Best fantasy NFL team names for 2021

So here you are thinking about the next fantasy football season. Most NFL fans die to play fantasy football every year and they get in all sorts of leagues and formats at the same time. While you get to manage as many fantasy football rosters as you wish, coming up with names for all of them may prove to be quite challenging.

This is unless you are one of those boring people that use the same name for every roster they got. Our advice: don’t be such a person – get a real, well-thought-out, funny NFL fantasy football team name.

fantasy NFL team names

Which are the funny names?

In the past, people would come up with names related to their everyday life or something about school or work. In recent years though, pop-culture references and word games are what took over the scenery.

Nowadays, people want to come up with as funny a reference as possible. Most team names rely on real NFL stars’ names being used in such a way that they twist the meaning just a little bit. By now, you probably already know what we mean. This is why we are going to take a look at our list of funniest fantasy NFL team names you can use for your fantasy squad this year.

The list of funny fantasy NFL team names

So here is the long-awaited list of funny team names that you can use in your NFL fantasy league this year. It’s not easy to come up with a reference for each one of the 32 teams but if you try hard enough, you can be a pioneer of sorts and come up with your own gem. Still, here are ours.

  • Ruggs Bunny – a funny reference to Henry Ruggs III and Buggs Bunny. The speedy receiver plays for the Las Vegas Raiders and is considered to be among the Top 3 fastest receivers in the NFL.
  • The Fantasy Football Team – Remember that the Washington Football Team decided to stick with this name? Well, many fans find this to be ridiculous but that’s exactly why naming your fantasy team in a similar fashion is very funny.
  • Baby Come Dak – this is actually very smart to use for the 2021-2022 season when we expect Dak Prescott to come back from his ankle injury.
  • Stairway to Evans – Here we are obviously talking about wide receiver Mike Evans. This is a good playoff name in relation to how much Evans elevates his game in matches that matter the most.
  • Golden Tate Warriors – another wide receiver reference although we expect this one to lose some of its spark. Tate hasn’t been great lately and the Golden State Warriors (NBA) have also lost a lot of its previous magic.
  • Too Kittle too late – You don’t have to be a 49ers fan to appreciate a good tight end. There’s nothing really deep in this title – it’s just that George Kittle’s name fits perfectly with a famous saying.
  • Tompa Bay Gronkaneers – this is a name that gained popularity last season when Tom Brady and Gronk reunited in Tampa and actually went on and won the championship. It’s rare that you find a team name consisting of references to two NFL players but here’s one.
  • Okudah Matata – this is actually a pretty funny name if you think about it. Jeff Okudah plays for the Detroit Lions and this Lion King reference makes much more sense now, doesn’t it? No? Well, we still like the name though.
  • Hasta Laviska Baby – this is such a nerdy reference, but we can’t help but laugh. Laviska Shenault took the league by storm last year and here we are celebrating his impressive play by naming an NFL fantasy football team name after him. Oh, yeah, and there’s The Terminator too.
  • Fresh Prince of Helaire – this is hands-down one of the best ones we’ve seen. It just fits so perfectly with the new rising star Clyde Edwards-Helaire. He didn’t have as good of a season as we were hoping last year but maybe 2021-2022 will be different for the young Chief.
  • Patrick is Mahomie – this is not a new one, but it was an instant classic the moment it was first used.
  • Lights Kamara Action – another classic name that we simply cannot miss publishing. The only reference here is to Alvin Kamara – the rest of the title is pretty self-explanatory.
  • Dalvin and the Chipmunks – this one actually works in another way too. You can go with Alvin and the Chipmunks. In case you miss on drafting Dalvin Cook and get Kamara instead, just change the name slightly.
  • Saved by Odell – This one is actually one of our favorite names. It has a few layers. Obviously, we are using Odell Beckham Jr’s name here but it’s also a reference to the famous phrase ‘’Saved by the bell’’. It stands for escaping narrowly from a tough situation. Wouldn’t it be great if you won your league in the final game thanks to the points that Odell generates? Imagine that!
  • Judge Jeudy – What a smart name! It made its way onto the NFL stage last season when Jerry Jeudy was drafted. The name is a reference to the famous reality show ‘’Judge Judy’’ and just like her, we expect Jerry Jeudy to lay down the law all season long!
  • Kerryon My Wayward Son – this one is getting a little bit outdated as Kerryon Johnson’s form has been going down every single year since he’s entered the league. He is now even a free agent. Still, the reference to the famous Kansas song is just too good to pass up.

American football ball

So these are the names that impressed us the most. Without a doubt, there are hundreds of them but trying to list as many as possible simply will water down the quality. In case you come up with a gem, don’t hesitate to share it with everyone so that more people may experience the joy and fun of having а witty fantasy NFL team name.

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