Sam Kerr books: A rundown of the Matildas star’s impressive author work

Sam Kerr is a woman of many talents – if she isn't scoring goals in FA Cup Finals or tackling pitch invaders then she is writing books for children all over the world. After becoming one of the most famous faces in the women's game, Kerr decided to start writing books to try and inspire a new generation of Australian Soccer players.

So far, the Australian captain has written five books in her Kicking Goals series of books and there are likely more to come. Aside from that project, she has also written a soccer journal and a more autobiographical style of book called “My Journey to the World Cup.”

If you want to learn more about Sam Kerr the Author, then here is everything you need to know about the books she has released so far.

Sam Kerr books: Kicking Goals series

The Flip Out

The first book in the Kicking Goals series introduces us to the main character of the series, a young schoolgirl called Sam. In book one, Sam is excluded from the Australian Rules Football team and finds herself in a predicament where she has to find something new.

While Netball and Chess are briefly considered, she is then urged to join the local soccer team by her two best friends. In the book, Sam has to battle adversity and confidence issues to make the team – can she do it?

A New Knight

In book two, we find Sam continuing to fall more in love with the game of soccer and starts to thrive for a team called the Knights. Throughout this book, Sam also deals with personal battles including the fact she is forced to wear a dress at a cousin's wedding and her best friend Indi falling out with her.

Sports Day

In book three, we see Sam as a fully-fledged soccer fanatic. The book's main focus is the upcoming school sports day which soccer isn't a part of much to Sam's disappointment. Throughout the book, Sam and her friend get to work on petitioning for soccer to be included and to create the school's first-ever soccer team.

Finals Fever

In book four, we see Sam become the star player on her soccer team as she leads them to the finals of the championship. Despite her performances, captaincy of the team is handed to her best mate Dylan who is lacking in confidence. Together with her other best friend, Indi, Sam works to help him overcome his nerves ahead of the big final.

Cup Countdown!

Book five is set around the 2006 World Cup, a tournament that Sam is keen to watch despite it being played on the side of the world. At the same time, Sam is scouted for a rep soccer team after the coach is blown away by how good she is during a game for the Knights. Can Sam juggle the World Cup, playing for the Knights, trials for the rep team, school work, and family life?

Kicking Goals Journal

The Kicking Goals Journal is a spin-off/bonus book from the Kicking Goals Series written by Sam Kerr. The book provides readers with top soccer tips and tactics as well as quizzes and challenges written by the Matilda's captain. Readers are also given a World Cup tournament predictor with each copy.

Sam Kerr: My Journey to the World Cup

In preparation for the 2023 Women's World Cup, where Kerr's Australia will tackle Group B, the 29-year-old has released an autobiography about her life as a child and how she ended up becoming the Matilda's captain ahead of a home World Cup. While there are some similarities to the tales within her Kicking Goals books, this autobiography also includes some deeper facts and stories about her life so far.

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