Houston Dynamo vs Charlotte Prediction: Betting Lines, Odds & Picks 07/04/2022 

These are the top Houston Dynamo betting picks and predictions we came up with after reviewing the fixture in detail. If you want to see more MLS predictions, you can visit our website's latest content. 

Latest Betting Lines & Predictions for Houston Dynamo vs Charlotte 

The list below contains the latest betting picks and betting lines for the Houston Dynamo vs Charlotte match on Monday. All odds are from BetMGM's platform and can get updated at any time after we post this, so make sure you check them out before wagering. 


Houston Dynamo to Win 

Our favorite for this match is Houston Dynamo who is going to host the match, and at home, they have four wins out of the last five games they played. Charlotte is not only the newbie in the league, but they also lost or drew four of the last five away games they played. Houston Dynamo is also in a better position compared to Charlotte. 

Total Goals – Over 2.5 Goals 

Three of the last five matches that Houston Dynamo and Charlotte played separately ended with more than 2.5 total goals scored. Also, more than half of Houston Dynamo's games this season ended that way. We think that their first head-to-head will also end with more than 2.5 total goals scored.

Latest Suspensions and Injuries for Houston Dynamo vs Charlotte 

Here, you can check out the latest injuries and suspensions for both teams before their upcoming game. 

Houston Dynamo's Injuries 

Houston Dynamo has no injured or suspended players right now, so they will be playing at 100% on Monday against Charlotte. 

Charlotte's Injuries 

Charlotte doesn't have any suspended players, but one of their own is injured – Adam Armour who is out since mid-April with an unknown injury. They also don't have any suspended players at this time. 

Recent Match Histories & Scores for Houston Dynamo vs Charlotte 

Let's go over the Houston Dynamo vs Charlotte match histories and recent scores. We also included the top odds from major bookmakers. Charlotte and Houston Dynamo haven't played together before.  

Houston Dynamo vs Charlotte: Fixture Conclusion 

Our final conclusion is that Houston Dynamo will beat Charlotte in their first head-to-head fixture together. We are also betting that there will be more than 2.5 total goals scored during the match, as there were in many of the recent matches each of the teams played. 

Houston Dynamo vs Charlotte Prediction

Houston Dynamo vs Charlotte: Essential Questions & Answers 

  • Where can I watch the fixture? – The game will be broadcasted on several networks, including
    CLTFC Live and ESPN+ in the USA.  
  • What time does the match start? – The fixture will start at exactly 02:30 on the 4th of July.  
  • Which stadium will the match be played at? – The fixture will be played at PNC Stadium (Houston, Texas). 

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