of the table with only 11 points. Juarez has no victories against Atlas. Six games have been played by the two teams and they were all won by Atlas. Juarez had a good start this season but things quickly went south and now the team has three losses and two draws in the last five league games.


There’s no chance that Juarez will score a goal against Atlas in this game. Not only does Juarez not have a single victory against Atlas, but the team led by Hernan Cristante has scored only one goal in the entire Atlas vs Juarez history. That goal was scored in the last home game for Juarez against Atlas. Atlas hosted this clash three times and the combined score was 5:0 for Atlas.

Atlas vs Juarez Prediction

Atlas vs Juarez: Squad Insight

There are some very interesting news concerning the home team.

Atlas’ Lineup

Atlas’ captain and main defensive midfielder Aldo Rocha will sadly not make an appearance in the game against Juarez due to his injury status. Hugo Nervo will also miss this game as he received a red card suspension against Queretaro two weeks ago.

Juarez’s Lineup

Alfredo Talavera will be the starting goalkeeper for this game. We don’t expect him to do that well as he conceded at least one goal in the last six Liga MX games. Gabriel Fernandez will be in the starting XI against Atlas as he is Juarez’s top scorer this season.

Atlas vs Juarez: Top Odds And H2H Statistics

Top Atlas vs Juarez odds can be located in our next chart:

03/12/2022 – Juarez vs Atlas – 1:2

08/01/2021 – Atlas vs Juarez – 2:0

03/07/2021 – Atlas vs Juarez – 2:0 

Atlas Will Lay Waste On Juarez

Traditions will be honored at Jalisco Stadium on the 17th of August and Atlas will continue laying waste on Juarez for a seventh consecutive victory. Juarez hasn’t won a game since the 9th of July and it’s very unlikely that Hernan Cristante’s boys will be able to cause a shock in Liga MX this week. Our Atlas vs Juarez prediction and verdict is final – Atlas will win with a 2:0 or possibly 3:0 result against Juarez on the 17th of August.

Major Atlas vs Juarez Questions For The 17th of August:

  • Where will Atlas vs Juarez be played? – Atlas vs Juarez will be held at Jalisco Stadium.
  • Where can I watch Atlas vs Juarez? – You can watch Atlas vs Juarez on IZZI.
  • What do the bookies predict for this game? – They predict an easy victory for Atlas.
  • Which bookmaker do you recommend for Atlas vs Juarez? – We recommend you try BetMGM.