Matildas World Cup 2023 Jersey: Design, prices and where to get one

The 2023 Women's World Cup has so many things to excite and make Australians proud of. One that might not come first to mind is the Matildas jersey and yet this unique first-in-the-world outfit designed by Nike has been selling like hotcakes. Do you know what is so unique about the Matildas jersey? Do you know how much it costs and where to buy it? Read on to find out.

Matildas jersey
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What is unique about Matildas jersey and kit design?

Released on April 05th, 2023 the Matildas jersey for their home 2023 Women's World Cup the Matildas jersey has a hypnotic appearance due to its beautiful allover marbled pattern in predominantly gold with green trimmings colours.

However, what makes the kit unique is that this is the first-ever football kit designed to be period-conscientious. For the first time, a football kit features integrated “leak protection” in the shorts. The Matildas kit was designed by Nike after long consultations and feedback from the players themselves and many other female athletes. Here is what the vice-president of women's global sports appeal, Jordanna Katcher, said about the Matildas kit:

“Nike used 3D technology to create the “built-in brief” shape that aligns with the contours of the body. The construction involves a double-layered material that acts as a liner and absorbs, wicks and holds menstrual fluid, with another layer that acts as an anti-leakage barrier. The best thing is how thin this protection is – only the thickness of a 10-cent piece.”

The other unique feature of the Matildas jersey is that on the insistence of the players themselves, an inaugural inner pride mark of “For All” as a reflection of the team’s inclusivity has been added to it.

Football Australia’s chief executive, James Johnson, talked about that: “The kit designed for the Matildas represents our diverse and beautiful game and the country that we call home. To see the kits on pitch is going to be such a special and unifying moment for everyone involved in the game – the pioneers of the past … and future generations.”

How much it costs to buy a Matildas jersey?

With a sea of gold and green guaranteed at every stadium the Matildas play during this World Cup we wonder if you've already put your hands on your own Matildas jersey. Nike said that their initial release of 1.2 million Matilda jerseys sold out in less than a month, so they had to produce roughly the same amount to refill the shelves.

If you still haven't got your Matildas jersey there is nothing to worry about as the price has not changed from what it was on the release date to now. For an adult Matildas jersey, one needs to pay AUD 115,00 AUD, while for a kid-size, the price is AUD 100,00.

Where to buy a Matildas jersey?

All sports shop across Australia sell the Matildas jersey, so you can practically buy it from everywhere. Online, the best places to buy them and with guaranteed next-day delivery anywhere across Australia are Football Australia's official online shop ( and Nike's official website (

No matter, if you'll be buying your own Matildas jersey online or from a physical shop the price should and will always be the same.

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