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Neds Code Information and Review for Sep 2023

Neds code is among the newest bookies in the Australian market and stands out for its innovative products and features. Read through our overview of what Neds has to offer in !

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Do Neds offer a signup bonus?

No. Neds do not offer new customers a sign-up bonus. New legislation prevents bookmakers giving new customers incentives but that does not mean you should not bet with No. Neds as they provide punters with a great betting experience and daily Racing Promotions.
Mobile betting: Yes. Mobile Friendly site as well …
Minimum bet: $0.50 Online an $20.00 by Phone

Latest Neds Australian Code for : *STAR*

Once clicked on our special Neds code, a punter will be transferred directly to Neds main page for registration. Using the Neds code you could explore the following:

  • Neds Sports
  • Neds Horse racing
  • Neds Greyhounds

How to Register with the Neds Code

Neds requires any new punter joining the platform to be aged at least 18 years. If you satisfy the requirement, follow these steps to create your account;

  1. Click the button above to exclusively access Neds main page
  2. Click on the ‘Join Now’ option on the top-right side
  3. Provide accurate information on the following fields; Name, Email Address, Username, Password, DOB, Mobile Number, and Country
  4. On the field, ‘Neds Code’, provide our Neds code *STAR*
  5. You can opt to/not to set a deposit limit
  6. Finish up registering your account on the option ‘Create Account’

How to Register with Neds Bonus Code

Due to the change of Australian gaming legislation, it is important to note that Neds bonus code does not exist and while our Neds code exists, it doesn’t grant additional offers.

Application of the Neds bonus code – the ins and outs

You can clearly see above what this code is. However, while we’ve covered the information surrounding the code itself, we haven’t yet gone into detail surrounding the code’s purpose. There are still rumors and myths circulating within the Australian market when it comes to referral codes and their application. And specifically for the Neds bonus code, since you may be considering signing up with it, there are some key areas to address.

Below, you can read through an explanation relating to some myths, concerns, and implications of the code and its use for new customers. By the end of this section, you will know exactly what this code means and whether it has any use.

Impact on your Neds account

We’ve actually mentioned this before, but this is the most important myth that we have to address. So once again, using the Neds code when signing up is totally optional. You won’t get an exclusive benefit or anything special by applying it. In fact, it just means that Neds will know where you’ve found their site, otherwise known as ‘tracking' – that’s the true extent of it.

Where to apply the code

We’ve mentioned above that the Neds bonus code doesn’t link to any great benefits when opening an account. But if you do choose to apply the code when joining, you may as well know exactly how this is done. Essentially, there are two avenues to explore if you wish to use the code. The first of these is to enter the code when completing the registration process, which is the route we recommend. This way, you can enter the code and not have to worry about doing this at a later time.

However, if you forget to use the code or you just decide to enter it later, you can do this too. The second option you have is to use the code when processing your first deposit. But please don’t be confused, neither option creates benefits for your Neds account. It simply allows for marketing and/or tracking of your Neds account by the platform itself. So if you are okay with that, you can sign up and use the code.

But if you don’t want that, it’s probably best to just ignore the code and sign up as normal.

Neds bonus code costs

The third and final myth that we are forced to bust is that using codes in Australia comes with a price. We can assure you right now that this isn’t a feature of applying codes. This is true whether you join a site like Neds using a code or any of the other legalized betting sites in Australia. And if you are still in any doubt, if you think about the logistics of being charged for using a code, the math just doesn’t quite add up.

Firstly, if you take the code from our website, while we can guarantee that you won’t be charged a dime, we can take it further and highlight the fact that you haven’t shared any payment details anyway. Secondly, when you sign up at Neds, again, you won’t need to provide any payment information. This is only supplied once you’ve actually set up your account and you are ready to make your first deposit. 

And at that point, ideally, you would have applied the code already. Therefore, as you can see when looking at things logically, there are no costs involved here. This is the case now, and for any codes you may use in the future.

Neds Platform Review

We’ve run through the Neds bonus code in terms of what it is, how to apply it, and what the implications are of applying the code. However, this isn’t the only topic that we wanted to cover today. In fact, it’s only a small portion of what we want to discuss regarding the Neds Australia platform. 

So, moving away from the brief analysis of the code, we want to take you through a full breakdown of the Neds Australia site. And by reading through the remaining sections we’ve presented here, you will develop an understanding of why this platform is regarded as one of the best in Australia.

Neds Bonus Code: An overview

As we work through elements such as the sports covered, quality of odds, market depth, banking, and much more, you’ll gain an idea of what to expect from Neds before you join. Of course, this isn’t mandatory – it’s just something to consider if you decide that Neds looks like the kind of site that would suit your needs. 

To that end, we have a sneaky feeling that Neds will appeal to the vast majority of you, for reasons that we shall cover right now.

Sports Available – Huge markets available

When compared to other big names in Australia, Neds doesn’t score highly here. However, this can be excused since Neds is still in its early years. But with our Neds code, punters will still have a great selection of sports to bet on and enjoy the best odds. Aussie players are ardent racing fans and for this, Neds has incorporated various local and international horse racing and greyhounds’ events. Additionally, punters will also have a selection of the top and most-followed sports in Australia.

The complete sports list can be found on the option ‘Sports’ on the left side of the main page. Over 25 different sports are available including; Australian Rules, Basketball, Soccer, Cricket, and Tennis. Popular leagues and events such as; the NBA, NBL, EPL, NFL, NRL, AFL, and more complement the sports.

A good number of markets are available and punters will be thrilled with the competitive odds offered at Neds. Some of the popular Soccer markets have had over 150 markets available including;

  • Match Result
  • Draw No Bet
  • Both Teams to Score
  • Correct Score
  • Over/Under
  • Double Chance
  • Half Time/Full Time

Racing events, on the other hand, covers Australia, New Zealand, among other countries and several betting options are available. They include; Quaddie, Daily Double, Treble, Quinella, Trifecta, Win, Each way, and more.

neds bonus code

Some of the top Neds competitors in Australia include; Ladbrokes, Pointsbet, Bet365, Betfair, Unibet, and Palmerbet.

Closer look at the Neds betting markets

If we can direct your gaze back to the information above, you can see that some sporting events have 150+ markets available at Neds. This is the case for everyone who signs up at Neds, regardless of the application of the Neds bonus code. So with such a selection on the table, it’s fairly clear that Neds does not pull its punches when it comes to betting diversity. Yet this positive can also be seen as a little overwhelming for newcomers. This is especially true for people who join Neds who aren’t overly experienced with online betting.

Because of that, we figured we’d quickly run through some of the more popular markets that you should look at if you’re not super experienced yet:

Moneyline / 1×2

Some refer to this market as the moneyline market, and some refer to it as ‘1×2’. Both mean the same thing, and it purely depends on your preferred terminology. As for what this market entails, this is the market you’d seek if you wish to pick the outright winner of any individual sporting event. Sports that can end in a draw will have the X option listed, and sports that don’t will simply have a 1 and 2 option.

With that said, the moneyline market isn’t always a suitable market to look at depending on the teams/individuals involved. Take tennis as an example – if Novak Djokovic was playing a much lower-ranked opponent, the odds could well be lower than 1.10. This means that you’d need to wager $100 to receive a profit of less than $10. Clearly, that wouldn’t really be worth the risk. 

But if you had similarly ranked players where the odds might be 1.60 vs 2.30, this is where the moneyline market would be worth it.

Over / Under

Moving away from the moneyline market, you’ll typically see under/over markets at Neds. These markets are available for any sports where there is a scoring system to determine the outcome, on the whole. Take an NBA basketball game as a key example here. The over/under options might include markets relating to total game points, total player points, total game rebounds, total points per quarter, and many other things. 

Of course, this gives you two options for every single market in this section. You either back the option labeled as ‘over’ or you go for the ‘under’ option. Another cool thing about looking into this market at Neds is that there is rarely just one choice. For example, if we switch to a soccer game, Neds won’t just give you an option of ‘over/under 1.5’ goals. Sure, this might be one of the options, but it will often be accompanied by other options that change the goalposts – no pun intended.

Instead of 1.5 as the marker, Neds might offer over/under 2.5 or even 3.5 goals. The more ambitious the market, the higher the odds will be, and this is true for all sports, not just the examples we’ve given here.

Spreads / Handicaps

After registering and using the Neds bonus code, you’ll also notice a range of spreads and handicaps within the main markets. Unlike the over/under markets we’ve just discussed, these markets focus on a different element altogether. Basically, handicaps give an advantage or a disadvantage to each team/individual. This is done based on metrics used for respective sports to determine the outcome of a game. For example, handicaps will apply to the final score in a soccer game in relation to the number of goals scored.

A prime example of this would be betting on the Socceroos to beat a much weaker opponent with a -1.50 goals handicap. To win such a wager, you’d require the Socceroos to win by a margin of two goals or more. Since the terms spreads and handicaps are often used interchangeably, we’ve grouped them together here. And to be honest, they do focus on the same thing, which is why the markets are often spoken about in the same breath.

Outright Winner

The market mentioned above lets you back who you think will win an individual game. But what if you don’t particularly want to bet on the outcome of just one match? That’s why Neds has also incorporated outright markets into the betting offering. You can back outright markets for just about every sport that Neds covers on the platform too, including horse racing, tennis, soccer, cricket, rugby, Aussie rules, and many others. However, the difference is that outright markets are based on outcomes that refer to the event as a whole. Sound unusual? Let us clarify things even further.

Say you were looking to bet on the A-League, which is, of course, Australia’s top-flight division for professional soccer. While there are many regular season games played over many months, you could keep things interesting and wager on who you think will win the league. You can often secure great odds for these kinds of outright markets at Neds, and this has no dependence on the Neds bonus code either. 

And of course, the reason these markets are so popular is that your bet is not over and done with following just one match. It remains active until your chosen competition is over.

Futures Options

This betting market could be compared to the outright options mentioned previously. However, punters will usually go for outright markets when an event is about to take place. Additionally, punters might go for an outright market during an event, depending on the stage at which the event is at. So how is this different from futures options, you ask? Well, futures options are focused on events that might not be taking place for months or even years.

For example, without applying a Neds bonus code, you can already wager on the next Ashes Series as well as the Rugby World Cup at Neds. These events are not due to take place until later in the year, yet you can already back various futures options.

Bet Builder – Unique Wagers

We’ve highlighted several concrete betting markets above, yet now it’s time to reveal an option that creates a more unique touch. As listed in the Neds top features section, this bookmaker does provide the opportunity for players to generate their own multi-bets for the same event. This is sometimes referred to as a ‘bet builder’ tool, and it’s something you can use to create your own markets if none of the above takes your fancy. But how does this really work? Let us show you.

Without applying a Neds bonus code, you can hit up an event that you want to bet on and look for the ‘bet builder’ tool. Select this tool, start adding sections to your bet slip, and then check out the total odds before you pull the trigger. If you were using this tool for a soccer game, for example, you might select ‘over 1.50 goals’, both teams to score, home team to win, and over 4 cards in the game. 

This is just an example, of course. But hopefully, this shows what’s possible with this tool on the Neds platform. And the more extreme you make the wagers, the higher the odds for your bet builder wager will go.

The main sports events from around the globe – all available at Neds

We’ve spoken a lot about the Neds bonus code and how this site is a bit of a specialist for horse racing. Yet one thing we haven’t yet addressed is the main events that Neds covers on an annual basis. Of course, Neds pays close attention to prestigious horse racing events both in Australia and abroad. We shall be highlighting some top races here. But to give you a thorough overview of what events to put on your calendar, it’s important to look at some of the other popular sports on this site.

Melbourne Cup

Since Neds does pay very close attention to racing, we had to begin by mentioning one of the biggest events on home soil. As you can see, the event we are referencing here is the Melbourne Cup. Famously dubbed as the ‘race that stops a nation’, this is an event that Australian-based sports fans love to watch. At the same time, it’s a phenomenal event to wager on, as you’ll see with the many markets that Neds has to offer.

The event itself is usually scheduled for the very first Tuesday in November, each and every year.

The Masters – Golf

We understand that golf isn’t a sport that everyone loves, but it sure has some huge events for Aussie punters to bet on. Speaking of which, few events are more significant than The Masters. In fact, this is pretty much the biggest event in golf, and it is played in the USA every April. This is one of four ‘Majors’ that are played on the PGA Tour, and since it is a four-day event, you’ve got plenty to bet on when this event kicks off. 

Naturally, because The Masters is the biggest event in golf, this means that all of the best players in the world flock to Georgia every year to try and claim the title. And whether you’ve applied the Neds bonus code or not, you can try your luck with a ton of different markets here. Neds allows you to take a punt on the outright winner, winning margin, and you can even bet on the event in a hole-by-hole style. For the latter, things can get pretty wild in the betting markets, which is what makes them so much fun.

But ultimately, it’s completely your choice regarding what market you bet on. However, if you are a golf fan, this is not an event you want to miss.

Australian Open – Tennis

Keeping in line with mentioning Australia’s top domestic events first and foremost, we must mention the Australian Open. This event is played at the very start of the year in January, and it is an enormous event for both male and female players. Over the course of two weeks, hundreds of matches get played. And Neds covers pretty much every strike of the ball from the tournament's first day until the very last. 

You can even bet on the tournament outright winner for both singles and doubles events. These are separate betting markets from the individual ones available for set matches. Once again, your access to these markets and your ability to wager on the tournament is by no means linked to the Neds bonus code. 

So you can just browse through the markets as you would for any sport. Then pick and choose which bets to make as the players battle it out in the Summer heat in Melbourne. During the build-up to this tournament, there are several other domestic tennis events played in Australia too. 

And you may want to place a wager or two on these if you plan on following the top contenders for the Australian Open.

The Ashes Cricket

The Ashes is a famous battle involving England and Australia in Test Cricket. The event is held on a bi-annual basis, and the host nation tends to alternate for each series. Next year (2023), The Ashes is set to be held in England, with the five-series event due to take place in the summer months. Of course, if you are an Aussie cricket fan, you’ll know how much national pride is on the line in this one. But if not, we can tell you that you won’t find better drama anywhere on a cricket pitch. 

It doesn’t matter if you venture to the ends of the Earth – The Ashes has to be the most entertaining Test Cricket event in the world. As you’d expect, the teams serve up plenty of sledging tactics over the course of the five series, and from time to time, you get a couple of guys who really rise under pressure. Since each of the five test matches is played over the course of five days too, you have a ton of world-class cricket to enjoy. 

You can also bet on the action after signing up with the Neds bonus code, which we’d encourage you to do before the next Ashes series.

Soccer World Cup

This tournament might only come around once every four years, but when it does, Neds goes into overdrive. After all, the soccer World Cup is pretty much the single largest sporting event in the world right now. It is watched by billions around the globe, and with no exaggeration – millions of dollars are wagered on the event both before and during. Of course, this is a cumulative figure, and you can be involved in this event by signing up with the Neds bonus code right now.

After you’ve registered, you can take a crack at things like outrights, moneyline, handicaps, futures for top scorers and best players, and loads more. Depending on the time that you are reading this, you may be able to bet on the Socceroos games too. This is true for both the qualifying games and the main event. Neds is fairly good at coming up with various specials for when the Socceroos are involved too. 

And this makes the tournament feel a little closer to home, no matter where the event is being played. No matter how your wagers perform, of course, having a bet or two on these enormous games always spices things up!

NBA Basketball

The NBA is surprisingly popular among Australian punters. With that said, it won’t have quite the same following as domestic sports like Australian soccer and Aussie Rules. However, since the NBA is fast-paced, physical, and full of top-level action, Aussies are understandably drawn to the games and betting markets. If you’ve not explored the betting markets yet after joining with the Neds bonus code, we highly encourage you to do so. There are quite literally hundreds of NBA games played each and every season, meaning that you’ve got a ton of betting markets to investigate.

And beyond the regular season, the NBA Playoffs are most definitely one of the best periods in sports found anywhere in the world. As you may or may not know, the top teams from Eastern and Western Conferences in the NBA battle it out to see who is crowned NBA champions once the regular season ends. Playoff games consist of several home and away fixtures, and the drama is always intense. Of course, Neds doesn’t mess around when it comes to creative markets and great odds too. 

These are always a factor when betting on the NBA, including both the regular season and playoff matches.

International Horse Racing

We’ve referenced the Melbourne Cup earlier as a key domestic horse race for Aussie punters. However, given that Neds has such a huge focus on this sport, we wanted to broaden your horizons, so to speak. Not only is Neds a terrific bookie for domestic racing, but it also covers the largest international races with a keen interest too. This is reflected in the wealth of markets and quality odds that Neds provides for many overseas races – all accessible without the Neds bonus code.

As for a few specific races that you may wish to get on your calendar, we’ve got some big ones to point out. Focusing on the UK and Ireland first of all, you should definitely watch out for events like the Grand National, Cheltenham Festival (specifically the Gold Cup), and the Epsom Derby. As for other events that take place within the USA and Europe, make sure you tune in for the Triple Crown races, the Breeders’ Cup Classic, as well as the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe. 

Neds always gets a little wild with top markets, quality odds, and many other exciting features for these events.

User Experience – Super-Friendly Website

Neds provides a super-friendly website that is easy to understand. On the first access, a punter will need less than a minute to find the options. This is thanks to the sizeable fonts, well-organized lobby, and the ‘search’ button at the top of the main page.

The main page has all the main options on the left side, the list of the upcoming and top events in the middle, and the bet slip on the right side. At the bottom of the page will be other crucial options ranging from; About Neds, Privacy Policy, Blog, Responsible Gambling Policy, and Terms & Conditions.

Top features of this site

Given that we’ve focused quite heavily on what the Neds code is tied in with, we’d like to now switch things up and highlight what the top features are for this site. After all, Neds is one of the leading bookmakers in Australia, so you’d expect a few tricks to be up their sleeve! So without further ado, let’s kick things off with the first feature.

Futures for key sports

If you are unfamiliar with futures markets – these are betting options that extend well into the future, hence the name. But to determine the actual quality of the futures markets at any betting site, there are a few things to consider. Firstly there’s the overall coverage of futures, where Neds scores quite highly by offering futures for many key sports. Secondly, there’s the quality of the odds associated with these futures, which Neds delivers well on. And finally, there’s a number of options on the table for a specific event. Of course, the less obvious your play the higher the odds will be, but whatever you choose – this is an awesome feature of the sportsbook.

Filter form

This is actually a brand new feature of the site, and it’s something you’ll find quite striking as soon as you sign up with the Neds code. As it happens, the filter form is a tool that can be used to find your most favoured horse and greyhound betting markets. As the name suggests, this tool allows you to filter through various markets and apply certain constraints so that you’ll only be presented with markets that are of interest. Essentially, it helps you to speed up the navigation of the sportsbook and find your preferred bets with ease.

Racing countdown

With greyhound and horse racing betting being quite high profile at Neds, it’s somewhat expected that we have yet another feature that is tied in with these sports. As you’ll see within the main sportsbook page, Neds quite literally has a countdown that shows you which races are upcoming, and it ensures that you are aware of how long you have to get your wagers placed. The coverage is so extensive at Neds that there is usually an event taking place every few minutes, as Neds covers races all around the globe. For us, this feature somewhat brings the sportsbook to life, and you don’t even need to use a Neds code to be able to use it.

Same race multis

Finally, same race multis is something that really stands out for us. You are likely familiar with multiples betting, whereby you combine several markets into the same bet slip in search of pretty significant returns. But it’s pretty rare, if ever, that you find a sportsbook that allows you to lay down a multiples bet for the same race. With that said, Neds has stepped up to the plate and recently implemented this feature – so you can now combine this incredibly popular form of wager alongside one of Neds most popular sports.

Next to go – all sports

Neds is clearly big in the horse racing betting world. After all, with an entire section of the platform reserved for horse racing options, what else would we expect? Yet after browsing through some of the additional features that make Neds stand out, we stumbled across this one. Basically, when you are checking out the main sportsbook, you’ll see a rolling list of upcoming sporting events. Note that this is separate from the ‘racing countdown’ feature we’ve previously discussed. And that’s because with this one, you can see a countdown for all of the sports!

Just like the other features we’ve been discussing here, there is no dependence on the Neds bonus code for this feature. In fact, they are completely disconnected, so you needn’t worry about this whatsoever. And if you were feeling really adventurous, you’ll notice that the ‘next to go’ feature also showcases some of the more obscure events that Neds covers. 

So if you get a little bored of horse racing, soccer, Aussie rules, or whatever betting activities you are involved with, these might be something to consider.

Price fluctuations

Another incredibly cool and useful feature of the Neds betting site is the availability of price fluctuations. This feature actually shows you the movement of odds for certain markets that relate to racing. And the reason that this is useful is that it shows you how the odds are responding to both betting activity and news relating to that event. Of course, you can then apply this information to your betting choices for that event. 

The price fluctuation tracker is active from the moment that the odds are first released too. So it’s not like you have to tune in between a certain window in order to see such information. You can simply sign in and monitor these price changes from the very beginning right the way through until the event starts. To give you an idea of how to use this information for your wagers, let us give you a quick example.

If the odds for one horse started at 9.00 and you’ve seen that the odds have been steadily declining, this may suggest that the ‘smart money’ is backing this runner. This could be due to a range of factors that may have escaped your attention during the research process.

Neds blog

You might have thought that the Neds blog is just a half-hearted addition to the site that makes it look more informative. However, if you take a second to investigate the Neds blog, you’ll realize that it is loaded with awesome information. As for what the articles contained within the Neds blog have to offer, you can find things like tips, explanations on complex betting markets, event previews, and much more. Bear in mind that all of these posts are available for you to read completely free of charge. 

There’s no need to lock in a Neds bonus code to access this particular part of the site. After all, you will have done that when you initially signed up. So once you are logged in, you simply need to tap the ‘blog’ link at the bottom of the sportsbook list. This will reveal all of the recent posts on just one page. And Neds has even put further links into the blog to the most popular sports so that you can find the right information quickly.

Of course, if you do pay attention to the tips, you may then use such information to help with what wagers you make.

Customer Support Quality – 24/7 Availability

Neds offers a variety of methods to reach the support team for any question, clarification, or any sort of feedback. Of course, the reasons you may need to contact the support team are vast, so we cannot cover all of the possible reasons on just one page! However, some of the more common categories that prompt people to contact the Neds’ support team relate to technical issues, betting queries, account issues, and several others. But whatever your reasons for contacting the team might be, it’s comforting to know that 24/7 support services are available. So theoretically, you will never be left in the dark when it comes to finding assistance. 

As for the exact methods that can be used (with no connection to the Neds bonus code), please see them below:

  • FAQ page – On the section ‘FAQs & Help’
  • Live Chat – For quick real-time assistance
  • Contact form – Provide your details and the message
  • Phone support – 1300 006 337
  • Email support

Of all the methods shown here, we would recommend using the live chat service if your query needs urgent attention. Agents are usually on hand pretty quickly, and unless you are contacting them at a very busy time, you should get a reply within a minute or two. As for the other methods, again, if you want to get a quick resolution, it’s probably best to use the toll-free phone number. 

Beyond that, responses gained through email or the on-site contact form can be a little slow – sometimes a few days.

Banking Options

Neds does not charge any fees on the deposits and withdrawals carried out on the platform. However, some providers might charge from their end. It is important to find out more about the banking fees from them. Additionally, this is another section where our Neds code can be used to claim Neds specials. That’s because the code can be applied while processing your first deposit as a new customer if desired. But once again, we would like to stress that the use of the Neds bonus code does not automatically guarantee any added incentives. However, that won’t prevent you from applying the code on your initial transaction via the respective box.

With that cleared up, let us also give you a bit more information before we run through the banking options. For starters, when you process a deposit at Neds with any of the methods listed below (with the exception of a cheque), your funds should be available immediately. But you do need to deposit an absolute minimum of $5 for your deposit to be accepted. 

Of course, the maximum you can deposit is far greater than that amount – as high as $5,000 – $10,000, depending on which method you’ve selected. However, before we risk misleading those who are new to online betting, we do not advocate depositing more than you can realistically afford. In fact, we only encourage funding your account with a value that you are content with, and that won’t cause financial hardship in other areas of your life.

Anyway, when ready to make your first deposit – here are your main options:


  • Visa/MasterCard
  • Cash-In
  • Flexepin
  • Apple Pay
  • BPAY
  • POLi
  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Cheque

After you have officially joined the Neds platform and used the Neds bonus code (not mandatory), you will see all of these methods within the deposits area. Now, you may have some of these deposit options on hand right away, as seen with debit cards, bank transfers, or even PayPal. However, if you wish to use some of the other methods, you may need to set yourself up with an account through the respective provider’s website. This isn’t the case for all methods, of course, we just wanted to point that out to avoid any confusion.

As for other tips when making deposits at Neds, we would recommend saving a method or two to your account. This will avoid the need to enter the details for the corresponding payment method each time you want to make a deposit. Don’t worry – Neds keeps this information highly secure thanks to a blend of firewall technology and secure servers. Additionally, you can even make use of the pre-set values to process deposits faster than usual. 

These can also be customized while signed in to your Neds account, which can be done purely at your discretion. 


  • Bank Account – 1-3 working days

As you can see, there is just one method available to process withdrawals on the Neds platform. This method relates to direct bank transfers, which have historically been a little slow across the board. However, if your banking institution is part of the rapid transfers network in Australia, there is every chance that your cash could come through within 24 hours. Obviously, this is not a guarantee, and the speed of your withdrawal has no connection to the Neds bonus code. 

One thing we will say, however, is that you should try and verify your Neds account as soon as you have registered. That's because withdrawals will not be processed for any accounts that haven't been verified. So the sooner you do this, there's less chance of any hold-up when you attempt to process a withdrawal. Additionally, while it may be viewed as a negative that there is just one withdrawal method, there are actually a couple of positives to take from direct bank transfers.

These are highly secure, they normally have much higher transaction limits, and by nature, the funds then go straight into your designated account.

Neds Mobile Platform Experience

Neds Bonus Code for Mobile

Punters at Neds will have a mobile platform to access their accounts and place their bets on. The mobile platform has seen two different versions made available; mobile site and mobile app. Neds has ensured that its website is well-optimized and players can bet through mobile browsers such as Chrome, Safari, and Opera. The design is friendly and the major highlight is that all the sports and their markets are made available to players. The site version also provides an avenue to download Neds app for Android players.

For iOS punters, the app will be downloaded from the Apple Store. Like the site version, the app is also friendly and boasts a clean design that is easy to navigate. All the betting options and features are made available. Aussie players will enjoy among other things;

  • Multi Builder
  • Blog
  • Odds boost

Some of the pros associated with the app include; huge convenience while placing bets, accessing hundreds of sports and racing events, processing deposits & withdrawals. However, more markets would be appreciated.

A point to note is that new punters can register an account at Neds with a mobile phone. Remember our special Neds code – STAR can be used while registering.

Pros & Cons

Friendly websiteMore sports and markets needed
STAR codeNo live streaming
Mobile platform availableRelatively new bookie
24/7 customer supportOne withdrawal method
Comprehensive FAQ page

Neds Overall Review: Recommended to players

Neds Bonus Code

Whilst Neds remains a relatively new bookmaker in Australia, it gets our recommendation. A lot of positives are there to see. The bookmaker offers a very friendly website to players and this is followed by a good number of sports. The most popular leagues and events have all been hosted and they can also be accessed on the available mobile platform. Neds customer support is also commendable for its 24/7 availability and the different methods to reach them. Additionally, the banking section has seen a variety of deposit methods offered.

A few improvements would be welcomed especially on the addition of sports, betting markets, and withdrawal methods. Finally, some features such as live streaming would see Neds rival some of its competitors more.

Top 3 Neds Alternatives

1. Ladbrokes Australia

This is one of the most popular and yet experienced bookies in Australia. While its major focus is on horse racing events, the bookmaker has also offered a good number of sports and betting markets. The live streaming feature is among the positives but the streaming options are limited.

best betting sites in australia

2. Bet365 Australia

Bet365 is a global bookmaker with access available in Australia. The bookie is known for its huge betting opportunities thanks to the vast number of sports and racing markets available. Features such as; edit bets, betting news, and live streaming are some of the highlights. However, there is talk of many punters having their accounts limited.

3. Unibet Australia

Unibet is another popular alternative bookmaker operating in Australia. Punters can enjoy the vast betting options provided ranging from the betting types and markets available on the sports and racing section. The odds offered at Unibet are competitive but one of the sections they need to improve is the banking section where the deposit methods are limited.

The validity period of our Neds code: 31st December

Neds Code Australia FAQ

Is Neds legal?

Yes. Neds runs under two licenses; the Northern Territory Racing Commission and the South Australian Gambling Codes of Practice for South Australian residents.

How do I deposit at Neds?

Log into your account, go to the section ‘My Account’ then to the option ‘Deposit’. Proceed to choose your preferred deposit method, enter the amount you wish to deposit, and finish the process.

Are there any special requirements placed on withdrawals?

Yes. Before a withdrawal request is made, your identity and the cards you use must be verified.

How do I verify my cards?

Log into your account, go to the section ‘My Account’ then to the option ‘Verification Centre’. From there, select the card you intend to verify and click the option ‘Verify Now’. Proceed to pay the authorization charge triggered.

How long do withdrawals take at Neds?

Withdrawals will take 1-3 working days depending on the provider you choose.

Can I cancel a withdrawal request?

Yes. This can only be done if the withdrawal request is ‘pending’. On the ‘Withdrawal’ option, click on ‘Cancel’ to cancel your request.

Why is there no Neds code?

Bonus codes, sign-up offers, and other bonus bets were available in the past but the 2019 Australian gambling reforms saw them become non-existent. For that reason, Neds has ensured that its specials are accessed through the Neds code.

Can I access my account through an app?

Yes. Neds provides an app for both Android and iOS players.