OLG Review 2024
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OLG Review 2024

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OLG Review 2024: Is OLG Online Reliable and Safe?

Check out this OLG review for the platform open to Ontario punters. Many key areas discussed within!

OLG review of sports and markets – very diverse

OLG, also known as the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is a new betting platform available in the region of Ontario. The site has been available for a few months at the time of writing. And in a relatively short period of time, the site has built an incredibly diverse online sportsbook. The true quality and scope of this platform will become clear as we work through this OLG review. However, we are kicking off with a review of the sportsbook here, so let’s give you the specifics.

Firstly, OLG has a decent range of sports for punters to bet on. There are around 15 sports in total, and as expected, OLG has chosen to include sports that are popular in Canada. Prime examples of this include the large coverage for sports like hockey, basketball, winter sports (skiing, curling, etc.), American football, soccer, as well as baseball. These tend to be the sports where you can bet on the most events, and also where you get the best odds.

As for the markets, the most popular events, on average, tend to pull in between 50 and 100 betting markets. The exact markets for each event can vary, of course. But mainstream betting options such as moneyline, handicaps, and spreads make a regular appearance.

Before diving into the wonderful OLG, you can check out our best Canadian sportsbooks to compare with OLG and to appreciate how far OLG has come in such a short period of time.

Limits and betting odds at PROLINE+, OLG’s sports betting site

If you wish to place a wager with OLG’s sports betting site PROLINE+, you must be prepared to spend at least $0.1. This is the fixed minimum for pre-game wagers across the entire platform, regardless of what sport you want to bet on. And to be honest with you, this is one of the lowest bet minimums for sports betting that we’ve seen in Ontario. This minimum limit remains in place for pre-game and live betting too – more on the latter will be discussed later!

Limits and betting odds at PROLINE+, OLG’s sports betting site

Then in terms of betting odds, we’ve been fairly pleased with what PROLINE+ provides on the whole. The odds aren’t exactly the most competitive in the Canadian market, yet they are respectable enough. And for the most popular sports such as hockey and football, the odds are rarely below the average seen elsewhere.

Quick OLG review of key site features

We’ve given you an overview of the online sportsbook PROLINE+ available at OLG. However, to really dive into the nuts and bolts, so to speak, concerning how OLG compares with other platforms, we must review the additional features. For that reason, we’ve chosen to extend this OLG review by covering areas like site safety, payment methods, mobile betting, and much more. It’s all covered throughout the remaining information, so do read through each area to expand your knowledge.

Streaming and live betting options

Like many other online sportsbooks in Ontario, PROLINE+ does indeed support live betting. All you have to do is click the ‘live betting’ tab to see what events are available to wager on at that moment in time. And when you do this, the category is split further into live markets and upcoming events. This way, you can take a quick punt on any event that is currently underway. Yet you can also take note of events that are about to begin, therefore preparing yourself to make some live bets when available. If the streaming and live betting sounds appealing to you, this OLG promo code should make things a little better at the start.

Keeping in tune with the focus on sports that Canadians love mainly, PROLINE+ offers live betting for many events played out in Canada and the USA. Because of that, you’ll generally find a better live betting selection for sports like football, baseball, hockey, and basketball when exploring this avenue. Then again, live betting is an option for some of the less followed sports too such as tennis and golf. So as you can hopefully see, the live betting setup is fairly significant at PROLINE+.

Streaming and live betting options

Moving to streaming, PROLINE+ does offer live events, which can be viewed live on desktop and mobile.

Cashing out sports wagers with OLG

Now let’s change the mood from disappointment at the absence of streaming to elation at the inclusion of cashouts. That’s right – PROLINE+ is a betting platform that supports cashouts for many sports bets. We say ‘many’ because PROLINE+ doesn’t actually allow cashouts for every single betting market that they cover. Instead, the platform tends to allow cashouts for the major markets across the board. And don’t worry, you don’t have to guess which markets are covered.

You can already see which markets can be cashed out or not prior to placing your wager. This is indicated by a small dollar sign next to the markets that are eligible. You will see this on the far right of the market in question. So as long as you stick with these markets, you will definitely be able to make use of the cashout tool if things are going well.

With that said, cashouts won’t always be available for you to use, even if you’ve selected a market that is eligible. That’s because PROLINE+ will only create cashout offers if your bet is looking likely to win. This is how the cashout function works at all online sportsbooks. Yet in our experience, PROLINE+ is pretty good at offering generous cashout values. You can execute a cashout with just two taps of the screen too.

Review of the PROLINE+ mobile app

Before we provide a quick PROLINE+ review of the mobile app, we must clear something up. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices right now. Some punters are still concerned that the iOS app isn’t an option. But we can confirm that it certainly is. And this is proven by tapping the link on the homepage labeled as ‘download PROLINE app’. Once you tap this link, you’ll be taken to a page where both the iOS and Android apps can be installed.

Of course, you will tap whichever app suits your respective device to be in business. Once downloaded, you’ll notice the same extensive sports betting selection that the desktop site displays. Not only that, but the app supports other desirable things like live betting, cashouts, deposits, and withdrawals, as well as access to customer support services. Finally, we should state that the app is easy to use.

Review of the PROLINE+ mobile app

You’ve got collapsable menu items for all sports, compact presentations for betting markets, and a well-laid-out bet slip for when you’re ready to pull the trigger. No matter which area of the app or what command you are trying to do, in our experience, the app was particularly speedy too. So all in all, the PROLINE+ mobile app betting experience was more than enjoyable.

How long does OLG withdrawal take

This is a common concern for potential customers surrounding any betting platform, not just OLG. So let us directly address the question to ensure that you leave here with the exact answer. As stated on the OLG site, withdrawals are usually processed within one business day. But you should know that ‘processed’ means something different from the actual transaction going through. All sites have a standard processing period for withdrawal requests. And this is what must be done before withdrawals are approved and then paid out.

So the fact that OLG has just a one-business-day processing period is actually quite impressive. Other sites can take up to 72 hours to process withdrawal requests. However, you must make sure that you’ve verified your account details before initiating a withdrawal. And beyond that, the transaction time following approval is dependent on which method you choose.

On average, your funds should arrive within two to four business days after the withdrawal has been approved by OLG. There are zero withdrawal fees to worry about too, which is always nice.

Is OLG site safe

Considering that OLG is owned and operated by the regulatory body that issues gambling licenses in Ontario, it’s tough to find a safer site. So technically speaking, OLG is a government-owned betting site. That’s why you’ve also got access to things like the Ontario lottery after opening an account too. Not only that, but the site makes use of 256-bit encryption to complete all financial transactions.

OLG review

Is OLG app reliable

Based on our experience with using the PROLINE+ app, we found it to be very reliable, yes. We didn’t encounter any frustrating technical problems, and everything seemed to work as expected. Things like placing a bet, processing a deposit or withdrawal, or flicking between the various products were smooth and seamless. So taking everything into account, it’s fair to say that the app deserves to be listed as reliable. The same goes for the OLG app that's focused on casino gaming.

Ontario Lottery review

You will notice that within the main menu of the OLG platform, there is a direct link to a product known as the Ontario lottery. By tapping this link you will gain access to a wide range of lotteries that operate in Ontario and Canada. Prime examples here include Lotto Max, Lotto 649, Daily Grand, as well as the classics like Pick2, Pick3, and Pick4. Tickets can be purchased with your real money balance, and many of these lotteries offer millions of dollars in cash prizes.

OLG review

OLG casino gaming

Much like the Ontario lottery product discussed above, the casino is another product that you can access after signing up. After tapping the casino tab, you’ll discover around 200 casino games to experiment with. These are spread between several subcategories such as table games, slots, jackpots, and even live dealer games through the live casino link. If you wish to compare it to some other amazing Canadian online casinos, then check out our best online casions review and see how it stack up to the competition.

Final OLG Review – A Fantastic Betting Platform

Given that we’ve taken a look into all important areas of the OLG site, we are comfortable with saying that this is a great betting platform. You’ve got access to a great range of sports, multiple products, as well as top features like cashouts too. So really, when we see such quality with any betting platform, we have to give it the acknowledgment that it deserves.

To conclude, we’d currently award OLG with a 4/5 rating.

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OLG Review 2024 FAQ

Is this site trustworthy compared with other Ontario betting platforms?

Yes. OLG has the necessary rights to offer online betting services in Ontario, and it’s a government-run platform.

Can I sign up with any kind of registration code?

You can, but the code won’t lead to any unique or exclusive rewards.

Where can I see how my bets have performed?

If you are curious about how your bets have performed, you can sign in and visit bet history. This will reveal all of the recent bets that you’ve placed and the result of each wager. You can also check in-play bets to see how any of your live wagers are doing.

Does OLG have a good customer support setup?

Since OLG offers 24/7 customer support services through live chat, we’d say that they offer a fantastic support setup.
What are the top sports I should bet on at OLG? As highlighted in our OLG review of the sportsbook, the main sports here are hockey,
football, soccer, basketball, and baseball.

Does opening an account take a long time?

No. You can sign up through either the desktop or mobile platform in less than five minutes.

How can I complete the verification process?

After you’ve opened your account, you can verify your details by sending two photos. One is of your ID document and the other relates to proof of address.

Are there many deposit options at OLG?

There isn’t a huge range of deposit options, no. But OLG still supports deposits through options like Visa Debit, Visa Credit, Mastercard Debit, Mastercard Credit.