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Dabble app review May 2024: mobile sports betting

See what you can expect in the latest Dabble review including betting markets and the unique social features. Also, see how to get your free Dabble app download, the pros and cons of Dabble, get customer support and more.

Dabble app review – Trendy Australian sportsbook details

Dabble app

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What I found during my Dabble app review was a real uniqueness in terms of sports betting platforms.

The brand is a real forerunner for social betting. With more people betting on apps and not in shops, the social side of it was in danger of disappearing.

The Dabble app offers racing betting, sports betting and all of its social features. The app is free to use and will appeal to anyone who likes to chat online and take part in a bit of banter regarding the races, sport and their bets.

Betting markets on the Dabble app in 2024

Dabble bet australia app review and bookmaker review

In undertaking a full Dabble betting review I found some positives and negatives, though I reckon the latter will be fixed in time if the platform gains more popularity. In the sports betting section, you’ll find:

  • AFL betting
  • NRL betting
  • NBA betting
  • NFL betting
  • UFC and MMA betting
  • Supercars betting

The negative I meant is that many will want the whole shebang; soccer, cricket, rugby, boxing, tennis, etc. That’s not there right now, but Dabble has prioritised according to its own expertise as well as how the social bettors want to wager.

The odds are fair here, which is always a key point, and you can use the social features mentioned below to help make your bets.

The Dabble app's social betting features – playful betting approach

The social features are the best part discovered by the Dabble app review.

These are what makes this app so different from other top Australian betting apps. Only around since 2020, Dabble is attempting to change the way we bet, making it a social event.

The point of the Dabble app is that it combines a sports betting app with a social media app. You can follow other Dabblers, much in the same way you would on any social media platform, chat online and even meet up in person.

Events are planned regularly by Dabble, bringing those who love a sports bet together both online and in person. That, we love, and we’ll go into more detail on what social betting features the brand offers later in the Dabble review.

Downloading the Dabble betting app for free

It’s free to get your Dabble app download. As long as you have a modern smartphone or tablet, you can access everything you want to on the move.

Download dabble app australia

How to download Dabble for Android

If you are looking to download the Dabble betting app for an Android device, follow these simple steps:

  1. On your Android device, go to the Google Play app.
  2. Search for ‘Dabble’ and then tap when you see it appear.
  3. Hit ‘install’. The Dabble app will be downloaded for free.

How to download the Dabble app for iOS

If you are using an iPhone or iPad to get the Dabble app, use these easy steps to get going:

  1. Go to the App Store on your phone or tablet.
  2. Hit search and then enter ‘Dabble’.
  3. When you see the app, tap ‘get’ and then ‘install’.
  4. Enter your passcode or use biometric login to confirm and the app will download for free.

Most interesting features of the iOS and Android Dabble app

The Dabble app review shows up a whole bunch of interesting features.

This really is a betting platform with a difference. On the app you will find, among other things:

  • Live streams – hosted shows and racing coverage
  • Popular Punters and Trending Tipsters – follow who is doing well on the app
  • Copy Bet – copy the bets of other Dabblers
  • Banter Channels – chat with other Dabblers about your and their bets
  • Follow Other Punters – social feature allowing you to follow other Dabblers

Dabble live streaming

Design and useability – simple yet cheeky

The app is, I assume, deliberately designed to be kept simple. This is a social betting app, so it doesn’t need to have page after page of text.

Instead, there are quick links to racing betting, sports betting and the various social products and features offered. The app is fast, easy to navigate and a pleasure to use.

The colour scheme keeps the theme light and fun rather than serious and stuffy. Login is fast, depositing is quick and easy (see below) and the app can be downloaded free on iOS and Android devices.

There is no desktop version of Dabble Australia, so bear that in mind. You won’t be able to access the platform on your browser, not even via mobile, so a one-off download of the app is needed.

Dabble payment methods – covers the basics

A thing to keep in mind before you download Dabble is the short list of payment methods. Moreover, you can only access your winnings one way despite how you loaded your account in the first place. You can deposit on Dabble using the following:

  • Mastercard (credit and debit) – minimum $5
  • Visa (credit and debit) – minimum $5
  • Apple Pay – minimum $5
  • Fast Bank Transfer – minimum $5

The low minimum deposits are great. Smaller gamblers should not be ignored, and this goes hand-in-hand with the social element of the app. Some people just want a small bet and to chat about it, which this app offers.

It is very fast to deposit. All of the above payment methods offer instant deposits, so your account is ready to go as soon as you click go.

You can withdraw using only the Fast Bank Transfer system. This is a slight drawback of the app, especially as you can deposit in other ways.

Making a deposit and placing a bet on dabble

As well as this, you may have to wait 2-5 days to get your cashed-out winnings this way.

The app does advertise ‘Lightning Fast Withdrawals’, with a claim to have paid out in over 8 seconds. That is admirable but in reality, it most likely means that your Dabble account is credited with that money in double-quick time when you cash out.

It doesn’t unfortunately mean that it hits your bank that fast, so remember that it takes a little while via bank transfer to actually get funds you can use as cash.

Unique social betting features

This is the entire point of Dabble as I see it. If you want more sports betting markets, you could go to one of the many better-established online betting platforms, some decades old.

New betting platforms need to offer something different. They know that upon startup, yet they rarely achieve it. Dabble has not failed in that regard and it’s all because of its social features.

Dabble wants to offer its punters a social media app experience, without needing to see everything your pals are up to. That, I think you’ll find, is something which will catch on. You get started in two simple steps:

  1. Sign up with Dabble code STAR after downloading the app.
  2. Create your Dabble profile.

The point about step 2 is that with Dabble you have a profile, not just an account.

Your profile comes with an avatar, a unique username, and a full bio. You can essentially pimp up your profile as you go along using some of the many choices available on the app.

You can follow other punters, as in the same way you would elsewhere on social media. This doesn’t mean they have to accept you and you don’t need to interact; you simply follow them.

Dabble app follow punters feature

With that, you can use the copy bet function. If a Dabbler is doing very well, you can copy their bets and place the same ones they do.

The banter channels allow you to interact with each other, talk about the game and compare bets. If chatting online is not your thing, there are even community events that allow Dabblers to meet up over beer in real life.

There are numerous other social features here, all of which make Dabble a unique betting app.

Dabble app pros and cons

In terms of user experience, I found little wrong during the Dabble betting review. The app is easy to use, quick and is laid out quite deliberately in a simple format.

That’s not to say that it looks cheap, because it doesn’t. The brand has kept the app simple as it’s a social betting experience. It should be easy to find the odds you want, the features you want and to banter with your fellow Dabblers.

Here are my major positives and negatives about the Dabble app:

Dabble Pros
Dabble Cons

💜 Social features – these are so unique in the betting world and are welcome.

👎 Lack of a desktop site – this is not a problem for many and this is social betting, but many at least like a mobile browser version.

💜 Live streams – regularly presented shows and live racing coverage is offered.

👎 Lack of withdrawal methods – you can only withdraw using bank transfer.

💜 Strong racing odds – horse racing betting here is very competitive.

Bonus code/sign up offer from the Dabble app

Owing to the rules binding all sports betting brands in Australia, there is no Dabble sign up offer. There is however a Dabble sign up code (STAR), but it does not guarantee additional benefits.

That means the Dabble app is not necessarily behind any of the major betting brands in that regard, in fact the way it offers its features puts it ahead in some ways. Instead of offering bonuses, this Aussie brand promotes some unique features and I think they’re great. With Dabble you can take advantage of:

  • Copy Bet
  • Bet Description
  • DabbleDiv Exotics
  • SGM Tracker
  • Follow Other Punters
  • Banter Channels
  • Trending Tipsters
  • Popular Punters
  • Live Streams

These features, arguably are better than betting bonuses. With bonuses, you may win or lose and may face wagering requirements and the like. That’s not the case with the Dabble app special features.

The features I found during this Dabble review are available to everyone. There are no special terms and conditions to keep track of and anyone on the app can join in. That is definitely something regular punters have been crying out for.

Customer support

There's a support section on the site that answers most of your basic questions. FAQs and articles are available on almost any subject you can think of.

If you want an answer to something more specific, in true social style, head over to X and message the team @dabblecomau.

Dabble betting app review summary

Dabble stands out amongst the competition of Australian sports betting sites as it is first and foremost an app. Our Dabble app review highlights just how this brand is different. Social features really do make the Dabble app stand out.

Interacting with others, copying bets and bantering with people is unique in betting.

Slight negatives? A lack of withdrawal options and a desktop site. Few use social media on laptops these days anyway.

Avatar of Gary Christie
Gary Christie

For more than 20 years now, Gary has been immersed in the worlds of football, horse racing and general sports betting. Gary's expertise has led to some crucial contributions to written sporting content in territories such as Australia, the UK, Europe, South Africa and North America.

Dabble App Review Australia FAQ

Yes, it is legal. Dabble is licensed by the Northern Territory Racing Commission. The brand has offices in Melbourne, Darwin, Albury, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Yes, Dabble is a real money app. You can deposit using Visa, Mastercard, Bank Transfer and Apple Pay.

No sign up bonuses are allowed, as with all such apps in Australia. There are some great features on the Dabble app however.

Copy Bet is a feature on the Dabble app that allows you to follow other Dabblers and copy their bets. You can follow and interact with other Dabblers anyway, but the copy bet feature is unique in allowing you to replicate the bets of others on the platform.