New England vs Atlanta United Prediction: Betting Lines, Odds & Picks 10/01/2022 

New England vs Atlanta United is a few days away and today we decided to look through the top free wagering picks for the fixture and predictions. 

Latest New England vs Atlanta United Predictions and Odds 

You can check out the top betting picks for the upcoming game between New England and Atlanta United below. All odds are subject to change and from BetMGM. You should double-check them before wagering. 


Atlanta United to Win 

Looking at the latest histories between the two teams shows that Atlanta United has been in better form at least in the latest games they played. They haven't lost even one of the last three matches they played, while New England lost all three of their most recent games. They have also won more games against New England in the last ten games they played.  

Over 2.5 Goals Scored  

Three of the last five games for both New England and Atlanta United ended with more than 2.5 total goals scored. We believe that the next game between these teams will most likely end with more than 2.5 total goals scored, as well. Their most recent history together also shows that there have been three games with over 2.5 total goals scored out of the last five they played together. 

Latest Suspension & Injury Reports for the Match 

Here, you can read more about the upcoming injuries and suspensions for both teams before the game on the weekend. 

New England's Injuries 

Jacob Jackson is currently the only injured player from New England, so he will 100% miss Saturday's game against Atlanta United.  

Atlanta United's Injuries 

Atlanta United will miss a total of five players from their squad this weekend because they are all out with various injuries – Miles Robinson, Emerson Hyndman, Brad Guzan, Dylan Castanheira, and Osvaldo Alonso. 

Recent Match Histories and Other Important Stats 

Let's check out all the essential data and statistics you would need to see for yourself that our predictions aren't just random and luck-based. 

Final Preview of the Upcoming Match Between New England and Atlanta United 

Only two points are keeping Atlanta United ahead of New England, for now, but we think that those will increase this weekend. Atlanta United is the team with the better form, especially in the latest games and New England has lost three games in a row, which isn't good for anyone, especially since their season began negatively. 

New England vs Atlanta United Prediction

Questions & Answers Related to the New England vs Atlanta United Match 

  • What time will the fixture begin and where can I watch it? – The match is set to begin at 18:30 on Saturday, and in the USA, you can watch it live via Univision NOW, TUDN USA, UniMás, and online via TUDN's platforms. 
  • Where can I find more free picks? – You can go and check out more MLS predictions on our site. 
  • Where will the match be played? – New England will host the match at Gillette Stadium (Foxborough, Massachusetts).