Atletico San Luis vs Monterrey Prediction: Betting Lines, Odds & Picks 07/18/2022

Atletico San Luis vs Monterrey will be a great game of soccer for sure but in addition to that, we expect some amazing odds and betting opportunities.

Top Betting Lines & Predictions For Atletico San Luis vs Monterrey On The 18th of July

Both teams have had the same start to Liga MX so far – one victory and one loss. We expect a tight game with the most likely victor being Atletico San Luis.

Draw Between Atletico San Luis vs Monterrey

We predict that there will be no winners in this game. Three of the last 10 head-to-heads ended with draws. The most common results we see from this clash in recent years are the 1:1 draw or 1:0 victory. Neither side has had a draw so far this season and we believe it’s about time we see one. Monterrey is the bookies’ favorite to win this game but with all these heavy injuries, we don’t think coach Victor Vucetich will make his boys attack recklessly.

Under 2.5 Goals At Atletico San Luis vs Monterrey

Monterrey’s key goalkeeper Esteban Andrada is injured and this will force coach Victor Vucetich to make some additional preparations for the defensive part of his team’s game. Furthermore, seven of the last 10 head-to-heads ended with two or fewer goals. The most common result from them is the 1:0 victory and it’s unlikely that the two teams will produce something else than that on the 18th of July.

Squad Insight For Atletico San Luis and Monterrey

There is a lot of trouble for coach Victor Vucetich as a few of his key players are injured.

Atletico San Luis’ Lineup

German Berterame scored one of the goals in the last game against Monterrey but he will be in the starting 11 for Monterrey as he was transferred to the team this summer. Facundo Waller also scored in that game but he also scored the only goal in the last game in Liga MX for his team. He will be in the starting 11 for sure.

Monterrey’s Lineup

With Esteban Andrada injured, Monterrey will have to play very carefully in defense. Joao Rojas’ cruciate ligament injury will take him out of the squad for this game as well so coach Victor Vucetich has to find solutions for both his attack and the defense.

Atletico San Luis vs Monterrey Prediction

Statistics And Top Odds For Atletico San Luis vs Monterrey

The most interesting head-to-head statistics and odds are located in our next graphic:

Monterrey Will Suffer

Monterrey is the bookie’s favorite for this game and we can understand why. With so much financial investments going around in the club and so many expensive players, it’s natural that the team is considered a favorite against any side in Liga MX. But we have to admit that Atletico San Luis’ chances look quite good for this game. Monterrey hasn’t won a game against this opponent in four games now and with all the major injuries in the team, chances are Atletico San Luis will get at least a draw from this game.

Key Questions And Answers For Atletico San Luis vs Monterrey:

  • Where can I watch this match? – Atletico San Luis vs Monterrey is available on the ESPN network.
  • How did the last game between Atletico San Luis and Monterrey end? – Atletico San Luis won with a 1:2 result after 90 minutes of play and then scored three penalties while conceding one for the end result – 2:5.
  • Does Atletico San Luis’ coach have a good record against Monterrey? – Yes, Andre Jardine has two games against Monterrey and they were both won by him.