Charlotte vs Columbus Crew Prediction: Betting Lines, Odds & Picks 07/31/2022 

Let's check out the upcoming game between Columbus Crew and Charlotte. In this article, you can see our predictions of the game, but also the best odds for the fixture. For more MLS predictions and picks, you can check out our website.  

Charlotte vs Columbus Crew Top Odds & Free Predictions 

Let's check out what our football experts came up with for the Thursday fixture and review their top free picks. All odds are from BetMGM and are subject to change. You can check out the odds via your bet slip beforehand. 


Charlotte to Win 

Charlotte seems to be in a better form now with their latest three wins in a row out of the last five games they played. Columbus Crew, on the other hand, lost or drew all five of their latest games lost or drew four of the last five games they played. Both times that these two teams played against each other, the games ended with no winners, but this time it might be different considering that Charlotte is the favorite.  

Over 2.5 Goals 

Four of the last five games for Columbus Crew away from home and two of the last three games for Charlotte had one thing in common – they ended with more than 2.5 total goals scored. We believe that the next time these two teams play together, the game has a high chance of ending with more than 2.5 total goals scored, too.  

Charlotte vs Columbus Crew: Injuries and Lineups 

Here, you can see both teams’ latest player injuries and suspensions before the upcoming game. 

Charlotte's Lineups 

Charlotte's injury list is exactly the same as last time with Adam Armour and Mello Vinicius out of commission because of injuries. The lineups will be the same as they were when the game was canceled. 

Columbus Crew's Lineups 

Columbus Crew doesn't have any suspended or injured players on their team right now, so they will be playing at 100% on Thursday. The lineups will be the same as they were when the game was canceled. 

Latest Statistics for Charlotte vs Columbus Crew 

We will back up our claims with solid data and statistics, and you can check out the latest information in the tables below. 

Charlotte vs Columbus Crew: Match Conclusion & Preview 

Columbus Crew hasn't been doing that well recently event though they are placed higher than Charlotte in the Eastern Conference table, We believe that the next time these two teams face each other, the game will most likely end with a win for Charlotte and more than 2.5 total goal scored. 

Charlotte vs Columbus Crew prediction

FAQs About the Charlotte vs Columbus Crew Fixture 

  • When does the fixture start? – The fixture begins at 00:00 on Thursday from the '16 minute because that's when it was stopped last time due to weather conditions.  
  • At which stadium will the match be played? – The venue for the match is going to be Bank of America Stadium (Charlotte, North Carolina). 
  • Can I watch the match somewhere? – Bally Sports Great Lakes, ESPN+, CLTFC Live, and WAXN will broadcast the game live in the USA.