The World’s Most Famous Soccer Players: Five of the Greatest

The world is full of great soccer players, but only a handful of them have achieved true global fame. We all have our favourites, that goes without saying, but in terms of players that are known and loved all around the world – there are a select few that stand above the rest. As you’ve probably guessed, this means we shall be taking a much closer look at the most famous soccer players of our time. Some have been around entertaining us for a number of years, and some are fresh on the scene. But either way, these guys are undoubtedly at the top of the list for fame, popularity, and their skill on the soccer pitch too.

So, ready to get things rolling? Let’s get started.

Who are the most famous soccer players of 2021?

You are no doubt chomping at the bit to learn about who these players are, so rather than prolonging things any further, let’s jump in with our first soccer player:

Cristiano Ronaldo

cristiano ronaldo

Arguably, Cristiano Ronaldo is the most famous soccer player on the face of the Earth right now. Sure, the debate is raging as to whether it’s Ronaldo or Messi who deserves the title of the GOAT, but in terms of overall marketability and popularity – it’s Ronaldo who wins every day of the week. Not only is the man incredible with the ball at his feet, but he is also an unbelievable leader of the game, and he is one of the best goalscorers we have ever seen. No matter which club he has played at, whether it’s Manchester United, Real Madrid, or Juventus, Ronaldo shirts have always flown off the shelves.

It also helps that he has a movie-star appearance along with the confidence to match, which makes him popular with many soccer fans around the globe.

Lionel Messi

Messi is a god of the game, there is absolutely no denying that. Alongside Ronaldo, it’s undeniable that Messi is one of the most famous soccer players of our time. In fact, he’s probably one of the most famous players to have ever lived. Many soccer fans believe that Messi is one of the most talented players to have ever played the game, mainly due to his skill, creativity, vision with passes, and unbelievable finishing abilities in front of goal. However, then you’ve got the flip side of the coin, where fans say that Ronaldo is more clutch and a more prolific goalscorer. We will leave you to it to form your own opinions on this matter.

But rather than debate who the GOAT of the game is, we will just state that Messi is undoubtedly one of the most well-known players right now. He’s a legend in Spain for Barcelona, a legend in Argentina, and a true ambassador for the sport.

Neymar Jr.

Moving away from the two greats of the game now, we have another incredibly talented player in the form of Neymar Jr. Of course, Neymar is from Brazil, where there are millions and millions of citizens that regard him as a great of the game. We cannot disagree with this to be perfectly honest, despite his somewhat questionable antics on the pitch. When he has the ball at his feet, he can make anything happen, and he is quite similar to Ronaldo in the respect that he is a very marketable character. Particularly in South America, Neymar has boomed to become one of the most famous soccer players in this region. He is pretty much on a par with Messi in this part of the world in terms of popularity, but also like Messi/Ronaldo, he plays his soccer in Europe.

Neymar hasn’t had the greatest of times since moving to PSG, but his skills and abilities on the pitch still make him stand out from the crowd.

Kylian Mbappe

Mbappe hasn’t been around quite as long as the other guys on this list, but boy has he managed to shoot to stardom. Mbappe started to develop quite the reputation for himself when he first put on a shirt for PSG, and he has gone from strength to strength since. As you may recall, Mbappe managed to win the World Cup with his home nation of France in the 2018 competition, and his skills upfront were influential in this victory. He couldn’t quite replicate this success in the recent Euros, but hey, that’s sport! Since he has managed to perform so well on the big stages for both club and country, Mbappe has clearly become one of the most famous soccer players – especially among the younger generation.

As his career continues to develop and grow, we are confident that Mbappe could start to challenge the popularity of other players on this list too.

Robert Lewandowski

Speaking of goalscoring machines, Lewandowski is just out of this world. Take the 2020/2021 season in the Bundesliga as a prime example. Lewandowski hit the back of the net a ridiculous 41 times in just 29 games – creating an average of 1.50 goals scored every 90 minutes. This kind of form is something that you rarely see, and it’s a true credit to the skills and capabilities that Lewandowski has at his disposal. Whether it’s the left or the right boot, he can always create something special, although he failed to win the Champions League or do anything particularly outstanding in the recent Euros.

Regardless, he is deservedly one of the most famous soccer players that we’ve had the pleasure of watching over the last decade or so.

Honorable mentions

Of course, we couldn’t cover every single player on this list. Instead, we had to focus on those players that really do stand out in terms of their fame and subsequent fortune. However, there are a few guys we’d like to mention before wrapping this up. These guys include:

  • Harry Kane
  • Sergio Aguero
  • Romelu Lukaku
  • Karim Benzema
  • Bruno Fernandes
  • Luis Suarez
  • Mo Salah
  • Eden Hazard.

Without question, these guys are still phenomenal players, as are some players from the top MLS teams. They just don’t quite have the fame that the others do.