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Best Betting Sites in Australia

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Aussie punters want different things at various betting sites. This is perfectly natural, and what you might crave, another punter might not be overly concerned about. But that’s why it’s best to simply find the best betting sites in Australia to cover all bases, and we believe we have found those sites for 2021:

Bet365 – an epic betting site in every sense

Bet365 is popular all around the world, not just in Australia. This powerful platform lets you bet on well over 20 sports, with a classic interface, and some seriously competitive odds. Bet365 also lets you stream sports from both the mobile app and desktop site, which is something that other sites don’t allow.

Ladbrokes – great for horse and football betting

As you can see from the description, Ladbrokes has two areas where they excel – horse racing and football betting. While these are the most noteworthy sports covered, Ladbrokes has many other markets too. This includes Aussie rules, golf, tennis, and much more. Once signed up, you’ll immediately notice how professional the Ladbrokes platform is too.

Neds – an Aussie favourite for many reasons

If you love betting on either horse racing or greyhound racing, Neds is a great place to start. For these two sports, Neds covers action from all over the globe, including domestic races in Australia too. There are regularly pretty unique betting options for such sports too, including futures for some of the worlds largest races.

Bluebet – compact and high quality

Bluebet isn’t quite as extensive as some of the other brands listed, but what it does have is exceptional quality at every turn. For sports like football and Aussie rules, Bluebet is a fantastic bookmaker. It has a great site layout, making things simple to understand for punters, and there are many deposit options to help you fund your account with ease. Have a look at detailed review comparing the Neds and the Bluebet apps.

Betfair – a more unique betting experience

While the other brands on this list operate primarily as sportsbooks, Betfair has a very different set-up. Instead of offering fixed betting markets, where you can wager on set outcomes, the exchange platform lets you bet against outcomes too – known as ‘lay betting’. Many punters use this to diversify what kind of wagers can be made, and we must also note, Betfair has some of the best odds around.

Unibet – more diverse than most

In contrast to Bluebet mentioned above, Unibet is very much a bookmaker that wants to cover it all. Ever since this brand launched in Australia, the goal has been clear – to bring the most diverse and flexible betting options to members. That’s why you can often see hundreds of events covered daily, with more markets than you can imagine.

Finding the best betting sites in Australia – what to look for

Best Sports Betting Sites in Australia

Security and trustworthiness

The most important feature, above all others, is how secure a betting site is. This is proven firstly, by evidence of a valid gambling license, and secondly, by safety elements such as firewall technology and SSL encryptions for transactions.

Special sports coverage

Besides having a wide range of sports available, which all of the top sites tend to have, it’s nice to find sites that have a specialty sport too. For example, Neds is most certainly a specialist racing bookmaker, whereas Ladbrokes might be viewed as a specialist for football betting. If you know you like to bet on one of these sports, it makes sense to sign up with a bookmaker that has phenomenal offerings for that sport.

The overall range of markets

Having the option to bet on various markets keeps things fresh and exciting. After all, nobody wants to bet on the same few markets all of the time, as this can get rather boring quite quickly. And to add to that, the more markets you have available to wager on, the better chance you have of finding a market that has some hidden value.

Availability of mobile betting

Placing sports bets on mobile is something that most punters will want to do at some point. So as you’d expect, it helps to find sites that have either an optimized site or a native app that you can download. The latter provides the best performance really, and it’s important to check that these platforms have the same offerings as their desktop counterpart.

Quality of the odds

Finally, finding sites with quality odds means that you stand to receive a greater return on winning bets. Of course, your bet still has to win to gain anything at all, but it feels better to make a wager with high odds rather than settling for average odds.

Opening an account with the best betting sites in Australia

Choose your site

The very first step in the process is to actually choose a site that you feel is suitable for what you are looking for. As stated previously, all punters have different specifications, which is why your choice will inevitably be different from somebody else's.

Provide the information required

Although most betting sites have a very straightforward sign-up process, you still need to provide the information requested. More often than not, betting sites will ask that you provide your date of birth, Australian residence address, full name, title, and some contact details. Make sure that the information you entered is correct here, as you may be asked to verify such details once provided.

Set up any security features

Security measures in this sense relate to private questions, deposit limits, login attempt restrictions, and more. These can be set up during the sign-up process, although once your account is up and running, you can then make adjustments to this in your settings. Of course, this also relates to picking a secure password initially, which is highly recommended.

Log in and make a deposit

After running through the first three steps, you’ll already have your account established. Since it is now ready for you to log in and make the most of the features, the final step is to make a deposit. With funds loaded up, you can start to explore the markets and find a suitable bet to make. Don’t just stick with the mainstream markets either, for many sports have hidden gems that can really spice things up.

Best Sports Betting Sites in Australia: Bluebet

FAQs on the best betting sites in Australia

What are the sign-up requirements at these sites?

Any legal betting site in Australia has the same sign-up requirements. Firstly, you have to be older than the legal gambling age in Australia to set up an account, which is 18 years of age. Secondly, you have to be a resident of Australia, which can be proven by submitting a utility bill or recent bank statement with your address on it.

Can I sign up with multiple sites?

Absolutely. As you can see above, our list of the top sites in Australia has six different brands, and there is no reason that you cannot sign up with all of them if you like. In fact, by doing so, you’ll be casting a wider net regarding what you can bet on and what features will be available to you for online betting.

What methods can I use to fund my account?

Naturally, each site has different payment methods that they support. But to give you a general sense of what to expect, many of these betting sites will let you deposit funds through methods like debit cards, e-wallets, direct bank transfers, prepaid cards, and more.

How often can I bet on sporting events?

Every single day if you really wanted to. The best betting sites in Australia have hundreds of different sporting events listed on their site each day, and you can just pick and choose which ones you’d like to wager on.

Do these sites have high wagering minimums?

No. This is another key factor of the top sites – they have very low bet minimums, which makes online betting more accessible and more feasible for the average punter. For most markets, you can bet as little as $1, and plenty of betting sites have a deposit minimum of just $5 or $10. So as you can see, you don’t have to throw a ton of money into your account to have plenty of fun.

How can I be sure if the odds are competitive or not?

Many punters wonder about this one, and it’s a good question. In short, the only way to determine how competitive the odds are for any event is to then look at other bookmakers for the same market. You should then place your wager with whichever bookmaker has the highest odds.

Do these sites have good customer support teams?

Yes! If you ever run into a bit of trouble with your account, or you’re just not quite sure of what to do, you can reach them through methods like live chat, phone, and email.