USMNT World Cup 2024: Schedule, Odds, Updated Guide

In a few months, we will see the most renowned football event, the World Cup, go into full gear. This year’s edition makes for a spectacle as it is being hosted in Qatar for the first time ever. Ahead of the competition, we'll take a keen focus on a certain side that could surprise many at the tournament. The USMNT world cup dream is taking shape and there are hopes they could achieve a lot this time around.

Speaking of firsts, this edition in the Middle East will also be the first time the competition will be held in November.
This year also sparks a lot of excitement all over the globe as the finest crop of national teams converges to play for a prize. Among the teams to look out for in the World Cup is the United States Men's Team.

On this page, we will be doling out all information about the USMNT world cup, with clear insights about how the team progresses in the coming competition. If you are rooting for the USMNT in the Qatar 2022 World cup, then this is one page you want to have on your list.

Here is all you need to know about the USA World Cup 2022 team and their buildup until the start of the Mundial in November.

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USMNT World Cup Schedule and World Cup Start Date

Here, we will be shedding some light on the USMNT world cup schedule from the group stages, whilst looking at the entire world cup schedule as well.

Before we go neck-deep into the USMNT world cup schedule, especially for the group stages, let’s take a step back to highlight how the draws for the competition back

The world cup draw was held at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre on the 1st of April, where 32 teams were expected to be finalized following the draw. On the said date, 29 teams were drawn, leaving three places undecided for winners of the intercontinental playoffs.

The USA world cup draw saw the team placed in Group B, with other teams like England, Iran, and Wales to contend with in the group.

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USMNT World Cup Group Schedule

Having highlighted the events that led to the USMNT in Group B, we will take a run down into the team’s World Cup group schedule.

21/11/2022 (20:00) USA vs Wales

25/11/2022 (20:00) England vs the USA

29/11/2022 (20:00) Iran vs the USA.

In the event that USMNT pushes to the round of 16 by topping the table, they will be pitted against the second-place team on the Group A table. On the other hand, if the USMNT finishes second place on the Group B table, they will be matched up against the winner of Group A.

Progressing into the competition, should the USMNT qualify for the Quarter Finals, there are equally two possible scenarios. The first scenario is if they come out on top in Group B and also win their round of 16 games. They will be matched up against the winner of Group D or the runner-up of Group C.

On the flip side, if the U.S team finishes second in their group and wins their round of 16 games, they are poised to be matched against the winners of Group C or the runners-up of Group D.

For the Round of 16 and Quarter Finals possibilities for the USMNT world cup, the games are scheduled to be held on December 3rd/ 4th and December 9th/10th respectively.

USMNT World Cup 2024 Odds

Given how widely popular this tournament is, bookies around the globe are already drawing up odds that you can capitalize on if you are into world cup betting. As we have done in other sections, we will be taking focus on the USMNT predictions and USMNT odds.


Here, we are going to compare odds from two very reputable bookmakers about the USMNT world cup, especially as it pertains to the group stages.

For the first game between USA vs Wales, BetMGM and 888Sport peg the USMNT odds to win at 2.55 and 2.50 respectively. There seems to be a similar pattern in odds for Wales to win as BetMGM pegs them to win at 2.95 while 888Sport pegs the same team to win at 3.00 odds.

World Cup Betting Tips

Let’s look at some practices to observe to ensure you excel at your bets on the World Cup.

Scout for the best odds

One of the best ways to guarantee yourself juicy wins at the World Cup is to pitch your tent with a sportsbook that offers really attractive odds. In that case, you will discover that you are best served to compare the world cup odds from different top-rated bookies. This will give you the much-needed perspective to know where best to place your bets on your World Cup predictions.

Exploit pundits’ predictions

There are pundits who take their time to do the groundwork in order to accurately predict the outcome of the World Cup games. Having access to these sites or channels that drop these foolproof predictions puts you at an advantage to win.

Do your own research

While getting handouts from pundits makes the job easy for you, the essence of doing your own research before staking your bets on predictions, whether world cup group b predictions or another, cannot be overemphasized.

An apt way to do your research is by looking into the statistical data provided on the team you choose to place bets on. The statistical data could be head-to-head information, the team’s past records in the world cup, coach, weather and so much more.

These factors, as inconsequential as they may seem, play a role in determining the outcome of a game.

Explore the numerous betting markets

It is inarguable that the most popular betting option is 1X2. However, considering that this is the FIFA World Cup, there is a truckload of other betting markets that you can exploit for your gain. Some of these betting markets include the likes of totals, corners, both teams to score, handicap, and a lot more.

Knowing the best betting markets to place bets on for a game depends on the outcome of your own research.

Check for the Team Lineup

This is one precautionary measure you need to take to give yourself a fighting chance with your bets. The lineup is one factor that could decide what the outcome of a game will be. It is very important that prior to the game, you check the players that will feature. In the event you notice the top players are missing out, this is a red flag that should deter you from putting your all into that game. The lineup information is always released an hour before the game.

Maximize Sportsbooks’ Bonuses

The bonuses are given to you for a reason; by all means, maximize them for your own gain. These bonuses serve as a cushion for you and will enable you to place high-end bets with the possibility of winning higher. Hence, it is always important to ensure that the site you are pitching your tent with delivers an array of bonus offers that you can take advantage of during the World Cup.

Very importantly, it is also very key to check for the bonus terms and conditions to be sure they are favorable. Some bookmakers are in the habit of offering ridiculous offers with very strict wagering requirements.

Follow Through a Budget

This may not appear as a winning strategy but it is one of the strategies that ensure you stay on top of your game in the long haul. One of the worst things that can happen to you is losing control. In the long run, you end up losing more than you can afford, hence making it a baseless adventure in the first place.

With a budget, you will be able to control what your stakes are.

Stick with a Favourite

While this may not be a one-sure way to win, it gives you a fighting chance. Having a favorite means you have a focus and you are fixating your analysis on one team. It ends up being easier to follow up on the team, tracking down updates that could affect their match outcomes and know what best to bet on. However, if you are doing this with all of the World Cup teams, there is a wider room for error in your analysis.

Popular World Cup Betting Markets

As the World cup 2022 edges close, it is only natural to start checking out betting options ahead if you are into betting. However, if you don’t have a firm hand on football betting, here are some of the popular options to consider when betting on the World Cup 2022.


This is easily the most popular betting option that you can find around with most sportsbooks existing today. It comes as no surprise it is the first option you will find when you check out virtually all World Cup 2022 games on different sportsbooks. The “1” option implies that you are betting on the home team to win, the “X” means that you are betting on the game to end in a draw, while “2” implies you are betting on the away team to win. All sportsbooks also offer double chance options like 1X, X2, and 12, which implies home win/draw, away win/draw, and any team to win respectively.

Totals (Over/Under)

This is one option that has gained so much popularity in the betting space over the years and is one of the most sought-after options for the World cup 2022. For this option, instead of betting on who wins the game, you are betting on what the number of goals would turn out to be. The most common Totals options you will find on the World Cup 2022 games are Over/Under 1.5, Over/Under 2.5, Over/Under 3.5, Over/Under 4.5, Over/Under 5.5.

For instance, if you bet on a USA world cup 2022 game with Over 2.5 goals, this implies that you are betting that the game will end up with at least three goals. On the other hand, if you bet on a USA World Cup game Under 2.5, this implies that you are betting on the fact that the game will end with less than three goals.

Both Teams to Score

This is another option that is widely harnessed by bettors and will be a favorite for most of the USA World Cup 2022 games. For this option, you are simply predicting the game will end with both teams scoring. This is one sure way to go especially if you consider both teams to be at par in terms of scoring strength. It is widely harnessed by bettors because the odds are often juicy enough.

Team Total (Over/Under)

This is like the match total option where you are practically betting on the goal outcomes. However, the major difference here is that you are betting on the goal outcomes for a particular team. You can either bet on the Home Totals or Away Totals. If you are betting Over 1.5 on a USA World Cup game, for instance, it implies that you are predicting the game will end with two goals and above.


This is a much more complicated betting option than the aforementioned. How the handicap option works is that one team is favored against the other.

For example, on BetMGM, there is a handicap option for the first USA world cup 2022 game which is USA -1 (5.50 odds). In this case, the bet would be considered won if the USA ends up winning by two goals margin, as the market stipulates that they are already one goal down. This explains why the USA is priced at 5.50 odds to make that happen because of how difficult that possibility is.

Correct Score

This is one option that gets the highest odds among the wide range of betting options provided in Sportsbooks. For this option, the major focal point is that you are predicting what the actual scoreline is going to be. This explains why the odds are always higher than the norm because it takes a high level of accuracy to predict. For this option, the more unrealistic the correct score appears, the larger the odds will be. There is a good chance you will find an option under this category that is pegged at as much as 100 odds.


The goalscorer option is a relatively new option among sportsbooks but has so far gained so much popularity among bettors. For this option, the main focus is that you are betting on a player that will score a goal in a game. This option is best advised after the competition has progressed for a while and you have a sense of the players that are likely to score.

Corner (Over/Under)

If you are a bettor who prefers betting on outcomes that are not winning or goal outcomes, this is one option that could come in handy for you. For this option, you are basically betting on the number of corners that will be finalized at the end of the game. The commonest Corner options that are widely available on sportsbooks are Over/Under 8.5, Over/Under 9.5, Over/Under 10.5, Over/Under 11.5, Over/Under 12.5, Over/Under 13.5, and Over /Under 14.5.

Another variation of this option is where you bet on the number of corners a team will play at the end of the game as opposed to the total corners of the game. For example, if you are betting Over 8.5 corners on a USA world cup game, this implies you are predicting the game will end with nine corners or above.

Cards (Over/Under)

This is one of the special options that is slowly becoming a staple among sportsbooks in recent times and is much more likely to be available for USA World Cup 2022 games.

For this option, you are betting on the number of cards that will be distributed in the game. This is one option that can be exploited when betting on a game involving two teams that are arch rivals. For such games, the competition tends to be tough with a high likelihood of fouls.

The common card options you will find on sportsbooks are Over/Under 0.5, Over/Under 1.5, Over/Under 2.5, and Over/ Under 3.5. There is also the variation where you can bet on the number of cards each team will receive at the end of the game.


Options in this category are for bettors who don’t mind playing the long game. As opposed to the other options discussed above where they are resolved after a game, Outrights are resolved after stages of the competition or at the end of the competition. For example, you can bet on who will top Group B or who will qualify for the USA world cup. You can also stretch your luck by betting on other long-term options like the “Cup Winner,” “Golden Boot Winner” and so much more.

Because this option involves playing the waiting game, the risks are higher, which explains why the odds are relatively higher too than the regular betting options. To find these options on Sportsbooks, simply navigate to the “Outrights” page under the football section.

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USMNT Roaster for the World Cup

As you may already know, there is no official lineup for the USMNT setup yet. The USMNT is expected to come up with a 23 or 26-man team ahead of the USA World Cup.

The pool of skilled yet young players available in the USMNT World Cup team so far inspires a lot of confidence which explains why they are rated to exceed expectations this time.

Considering the events of the last few months, especially in the qualifiers, the following is what we expect the USMNT world cup roaster to look like.


Zach Steffen, Matt Turner and Sean Johnson.

Among the three, Zach Steffen and Matt Turner are the expected favorites and there is no telling who will be wearing the No. 1 shirt. In the coming months, both keepers are expected to fight for their place as No. 1. Sean Johnson is in the conversation because compared to the others, he is a veteran in the game. However, ahead of the usmnt world cup, he doesn’t look likely to be a goalkeeper starter for the team.


Walker Zimmerman, DeAndre Yedlin, Joe Scally, Antonee Robinson, Chris Richards, Aaron Long, Sergino Dest, Cameron Carter-Vicks

One defender who would have without a doubt made this list is Miles Robinson. Sadly, the centre-back is currently battling an achilles injury and may be unfit to play for the USMNT. This sets the team behind, given the player’s experience and control.

However, this opens up the position for Carter-Vicks, Long and Richards to hash it out for a spot. For the full-back position, Dest and Robinson are favorites, while for the right wing-back, Yedlin and Cannon are seen as top contenders. For the left wing-back position, Dest and Scally are undoubtedly in pole position.


Kellyn Acosta, Gianluca Busio, Luca de la Torre, Weston McKennie, Yunnus Mussah, Tyler Adams.

Three players that have so far proven themselves in recent times and are the most likely starters in the midfield are Adams, McKennie, and Mussah. Mihailovic would have been considered a starter in the midfield, had he not gotten unlucky with injury recently. The midfield options for the USMNT soccer roster look even more decided compared to the defense line.


Brenden Aaronson, Jesus Ferreira, Aaron Pulisic, Ricardo Pepi, Gio Reyna, Tim Weah.

The USMNT shows strength with the pool of attackers that they have in the running for the Fifa World Cup, with some other possible contenders that haven’t been mentioned. One position that seems rather undecided for the team is the striker position as it seems to be left between Pepi and Ferreira to fight for. Currently, both are looking strong and may prove a tough decision for Greg Berhalter – the coach.

Why is the World Cup in November?

As you may already know, the Fifa World Cup is scheduled to be held in November this time around as opposed to the June/July schedule we have seen in the past. The main reason for agreeing to fix the Fifa World Cup in November is to avoid the scorching summer heat that’s known to plague Qatar in the middle of the year. November appears to be the least hot period in the Qatar weather calendar.

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The US Qualifying for the 2022 World Cup

The United States men’s football team started their Fifa World Cup campaign on a staggering note. Their first qualification game saw them playing against Canada which ended 1-1 at full-time. The USMNT would pick up a form in their next USMNT world cup qualifying game against Honduras where they won by a landslide 1-4. That kicked off an impressive winning streak in their World Cup qualifiers campaign, which came to halt in their 7th qualification game where they went toe to toe against Jamaica for the second leg. Despite winning Jamaica in their first leg of the World Cup qualifiers in North America by a 2-0 scoreline, the Usmnt would end up sealing a draw at the end of the second leg.

The team ended the year with a successful USA world cup game against Bosnia, where they went home winning 1-0. They kicked off the next year by playing a second leg against Canada, and this time, the Usmnt lost 2-0. While this set the team behind, they would retrace their steps by convincingly winning Honduras in their next USA world cup game.

The game following that where they met with Mexico didn’t go so smoothly for the team as they finished with a goalless draw. In their next game with Panama, they upped the ante by winning 5-1. The team would end up playing their last three games after that without losing a game. This saw the Usmnt qualify for the World Cup by a very clear margin.

In the Fifa World Cup, the team will battle it out in Group B, alongside Wales, Iran, and England.

Where to Watch the FIFA World Cup in the US?

Having read to this point, if you are watching the World Cup in the U.S, you may be contemplating the best options to catch up with the game. In this section, we will be taking a dive into some of the viewing options you can exploit if you are living in the U.S.

If you are using cable service, the U.S World Cup games will be aired live across Fox and Telemundo. With the advent of top streaming services in recent times, things have become even easier for you to catch up with the Fifa world cup in the U.S.A. Some of the live streaming services that Fox and Telemundo provide in their channel listing are YouTube TV, Fubo TV, Sling TV, Peacock TV and so much more.

All of the streaming services mentioned above are vastly subscription-based. The average monthly subscription price range is 50 USD. To save up on some bucks, you can decide to start your subscription on the first World cup day.

One of the advantages of watching with these streaming services is the fact that they are flexible to work with a wide range of devices, from smartphones to TVs.

The History of the USA in the Fifa World Cup

The USA World Cup journey has been a tale of ups and downs since they made their debut in the competition. The USA world cup's first campaign was in 1930 which surprisingly is their best outing even to date which saw them through semi-finals before getting shown the door. In that year, the USMNT would contest for the third-place position in the Fifa World cup and win. The next year, the USMNT would only go as far as the Round of 16 before getting thrashed out of the competition.

The team had a long hiatus between 1954 till 1986, where they never qualified for the Fifa World Cup. After securing a spot in the World Cup in 1990, the USMNT would face a very disappointing campaign which saw them leave the competition at Group Stage. For the most part from 1994 – 2006, the team made it a habit of leaving in the Group Stages.

However, in the 2010 and 2014 Fifa World Cup editions, the team would make up for it by finishing in the Round of 16 on both occasions.

In the next edition, which was in 2018, the Usmnt failed to qualify. The Usmnt’s underwhelming records in the World Cup so far could be attributed to negligence, as the country didn’t seem to place the football on a high pedestal above basketball and American football.

Things appear to be taking a different turn in the last few years after the team struggled to secure a spot in 2018. The MLS has grown in reputation to be one of the most popular football competitions in the world, and overall, football is fast gaining some surprising traction.

It comes as no surprise that for the first time in a long while, the Usmnt would be seeing a fine crop of talents in their team, inspiring some level of confidence that the team will go far. Having failed to qualify in the last Fifa world cup edition, the Usmnt will be doing all they can to make this tourney one to remember.

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