Is Sports Betting & Online Gambling Legal in Canada in 2024?

Is Betting Legal in Canada?

While there were no legal betting sites in Canada for single-event bets prior to 2021, Canadians could legally wager on sports dating back to 1985. The Canadian government legalized sports betting in 1985, 16 years after an amendment of the Canadian Criminal Code gave way for the provincial and federal governments to organize sports-oriented lotteries benefiting nonprofits or charitable causes.

is sports betting legal in canada? where is it legal?

This ushered in the legal parlay betting that’s still available at retail locations in several provinces known by different names – Proline in Atlantic Canadian provinces and Sports Action in British Columbia, for example. Bill C-218, meanwhile, legalized single-event betting, but it’s up to individual provinces to regulate their markets. Some, like Ontario, have chosen to embrace legal online sports betting, opening their market up to top brands like Bet365, BetMGM, and Caesars Sportsbook.

The majority of provinces still haven’t opened their markets to outside competition, instead only offering legal Canadian betting sites via their respective provincial lottery corporations. Canadians in these provinces, however, can still bet legally with the majority of top sportsbooks and online casinos via the grey market. Canadians wagered an estimated $4 billion per year with these grey market offshore sportsbooks prior to the passage of Bill C-218.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Canada?

Yes, it is legal to gamble online in Canada with any platform that has obtained a license to operate in its jurisdiction. This allows many grey sportsbooks to operate in Canada without issue. Ontario remains the exception here, as the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) and iGaming Ontario (iGO) must regulate all legal sportsbooks.

The Canadian government passed Bill C-218 in August 2021 in a decision that was a long time coming to authorize legal sports betting Canada for single-event wagers. The law came into effect on August 27 and the bill received unanimous support from elected officials from all political parties, with the idea that legalizing online sports betting would provide greater player protection and ensure more money stays in the country – prior to the passage of the bill, Canadians spent about $38 million per day at offshore sportsbooks.

Online gambling (sports betting, poker, slots, horse racing, virtual), a subcategory of the overall betting market, often presents some confusion in regard to the question “is betting legal in Canada?” Technically, yes it is legal to gamble online, whether via sports betting or using an online casino, in Canada. However, bettors must wager with the provincial lottery corporation. Ambiguities around the laws for offshore gambling sites also make it legal for Canadians to bet with these sportsbooks and online casinos in what’s known as the “grey market.”

While it’s tough to accurately project the size of the sports betting legal Canada market due to popularity of offshore books which are not required to report revenue, the federal government estimated that Canadians spent about $10 billion per year on single sporting events in offshore jurisdictions before the passage of Bill C-218.

Ontario, the first and only province with an open and regulated iGaming market, took in $545 million in overall gaming revenue in the first quarter of the 2023-24 fiscal year, up from just $162 million the previous year, indicating significant growth. Online casinos and legal Canadian betting sites in the province accounted for 83 percent of the total handle ($11.6 billion) and 72 percent of gaming revenues ($392 million).

A 2024 study published by the International Betting Integrity Association said that Ontario will have a 92 percent onshore sports betting channelization rate (percentage of players playing with legal, regulated bookmakers operating in the province) by the end of 2024. In contrast, the rest of Canada will have a rate of just 11 percent, which according to the IBIA could result in combined taxable gross gambling revenue losses of up to $2 billion by 2028.

Province or Territory
Betting status
Legalization Date
Min. Age
Online Gambling Status



September 2021 (single-game betting, only via Play Alberta)



British Columbia


August 2021 (only via PlayNow)





August 2021



New Brunswick


August 2021



Newfoundland & Labrador


August 2021



Nova Scotia


February 2022





April 2022



Prince Edward Island


August 2021





August 2021





November 2021



Northwest Territories


November 2021





November 2021





November 2021



Provinces and Territories Laws as of July 2024

sports betting in canada, which provinces are legal

Is Sports Betting Legal in Alberta?

After the federal government ruled betting legal in Canada in May 2021, Alberta legalized single-game online betting on September 1, 2021 through Play Alberta, the platform owned and operated by the Alberta Gaming, Liquor, and Cannabis (AGLC). PlayAlberta has both sports betting and an online casino with table games, slots, and jackpots. Similarly, the Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC), which includes three provinces (Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan) and the three territories, began offering single-event betting via Sport Select at retail locations throughout the province on November 1, 2021.

Alberta gambling law is different from other provinces for the question “is sports betting legal in Canada?” Players have to be 19 years of age in most provinces, but retail and online betting markets in Alberta are open and legal to players 18 years and older.

Beyond placing bets at retail locations (convenience stores or gas stations) for Sport Select or using, bettors in Alberta can take advantage of the many grey market sportsbooks that are legal in Canada, including Bet365, Sports Interaction, Stake, and PointsBet.

online sports betting in alberta

Alberta is most likely the next province to introduce a fully regulated and legalized sports betting market with third-party operators. The provincial government announced in December 2021 that it had begun accepting applications from such operators and both PointsBet and BetRivers have expressed interest. In mid-May, the government passed Bill 16, the Red Tape Reduction Statutes Amendment Act, which included a provision that operators other than the AGLC could “conduct and manage” gaming activities.

Alberta Legal Sports Betting Sites

There are many sportsbooks that are legal in Canada but only have official partnerships with Ontario. These, like FanDuel and DraftKings, unfortunately aren’t available to bettors in Alberta. However, players in the province can use authorized grey market sportsbooks like TonyBet, BetWay, 888Sport, and Bet99.

You might also be wondering, “can you use Bet365 in Alberta?” The answer is yes. Bet365 is a regulated and licensed sportsbook that operates legally in all Canadian provinces and has one of the best legal betting apps in Canada. We have an in-depth review of the Bet365 Canada platform for players in Alberta to get a better sense of the sportsbook and its best features.

Is Sports Betting Legal in British Columbia (BC)?

Like the majority of the other Canadian provinces, the question of is sports betting legal in Canada is a little confusing in BC. Ultimately, yes, players in the province can legally wager on single events both online and in-person but only with the British Columbia Lottery Corporation’s (BCLC) PlayNow platform. The legalization of single-event betting has directly benefited the BCLC, resulting in a revenue increase for sports betting from $23.9 million in 2020-21 to $31.6 million in 2022-23. Players wagered more than $170 million on single-event wagers with BCLC in the first year since the passage of Bill C-218.

As per BC gambling law, Gaming Control Act of 2002, players must be at least 19 years old to wager in the province. BC doesn’t have any plans as of yet to open its market to third-party vendors, so the majority of players still play grey market operators like Bet365, Betway, Betsafe, Sports Interaction, and Unibet. Players in BC, however, do not have access to FanDuel or DraftKings sportsbooks. They can participate in these platforms’ daily fantasy games, but both companies only have legal betting sites in Ontario.

The Vancouver Canucks (NHL) are the biggest sports team in British Columbia. Bettors in the province can also wager on legal sports betting Canada local teams like the BC Lions (CFL). Some sportsbooks even offer odds on Western Hockey League (WHL) teams in BC, including the Vancouver Giants and Kamloops Blazers.

BC Legal Sports Betting Sites

Sports Action is the only option for in-person retail betting for the question of is betting legal in Canada in BC., owned and operated by the BCLC, is the largest online sportsbook in Canada and a solid legal betting option for players in British Columbia. It has a decent selection of online casino games relative to many other operators, but the grey market sportsbooks generally have better and more diverse betting markets with competitive odds.

In addition to the aforementioned operators, players in BC can sign up for most of the third-party vendors that didn’t enter the legal Ontario market. These include PowerPlay, BetVictor, LeoVegas, and Pinnacle. We have an up-to-date review on Pinnacle and its welcome bonus and promotions for bettors in BC interested in creating a new account.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Manitoba?

Manitoba began offering single-game sports betting on August 27, 2021, via This remains the only online sportsbook and casino in Manitoba regulated by the provincial government, although Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation (MBLL) CEO Manny Atwal has discussed in the past the need for more online gaming options. Players can also make single-game wagers at retail locations via the WCLC’s Sport Select.

Manitoba gambling law states that players must be 18 years old to wager on sports or online casino games. However, many offshore books have their own sign-up age restrictions, so players in the province should check the specific sportsbook requirements before signing up. The overall Manitoba gaming market, not including offshore legal betting sites in Canada, generates about $150 million in revenue per year; Atwal noted during a 2022 legislative committee hearing that MBLL recognizes it is missing out on lost revenue due to the offshore market.

Mantiboa courthouse, legal betting sites and laws in canada

The Winnipeg Jets (NHL) and Winnipeg Blue Bombers (CFL) are the primary professional sports teams in Manitoba. The province has several renowned university programs, but betting on Canadian university sports isn’t permitted.

Manitoba Legal Sports Betting Sites

Bettors in Manitoba can take advantage of many of the same “rest of Canada” licensed sportsbooks that are available to players in all provinces outside of Ontario. These include Bet365, Bet99, Sports Interaction, and TonyBet. We have a dedicated and up-to-date review on TonyBet for those in Manitoba who are interested in checking out alternative options for legal online sports betting.

Is Sports Betting Legal in New Brunswick?

The answer to the question of is sports betting legal in Canada for New Brunswick is similar to the majority of other provinces. Players need to be at least 19 years of age to legally wager with licensed and regulated bookmakers and online casinos operating in Canada’s grey market. New Brunswickers can also wager online or in-store via Proline, the sports betting game owned and operated by the Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC).

Proline has many of the same betting markets as most other popular sportsbooks in Canada, including Bet365 and Sports Interaction, both of which are also available to bettors in New Brunswick. Proline introduced single-game betting on August 27, 2021. Bettors can purchase tickets at retail locations or visit the Proline Stadium website.

New Brunswick, as one of the smallest provinces in Canada, doesn’t have a professional sports franchise. They do have four QMJHL teams, including the Moncton Wildcats and Acadie-Bathurst Titan. Unibet is one of the few sportsbooks that allows betting on Canadian junior hockey leagues, including the QMJHL.

New Brunswick Legal Sports Betting Sites

There are two casinos in New Brunswick, but neither has a dedicated sportsbook. Thus, those who live in the province can either bet legally with Proline Stadium and take comfort in knowing that all of their spending goes back into the province or use one of the many grey market operators that haven’t entered into the official Ontario betting scene. These include 888Sports, PowerPlay, LeoVegas, and Pinnacle.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Newfoundland and Labrador?

Newfoundland and Labrador’s provincial lottery system is affiliated with the ALC, meaning bettors in the province can also legally wager on single events through Proline. Like New Brunswick, players have to be at least 19 years old to legally wager with Proline or other licensed online betting sites legal in the country.

Newfoundland and Labrador has a population of just over 500,000, but a decent sports betting market with about $11 million in revenue. The province is unlikely to enter into agreements to open its betting market in the near future as Proline has been a success, especially since introducing single-event betting on August 21, 2021. There are no professional sports teams in Newfoundland and Labrador, which recently lost the Newfoundland Growlers ECHL franchise. The province has also been home to other ECHL and AHL teams in the past and has a robust senior hockey league.

Newfoundland and Labrador Legal Sports Betting Sites

Newfoundland and Labrador is no different than other Atlantic Canadian provinces for questions concerning sports betting Canada legal play. Bettors wondering is online betting legal in Canada can sign-up with one of the many operators in the grey market, including Bet365 and Pinnacle. Proline has a decent selection of sports with nearly a dozen markets, but its offerings pale in comparison to what’s available on most of these international operators.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Nova Scotia?

As per Nova Scotia gambling law, players in the province must be at least 19 years of age to register and place wagers with legal online betting sites Canada. However, the only official operator in the province is Proline, owned and operated by the ALC. Nova Scotia was a little late, however, to introduce single-event wager. The ALC launched legal one-event wagers in the other three Atlantic Canadian provinces in August 2021, but didn’t receive permission to do so in Nova Scotia until February 2022.

Nova Scotia has a decent sports scene relative to the other three Atlantic Canadian provinces, with two QMJHL franchises, including the Halifax Mooseheads, the CPL franchise Halifax Wanderers, and others. There has also long been talk that Halifax could eventually have a CFL franchise, although those talks have stalled in recent years.

Nova Scotia Legal Betting Sites

Players in Nova Scotia, for the question of is betting legal in Canada, can use offshore sportsbooks and online casinos like Bet365 and LeoVegas. These have greater diversity in betting markets with more competitive odds and better promotions than the ALC’s Proline and Proline Stadium.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Ontario?

The question of is betting legal in Canada is most complicated for Ontario. Canada’s largest province is the only one to have an open and regulated iGaming market with dozens of third-party sportsbooks and online casinos operating legally while adhering to strict government regulations. This is an important distinction for player protection and security, while also ensuring all revenue made from online gaming stays in the province. As a result, Ontario’s iGaming market registered $17.2 billion in wagers for Q3 2023, a record that was up 21 percent from the previous quarter. The province made more than $650 million in gross gaming revenue during that period.

Bettors in Ontario must be at least 19 years of age to use legal online betting sites in Canada. Since Canada legalized single-event betting in August 2021, Ontario has welcomed more than 60 online gaming companies, including 30 sportsbooks, into its legal betting market. These include DraftKings, FanDuel, BetRivers Ontario, and theScore Bet, all of which are exclusive to players in Ontario. Players can also place wagers via brick and mortar sportsbook locations, including four Great Canadian Sportsbooks. Caesars Sportsbook was the first retail sportsbook in the province to open in January 2023.

ontario sports betting sites safe and legal

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. also has its own online betting platform, known as PROLINE+ and players can make single-event wagers via the Proline platform at convenience stores and gas stations. Ontario has the busiest sports scene for those wondering is online betting legal in Canada – it’s home to a pair of NHL franchises (Toronto Maple Leafs and Ottawa Senators) and the only NBA (Toronto Raptors) and MLB (Toronto Blue Jays) teams in Canada. It also has an MLS franchise (Toronto FC), CFL team (Toronto Argonauts), and multiple junior hockey teams.

Ontario Legal Sports Betting Sites

As mentioned earlier in our discussion of is betting legal in Canada, Ontario has several third-party sportsbooks that are regulated by the provincial government. These are exclusive to players in Ontario and, thus, have unique betting markets and offers, including bonuses and promotions focusing on teams in the province, like the Maple Leafs (NHL) or Blue Jays (MLB). They also all have an accompanying legal Ontario betting app.

Bet365 Ontario, Sports Interaction Ontario, BetVictor Ontario, and PointsBet Ontario are just a few of the legal sportsbooks in the province. Check out our review on the Bet365 Ontario platform for an in-depth review. FanDuel and DraftKings, two of the most well-known companies in the global sports betting market, are the official sports betting partners of the NBA in Canada and have great sign-up bonuses for players in Ontario.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Prince Edward Island?

Players in Prince Edward Island (PEI) have the same options as those in Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick for legal sports betting Canada. The ALC is the regional lottery corporation that manages lottery games, both online and retail, for the four provinces. This means PEI residents can legally make single-event wagers via Proline (retail) or Proline Stadium (online). PEI has two casinos, but neither have affiliated sportsbooks with legal online sports betting.

Online betting has been legal on the island since 2004 and single-event betting has been part of PEI gambling law since August 27, 2021. The province has a population of 173,000 and upward of $2.7 million in sports betting revenue. It doesn’t have a professional sports team, but has a QMJHL team – the Charlottetown Islanders.

Prince Edward Island Legal Sports Betting Sites

Like the rest of non-Ontario provinces for the question of is online sports betting legal in Canada, residents of PEI can use offshore sportsbooks that don’t have official partnerships with Canada’s most populous province. PEI bettors can legally use online operators like Bet365, Sports Interaction, Bet99, and TonyBet.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Quebec?

Quebec has slightly different rules for those in the province wondering is sports betting legal in Canada. According to Quebec gambling law, players must only be 18 years of age – instead of 19 – to legally wager with offshore sportsbooks, which take in the majority of sportsbook and online casino wagers in the province.

There is hope, however, that Quebec could introduce legal online sports betting through regulated, third-party vendors in the near future; a coalition of gaming operators released a study in late 2023 that found that the company GeoComply blocked more than 100,000 attempts from Quebec bettors to access Ontario-regulated sportsbooks since the beginning of the 2023 NFL season. The coalition includes major industry players like DraftKings, FanDuel, Betway, and Bet99, as well as professional sports leagues like MLS and NBA.

Until Quebec makes betting legal in Canada similar to Ontario, players will continue to take advantage of grey market offshore books or use the province’s Mise-o-jeu platform, owned and operated by Loto-Quebec. Players in Quebec can wager via Mise-o-jeu online or at select retail locations.

Quebec Legal Sports Betting Sites

In addition to using the Mise-o-jeu sports betting option for sports betting legal in Canada, players in Quebec can legally access one of the many offshore sportsbooks available to Canadian customers. These include Bet99, PowerPlay, Bet365, and Pinnacle. We have a complete review of the PowerPlay sportsbook for prospective users in Quebec and other provinces outside of Ontario.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Saskatchewan?

Like the majority of other Canadian provinces, Saskatchewan gambling law states that people must be at least 19 years old to gamble, whether via SportSelect at retail locations or, which is for dedicated sports bettors in the Western Canadian. Saskatchewan launched single-game betting in 2022 via the introduction of the PlayNow platform and also announced an exclusive five-year window for legal sports betting Canada for PlayNow. That means players in Saskatchewan shouldn’t expect the likes of BetRivers Ontario or FanDuel Ontario to set up shop in the Wheat Province until at least 2027.

Saskatchewan bettors can also access legal betting sites in Canada like Bet365, Sports Interaction, and Pinnacle. These all have licenses in other international markets and are available for Canadian bettors due to ambiguity in the laws. These, however, account for millions in lost gaming revenue for the province of Saskatchewan, which is home to the Saskatchewan Roughriders (CFL) and several WHL teams, including the Saskatoon Blades.

Saskatchewan Legal Sports Betting Sites

For those in Saskatchewan wondering is sports betting legal in Canada, the answer is yes but only through PlayNow or one of the many offshore sportsbooks available to Canadians outside of Ontario. We have reviews on many of these sportsbooks and online casinos, including Bet99.

Is Sports Betting Legal in the Northwest Territories?

The three territories have differences from the non-Ontario provinces in regard to the question of is online betting legal in Canada. Players in the three territories can only bet via retail locations with Sport Select, overseen by the WCLC. Players can find bet slips in retail locations like convenience stores and gas stations and can make single-event wagers, which became available through Northwest Territories gambling law as of November 1, 2021.

Players must be at least 19 years of age to gamble online in the Northwest Territories. While there’s no open and regulated betting market similar to Ontario, people in the Northwest Territories can still sign up with one of the many grey market offshore sportsbooks and online casinos.

Northwest Territories Legal Sports Betting Sites

Bet365 is one of the many grey market Canadian sportsbooks available to people of at least 19 years old in the Northwest Territories. These licensed operators offer more betting markets and competitive odds than what’s available via Sport Select.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Nunavut?

Similarly, Nunavut is also a WCLC territory where players can only play Sport Select at certain retail locations. Bettors in the region can make single-event wagers as of November 1, 2021 and, while they still can’t place online wagers through Sport Select, they can build their bet tickets online and use the corresponding QR code to pay for those picks in person.

Nunavut Legal Sports Betting Sites

Bettors in Nunavut are better off using one of the many best Canadian sportsbooks that have licenses in other countries. These include Bet365, Sports Interaction, and TonyBet.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Yukon?

The WCLC also regulates all legal betting for Sport Select in Yukon. Players can also prepare bet tickets online, but picks must be submitted and paid in-person at retail locations, including gas stations and convenience stores.

Yukon Legal Sports Betting Sites

Players in Yukon who are at least 19 years of age can use one of the many grey market sportsbooks available to players outside of Ontario wondering is sports betting legal in Canada.

Betting Resources: Safe & Legal Sports Betting Sites to Bet on in Canada


Betano is one of the many licensed sportsbooks strictly available for bettors in Ontario. Approved by the AGCO and licensed by the iGaming Ontario Commission, the Europe-based operator provides Canadian punters with safety and security in addition to unique features such as My Live, SpeedBet, and virtual sports betting. It also has a comprehensive online casino with slots, roulette, poker, and megaways.

Betano also has a decent sports sign-up bonus that doesn’t require a Betano promo code. New users can receive a 100 percent first deposit match up to $500. The operator has other bonuses, including a Refer-a-Friend program through which players can earn up to $500 in bet credits and parlay insurance.

Play now


Bet365 is one of the most popular sportsbooks and online casinos for players in all provinces concerned with the question as to is betting legal in Canada. There’s a designated Bet365 for Ontario residents and new users can use the code 365ONT to receive up to $150 in bonus bets following an initial $5 wager. This is one of the most user-friendly introductory welcome bonuses among all sportsbooks in Canada.

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Players outside of Ontario can also sign up with Bet365 through a different app than the one used by people in Ontario.

Bet365 has a decent casino selection, but excels in its sports offerings. It has an abundance of betting markets, including golf, MMA, tennis, darts, and cricket, along with all of the major sports leagues in North America. It also offers boost and super boosted odds for select events and has free daily fantasy games (Daily Lineups) through which players can earn cash and bonus bets based on their overall standing.

BetMGM Sportsbook

Like Betano, BetMGM was one of the sportsbooks to enter the Ontario market, thus it is not available for people outside of the province. The sportsbook has excellent scores for its mobile app and customer support, as you’ll see in our BetMGM Ontario review. It also has live betting and live streaming.

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Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars is another sportsbook that’s only available to Ontario residents. Caesars has more than 15 sports betting markets, including boxing, cycling, hockey, golf, and football. It also has a daily fantasy component and stands out for its safe and trusted banking options, which include Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and e-check. Caesars is one of the most widely known entertainment corporations in the world, so bettors can rest assured that they’re taken care of when using the sportsbook – there’s 24-7 live chat as well as email and phone support.

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Pinnacle Sportsbook

Pinnacle has been in business for more than 25 years and offers its services to bettors throughout all Canadian provinces minus Ontario. While it lacks in some areas, including customer support and welcome bonuses, it has competitive odds, arbitrage betting, and a variety of in-app and on-site resources, including articles and predictions, a margin and bet calculator, and betting glossary. It also boasts one of the best esports betting markets.

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Betting Resources: Safe & Legal Casino Sites to Bet on in Canada


TonyBet, founded as OmniBet in Estonia in 2003, is a trusted and popular online sportsbook and casino. It’s a decent sportsbook with similar features as those listed above, but boasts one of the best online casinos with a diverse selection of slots and a VIP program that allows players to earn up to $150,000 in bonus funds through a tiered bonus comp points system. Other TonyBet casino bonuses include the $95,000 Mega Spins Tournament and Battle for Treasures slot race.

Sign up with Tonybet

888 Casino

888 Casino has a great user interface with plenty of games, including jackpots, slots, casino games, live casino, and a variety of 888 exclusives. These are delivered by providers like Red Tiger, PlayTech, and NetEnt.

There’s also a loyalty program and an 888 Blog, the latter of which features a variety of guides for people still learning more about online casinos and is sports gambling legal in Canada. Sports bettors can sign-up instead for the 888 Sport platform.

Sign Up at 888Sport Ontario


The BetMGM Ontario app is one of the most popular in the market for online casinos. It is only available for customers in Canada’s largest province, however, as the operator is licensed by the AGCO and an iGaming Ontario partner. There are roughly 1,000 casino games to chose from on the BetMGM Ontario app, which is not surprisingly featured in our best online casino reviews article. There’s a variety of classic slots, Megaways slots, jackpots, and live table games on the BetMGM Ontario app. There’s also a separate BetMGM poker app.



BetVictor is another safe and secure online casino strictly for players in Ontario. The company, which has more than 70 years of history and is among the oldest operating sportsbooks and online casinos in the world, has an impressive reputation along with diverse sports betting markets and more than 1,000 slots and casino games, including favorites like Age of the Gods, Big Bass, and roulette and blackjack.

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Canada Legal Betting FAQ FAQ

One of the biggest benefits Canada has over the United States and other international markets is that taxes from legal gambling winnings are not taxable. However, this applies only if winnings from gambling isn’t your primary source of income. In that case, you would have to report winnings to the CRA.

For the most part, you can tell where a sports betting Canada legal or online casino is licensed by looking at their “about” page or scrolling to the bottom of the home page.

Provincial and territorial governments decide their own governing bodies for sportsbook and online casino gambling licenses.

Yes, players in all Canadian provinces and territories can use online betting sites legal. There are, however, geolocation restrictions that prevent, say, someone from Quebec for signing up for an Ontario-specific sportsbook, i.e. BetMGM Ontario.