CONCACAF Champions League dates, fixtures, and favorites

In this article, we will familiarize you with the interesting CONCACAF Champions League dates and fixtures, the favorites to win the prestigious trophy, what you can expect from this year’s clashes and some other interesting details that might have gone under the radar for most people. We believe that the 2024 CONCACAF Champions League will be no different than the rest of the campaigns we’ve seen throughout the years – packed with world-class action.

However, understandably, questions regarding the organization and possible winners arise. We are here to sort out any misunderstandings you might be having regarding the CONCACAF Champions League dates, fixtures, favorites, and more. Let’s see what this tournament has stored for us this year.

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CONCACAF Champions League dates, fixtures, and favorites

Important CONCACAF Champions League dates

If you are a fan of Major League Soccer, Liga MX, the Canadian Premier League, and overall North and Central American soccer, then you probably would want to know more about the key CONCACAF Champions League dates this year. Here’s a list of the ones you should be aware of before the kick-off:

  • 7th of February – CONCACAF Champions League kick-off
  • 14th of February – Canadian Premier League Champions Forge’s first game
  • 8th of March – Inter Miami’s first match
  • 2nd of June – Final
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The schedule and CONCACAF Champions League dates themself look like this:

  • Round one – from the 7th of February until the 29th of February
  • Round of 16 – From the 5th of March until the 14th of March
  • Quarter-Finals – From the 2nd of April until the 11th of April
  • Semi-Finals – From the 23rd of April until the 2nd of May
  • Grand Final – 2nd of June

Now you are aware of all the stages of the tournament, as well as the key CONCACAF Champions League dates. Let’s take a look at some of the more interesting CONCACAF Champions League fixtures ahead of the kick-off. There are some really interesting matches right off the bat.

Top CONCACAF Champions League fixtures

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As mentioned earlier in our article, the first match you need to be aware of is the one on the 7th of February. That’s when the tournament kicks off and we have a wonderful game ahead of us to look forward to – the Comunicaciones vs Monterrey head-to-head at Estadio Doroteo Guamuch Flores. Rayados will likely get an easy win, but we’ll have to wait and see if Comunicaciones can prove the critics wrong.

The second date we’d like to turn your attention to is Forge’s opening match. The Canadian Premier League champions begin their campaign on the 14th of February. Will coach Bobby Smyrniotis’ side prove successful against Chivas Guadalajara? Only time will tell.

Without a doubt, the game that everyone’s eager to see most of all in these CONCACAF Champions League fixtures is Inter Miami’s opening match. The Herons have yet to learn the name of their rival, but no one can debate that when you have arguably the best player to play the sport, you simply must watch him perform.

Last, but certainly not least, we have the grand final. It will be played on the 2nd of June and, of course, it’s still too early to tell which teams will have the high honour of battling for the title. Let’s see who the likely winners are in the next chapter.

Top CONCACAF Champions League favorites

It comes as no surprise that MLS and Liga MX clubs are the key contenders for the prestigious trophy. Here’s a list of the teams we consider to be key favorites to scoop the CONCACAF Champions League title this year:

  • Inter Miami
  • Columbus Crew
  • Los Angeles
  • Club Leon
  • Club America
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With all due respect to the 2023 Canadian Premier League champions, Forge are just not up to par with the teams on the list. Understandably, we have Inter Miami on top of this list, as the Herons’ starting XI looks good even for the UEFA Champions League.

One of the most iconic attacking partnerships of our generation – the Luis Suarez – Lionel Messi combo, is going to be leading the Herons to glory, with World Cup winners Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets boosting the midfield and backline. Certainly, the presence of these four brings Inter Miami to the top of the CONCACAF Champions League favorites list.

Columbus Crew and Los Angeles are the last two Major League Soccer winners, and they also deserve a shoutout. Coach Nancy has done wonders with the Crew, and we are sure that his eye is set on winning the CONCACAF Champions League as well.

Out of all Liga MX sides, we believe Club America and Leon have the best chance of depriving the MLS sides of their title ambitions. Club Leon haven’t been performing as well recently, but they are the current CONCACAF Champions League winner. Meanwhile, Club America is the side that won the Apertura and is arguably in the best form out of all teams considered to be CONCACAF Champions League favorites. We can’t wait for the kickoff!

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