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Ladbrokes Code Australia Dec 2022 *STAR*

Let's see what the latest Ladbrokes Australia code STAR has to offer. Let's begin our review.

How to Create an Account Using the Ladbrokes Code?

Betting law in the country is a little bit different and it prevents bookies from offering inducements to new customers. You will have to create an account to see any offers there are for existing/newly registered users. Please note that the Code *STAR* is not the same as the Ladbrokes Code, and neither of them will grant any additional promotions or bonuses.

Registering to Ladbrokes is straightforward, and it doesn't take a lot of time. We set-up a list of instructions, and if you follow them, you will create an account in less than five minutes.

  1. You will have to open the Ladbrokes Australia site and click on the red “Join” button.
  2. Alternatively, you can follow the links in the article, which will lead you to the sign-up page automatically.
  3. You can choose to create your account or sign up with PayPal.
  4. If you are registering without PayPal, enter all the required details in the registration form.
  5. Don't forget to enter the unique Ladbrokes code in the form. Note: STAR is not a Ladbrokes bonus code
  6. Accept the site's privacy policy and terms and click on the final button to finish the registration.

After creating your account, you should head to the “Verification Centre3. There you will have to enter information on your identification documents so that the bookmaker can verify your identity. You can provide the following documents to verify your account online:

  • Australian Visa or International passport
  • Medicare card
  • Australian Passport
  • Australian Driver's License
  • NZ Driver's License
  • NZ Passport

If you can't validate your account via that menu, you will have to contact customer support via phone number or e-mail. We recommend that you use the phone number option because it's faster.

What the application of the Ladbrokes bonus code means

Since we’ve talked at length about the bonus code for Ladbrokes already, it makes sense to pay some extra attention to it. And we are choosing to do this because there is still some confusion about what the Ladbrokes bonus code entails. Of course, you’ve seen above what the code actually is, so we won’t be covering that. We also won’t be covering how to apply the code during the sign-up process.

Instead, we will dispel some common myths and concerns about the code, as you can read through below:

Places where the code can be applied

We shall be addressing the impact of using the code in the remaining sections here. But first, we may as well give you the two options that you have for entering the code. The first one you’ve already learned, as the code can be entered when opening a new account. As for the second, it is possible to apply the code when making a deposit. However, regardless of where you choose to apply the code, you still won’t see any benefits or changes to your account.

What Does Ladbrokes Australia Offer in Terms of Sports and Betting Markets?

ladbrokes code

Ladbrokes Australia offers to bet on twenty-five sports, of which Soccer, Racing, and Tennis dominate the betting scene. The bookmaker also provides some sports that aren't so prevalent but still have plenty of fans worldwide. In this category, we can put sports like:

  • Surfing
  • Wrestling
  • Table Tennis
  • Gaelic Sports

The bookmaker specializes in Horse Racing and is considered one of the best. They have a few types of racing betting available:

  • Harness racing
  • Jockey challenge
  • Greyhound racing

They introduced the so-called “easy form,” where you can use filters to find races specific to your parameters. Since there are hundreds of races to choose from, this feature helps you filter out the ones you don't want to bet on and gives you the final results. It's a very popular feature, and it's used by almost all customers who bet on Racing. Another category in which Ladbrokes is a top bookie is Aussie Rules betting. They provide the best odds and markets for the Australian Football League. The bookmaker also provides plenty of betting markets for popular competitions, like the EPL, AFL, NFL, etc.

Major sporting events you may wish to bet on

We’ve hammered home the importance and quality of the Ladbrokes bonus code already. So we won’t continue to focus on this unless we stumble across another area that requires further details. Instead, we’d like to switch gears and get a little more specific regarding some of the major events Ladbrokes covers. Some of these major events are taking place in Australia, yet many of them are taking place overseas. Anyway, to be able to bet on the biggest sporting events, you have to know what they are.

For that reason, we’ve produced a breakdown of the absolute best events for you to bet on at Ladbrokes in Australia:

Australian Open – Tennis Grand Slam

Come on – we had to kick things off by talking about one of the top domestic events in Australia. As you may or may not know, the Australian Open is the first Grand Slam of the year for both the ATP and WTA Tours in tennis. It is one of four prestigious tournaments played at the Grand Slam level. And if you wish to wager on this event, you will be able to see all of the in-game markets once the tournament begins in January.

The Rugby Championship

After signing up with the Ladbrokes bonus code, all of the main sports in Australia will be in view within the sportsbook. And as you are no doubt aware, rugby is one of the biggest sports that there is for this nation. Australia is pretty handy at the sport too, which no doubt boosts the popularity and spectator interest in this sport. Anyway, since we are talking about major events here, we’d like to highlight the Rugby Championship. 

This competition is played every single year between the top rugby teams in the Southern Hemisphere. As for the teams involved, they include Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Argentina. At the time of writing, the current holders of the Rugby Championship are New Zealand – something that the Aussies aren’t too pleased about! 

Yet since this event is played every single year, Australia will soon get another shot to snatch the title. And even though the tournament only consists of four teams, since three of them are true gladiators of the sport, this is always an entertaining event. 

Ladbrokes provides a bunch of key markets for this tournament when it begins too. So you are never short on betting options.

Melbourne Cup Horse Race

Horse racing remains one of the star sports in the Australian betting industry. Sure, the sport doesn’t quite have that crazed fan culture that you get with soccer, Aussie rules, and in several other sports. Yet it’s a sport that proves to be thrilling at all times, no matter what the event, structure, or prize money might be. On that note, you really will not beat the Melbourne Cup when it comes to high drama in horse racing. This is without question, the largest and most appealing race held in Australia these days.

Being a 3,200m event, the Melbourne Cup serves as a test for both jockeys and horses alike. It’s a test of skill, strategy, and endurance, both physically and mentally. And since 24 horses take to the track in a bid to win a share of $8 million AUD, the excitement regarding this race from all perspectives is just sensational. At the time of writing, the 2022 Melbourne Cup has just been finished too. 

Yet already, you can look at the candidates for the 2023 Melbourne Cup, regardless of whether you register with the Ladbrokes bonus code or not. These guys have some truly top-notch odds for events like this, so you won’t go far wrong.

FIFA World Cup

Soccer is a sport that is booming in Australia in recent years. And the Aussies are starting to become a team that regularly appears in the biggest tournaments of them all. On that note, tournaments do not get bigger than the FIFA World Cup. This is an event that only comes around once every four years, but the Aussies have been doing well at qualifying for this tournament of late. Sure, the Socceroos aren’t yet a team that is realistically a top contender to win the FIFA World Cup. But who knows what might happen in the future?

And there is nothing to say that you have to be betting on the Socceroos anyway! In fact, you can look at betting on any other teams within the group or knockout stages of the event. Adding to that, regardless of whether you register with the Ladbrokes bonus code or not, you will be able to bet on much more than just the winners of the individual matches. The platform has some fantastic markets on offer for things like tournament outrights, top scorers, winners of each group, and so much more.

Of course, it would simply be an added bonus if the Socceroos performed well too!

AFC Asian Cup

Following on from the focus on soccer above, let us highlight the AFC Asian Cup too. This is essentially the highest level of international soccer besides the FIFA World Cup that is played in this part of the world. Of course, Australia are regular participants in this tournament, and it’s always fun to watch the Socceroos battle it out for another prestigious international title. As a reminder, the AFC Asian Cup is played once every four years, which is how the other equivalent international soccer tournaments are structured too.

For example, the Copa America and Euros are both played once every four years too. So this should tell you all you need to know about how important the AFC Asian Cup is. As for the next tournament, it is due to be played in 2023, meaning that the Aussies have got another shot at glory very soon. And they will be eager to equal their success in the 2015 AFC Asian Cup, despite how competitive the tournament will be. Should you wish to bet on this event, just use the Ladbrokes bonus code and register to be in the game.

What to Expect from Ladbrokes Australia in Terms of Additional Features?

Ladbrokes is a site that holds a certain level of prestige in Australia, that you already know. But do you know the features that actually make this platform so special? If not, we are fairly pumped to share the top features available on this site, and there is no need to worry about any kind of Ladbrokes code or anything else to benefit from them.

Same Game Multi and SGM+

Same Game Multi allows you to combine market selections from the same event and place a wager, while SGM+ works almost the same, but you can combine other Same Game Multi bets, other sports, competitions, etc. We recommend that you read more about the feature in the Ladbrokes Australia Help Centre.

Easy form bets

When betting on horse racing, most punters will tell you that it’s beneficial to look at something called the form book. This essentially indicates what horses are running well and what horse might be a good shout for the upcoming race. The problem is that this takes a fair bit of time, which is where Ladbrokes has created this rather clever feature. Instead of trying to unearth horses that meet your parameters or expectations before you’d be willing to bet on them, you can actually apply filters here to shortlist horses that fit certain criteria. For example, you can shortlist horses by recent win percentage, top trainers, top jockers, racing type, track style, and more. It really is an innovative feature, and it’s something that saves time for all of Ladbrokes’ dedicated racing punters.

Extensive racing

Again, if you are familiar with the reputation of Ladbrokes, you may have an understanding or knowledge that this site is well known for its racing offerings. This is incredibly extensive, with no need to apply any form of code to get such a huge offering either. First up, Ladbrokes covers just about every kind of racing you can think of, with horse racing, greyhound racing, and even harness racing! It’s so extensive that it really is no wonder that Ladbrokes has an entire racing section to itself on the site. And besides the variety of bets you can make here across the various racing styles, the sheer regularity of racing markets (every few minutes) is nothing short of staggering. This means that you will never be short of options, and the verticals for each race are particularly appealing too – with many different markets to explore.

Quick multi

Although Australians are big fans of making multiples bets, let’s be honest for a second – it’s always a hassle to scroll through the many different markets, do the research, and then select which legs to add to your slip. Again, this is where Ladbrokes has recognized an inconvenience and designed a unique system to relieve members of this frustration. On the main sportsbook homepage, scroll down slightly and you’ll see the ‘quick multi’ feature. Ladbrokes allows you to quickly scan through listed sports, according to their start times too (anything from next hour to next 6 hours), and it takes one click to add them to your multi. You can even apply separate filters to adjust which markets you see, based on the favourites or the outsiders for any specific event. Again, no Ladbrokes code is needed to get access to this awesome tool.

Live Streaming

Ladbrokes offers live streaming for some events on their platform. The feature won't cost you anything, and if you want to use it, you will have to verify your account and have funds in it. There are some specifics, like the fact that you won't be able to go to “Fullscreen” mode or that there will be a delay for any match you watch live. The minimum delay is thirty seconds, but it could be longer, depending on the stream provider covering the event.

Making Deposits or Withdrawals on Ladbrokes Australia

Ladbrokes provides an array of options for deposits and withdrawals. You need to open the Banking & Transactions section of our account and click on the “Deposit” button. Below, you can see the available deposit methods and the maximum limits they have per transaction:

  • Credit cards – no information
  • Debit cards – no information
  • PayPal – $12,500
  • Ladbrokes card – $5,000
  • POLi – $100,000
  • Flexepin – $1,000
  • Cash-In – $100
  • Bank deposit – $500,000
  • B-Pay – $25,000

Most of these deposit methods don't charge fees when you use them, like PayPal, Ladbrokes card, POLi, Flexepin, Cash-In, and B-Pay, but the banking-related methods may have. Contact your banking institution to find out if there are any fees.

Withdrawing from your Ladbrokes Australia account can happen in one of three ways:

  • Ladbrokes card
  • PayPal
  • EFT/Bank

The processing time of the PayPal and Bank methods is from one to three business days after your transactions are approved by Ladbrokes. All transactions to and from Ladbrokes cards are instant.

The use of promo codes and welcome bonuses can play an enormous role in which bookmaker punters sign up with; at least that's the case in many countries around the world. In Australia, that's not the case due to the gambling laws that are in place. Even with regulation preventing the use of promotions like the Ladbrokes bonus code there are still countless reasons why you should opt for Ladbrokes over other bookmakers.

Why should you use Ladbrokes?

Top-quality customer service

Yes, it might sound like a boring place to start but if you ever need to speak to your bookmakers you'll be surprised how many become ghost-like. You don't get that with Ladbrokes. The first port of call is a detailed FAQ that is accessible at all times. Beyond that, you've got the ability to submit email queries via a website form, two telephone lines that are available 24/7 and, most peoples favourite, a live chat function to help you there and then. As the final extra touch to put the customer at the company heart is the ability to withdraw your winnings from any ATM with your Ladbrokes EFTPOS card.

Extensive markets

You might not get to use Ladbrokes code in Australia but you won't be losing out on any of the betting options. The sportsbook options are pretty exhaustive. Sports like Aussie rules, soccer and horse racing dominate but tit's not all about the top end sports. More obscure markets like bull riding, Esports and volleyball are also covered. Finally, you can also tap into politics and novelty markets too.

Guaranteed best prices

Riding off the back of the markets we've just touched on is the next thing Ladbrokes should be really shouting about. Their horse racing events are paid out to the best tote or starting price; the deciding factor between the two is whatever is higher.

Solid promotions

You can't use a Ladbrokes code on sign up but you can use our Ladbrokes code *STAR*. Although that won't unlock you any special deals what it will do is enable you to see all of the standard promotions the bookmaker offers. The promos are ever-changing and cover all events from the major to the minor. You can expect things like boosted odds and free bets.

A slick website

Last but not least we want to highlight the Ladbrokes website. After all, what's the point in all the other stuff if the site navigation makes life painful? Thankfully, with Ladbrokes that isn't a problem. You've got smart menu choices that quickly take you where you want to go, a dedicated space for live events and a quick to access multi-builder tool. Navigation around the site is self-explanatory, odds and markets are clearly displayed and placing bets take all of two clicks.

Ladbrokes around the world

Ladbrokes isn't only a big player in the Australian market. The betting company operates in numerous countries around the world including Spain, Belgium and the United Kingdom. Their first foray into the world of bookmaking came in the latter – the UK – with their name coming from the village of their formation. They – along with Coral and Gala who fall under the same umbrella of GVC Holdings – are the largest bookie in the UK market.

Does Ladbrokes Australia Have a Mobile Platform?

Ladbrokes Australia Mobile Site Review

Ladbrokes Australia offers betting from their mobile site to all customers. You don't need to download anything special; you only need to open your browser and log into the mobile site of the bookmaker. You can use the mobile site and bet from anywhere in the country as long as you have an internet connection. You will also need to turn on your location services if you want to place bets.

Ladbrokes Promo Code for for Mobile

Ladbrokes Australia Mobile App Review

Users with iPhones and iPads can benefit from the iOS Ladbrokes Australia mobile app. It is available for download from the App Store, and it's free. Android users will have to download the app directly from the Ladbrokes mobile site, but there are no other differences between the iOS and Android app. The application itself gives customers access to the full betting platform, and you can even use all the features, like live streaming and SGM. Note: You can use Code STAR when you register via mobile, however, you should note that this is not a Ladbrokes bonus code.

Our Opinion on Ladbrokes Australia's Platform

Ladbrokes Australia's code in one way to gain access to the wonders of the platform. They provide a straightforward interface and don't drown the customer in ads, like other bookmakers around the world. The layout is designed to be helpful for both PC and mobile customers, and their mobile app is quite popular. When it comes to deposits, they cover plenty of payment methods, and most of them offer instant processing time. The withdrawal methods available aren't that many; that's the one thing they might want to work on in the future. The bookmaker also provides a wide range of betting features, and the most popular ones we described above. Their most impressive aspect is the range of betting options and the quality of the odds for popular events. They specialize in providing high-quality content in two sports – Racing and Australian Rules. One of the most-visited pages on their website/app is the “Easy Form.” You should try out the bookmaker for yourself, so you can decide if they are worth playing regularly.

The Three Best Competitors of Ladbrokes in Australia


Bet365 is known around the world as one of the best bookmakers. Their operation in Australia is also very successful, and they provide a wide array of markets and sports you can bet on. The bookmaker also provides many betting features. Their platform is easy-to-use, and even new customers would have no trouble finding their way around.


Unibet is a well-known bookmaker in Europe, and they are very successful on other continents including Australia and North America. They provide an online and mobile platform for their users that is user-friendly. Customers have access to the full Sportsbook on computers and mobile devices, and they can use the betting features available.


PointsBet provides a unique way of wagering to customers and they have gained popularity quickly, not only in Australia but in other countries, too. Their platform is modern and functions well on many devices. They also provide plenty of payment methods and betting features, including cash-out.