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OLG App Ontario 2024

Available on Android & iOS

ONT only 19+. Please gamble responsibly. For help, visit connexontario.ca or call 1-866-531-2600, or text CONNEX to 247247.
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OLG App 2024: How to Download the App in Ontario

Take a look at our full review of the OLG app before installing and signing up with this terrific betting site.

OLG app download – iOS and Android covered

Most great betting sites make their apps available to install with relative ease these days. Of course, OLG is a site that also follows this principle. In fact, whether you are completing the OLG app download on Android or iOS, you should be able to get it installed within a couple of minutes. That really is how easy it is to get the OLG app ready to rumble on your smartphone or tablet. Here’s what you need to do:


  1. Visit OLG on browser or head to App Store
  2. Find the OLG app
  3. Select install and approve with Apple ID
  4. Open app once downloaded

OLG app


  1. Open Google Play Store or visit OLG on browser
  2. Look for the OLG app
  3. Tap download and Trust APK file
  4. Allow any requested system changes and open app

Despite the fact that there are two different versions of the app based on software, both versions are essentially identical. So regardless of whether you download the iOS or the Android app, you are still promised a great betting experience.

Opening a new account through the OLG app

While downloading the app is obviously a critical part of the process concerning accessing OLG’s products, opening a new account is also incredibly important. That’s because OLG isn’t a site that can be accessed before registration has been completed. And just to clarify, you can only sign up with OLG if you are over the age of 19 and based in Ontario. Assuming you meet both of these legal criteria, you are good to go.

You can initiate the sign-up process by opening the app and tapping ‘sign-up’ in the top-right corner of the interface. On page one, you might see that there is an option to enter an OLG promo code too. You can choose to bypass this or apply the code that's already listed in the form, which only leads to tracking and marketing – it has no special incentives attached to joining. Of course, beyond that, you’ve got standard personal details forms that require things like your name, DOB, and address.

OLG app

All of these details must be verified after registering, so take your time to avoid any errors.

OLG App Main Products and Services in Detail

Even if the app had the best design you’d ever seen, if it didn’t contain great products and services, it obviously wouldn’t appeal too much. Beyond the actual gaming offerings, however, other things that help determine the quality relate to banking, ease of gaming, the user interface, and more. That’s why we’ve covered these important areas below.

Information on lottery games available with the OLG app

When we talk about draw-based games, we are actually talking about the lotteries that this app has available. And since the lottery section is a product in itself, as expected, there is plenty on offer. With 10+ lottery draws available for you to purchase tickets for, there is never a shortage of options. Draws are held on different days of the week depending on the game, spread among the 10+ draws that are listed, of course.

As for the actual draws that you can enter, the OLG app has big hitters like the Daily Grand and Lotto Max. However, it also has several exciting draws that aren’t quite as large. These include lotteries like Ontario 49, Encore, and even Daily Keno – if that’s your sort of thing. And in terms of the prizes, they are rather considerable. After all, these are lottery games.

OLG app

Through lotteries like Lotto Max, the jackpots can grow up to $70 million. However, draws like the Daily Grand actually offer a prize of $1,000 per day for life. With this said, just to avoid any false promises, the chances of sinking such jackpots are pretty low. But as history shows us, winners do happen, and you have to enter to be in with a shot.

OLG app – the gaming catalog explained

If you ever grow tired of lottery gaming or you simply fancy a change of scenery, there’s always the casino to entertain yourself. The app actually has a significant range of games too, with more than 200 currently listed. Once you open the casino, you’ll see subcategories like live dealer, table games, jackpots, slots, and a few others too. And on your first attempt, if you wish to play the most popular games right off the bat, just look for the featured section.

This section updates constantly to reveal the hottest games among OLG members. As for how this range looks right now, titles like White Orchid, 88 Fortunes, Crazy Time, and Mighty Griffin Megaways Jackpot Royale are among fan favorites. We’ve revealed these games as they provide a nice mix of slots and jackpot games. But of course, there are many others for you to investigate when you get a chance.

Process of playing games through the OLG app

Given that OLG is a licensed site that supports real money play, you’ll need to deposit funds before playing any games. This is the case if you are downloading the app with the intention of playing with real funds. However, many casino games can indeed be played in ‘demo mode’ if you are interested. But coming back to real money gaming now, it’s actually very simple to get involved.

Say you wanted to play a casino game on the app, you’d select it to load the title, first and foremost. From here, you can use the in-game controls to set your wager and kick things off. There’s nothing more to it. And since the casino games are all instant play titles, you will see whether you win anything or come up short immediately. This is somewhat different from the lottery draws.

OLG app

For these, tickets are purchased in advance of the draw being held. And only when the draw has been held and winning numbers have been chosen will you see whether any payouts have been awarded to you.

Funding your OLG account

When you are signed in to your OLG account, you are in a position to add funds whenever you like. This action is done by hitting the deposit link and choosing an appropriate payment method. On that note, OLG has a small but respectable selection of deposit methods including Visa Debit, Visa Credit, MasterCard Debit, and MasterCard Credit. There is a $15 minimum transaction value in place across the board.

How to use free play on OLG app

Free play is a pretty exciting feature of the OLG mobile app that is specific to lottery draws. For many of the lottery draws supported on the app, you can get a free ticket for the next draw by matching a set amount of numbers. You don’t have to check this either – it’s all done automatically.

Top features of the OLG app

There are several things that make the OLG app a great platform to use. However, these features really help to raise the bar

Progressive jackpot games

The app is home to many fantastic jackpot games. Yet when you explore the progressives, it’s staggering to see that payouts in the six and seven-figure regions are possible.

Multiple products

Our second greatest feature has been staring you in the face throughout this review. Of course, the app itself hosts several top products under one roof. So you can flick between all of them through the same platform.

Satisfactory user experience when engaging with the OLG app

OLG has channeled its efforts into developing an app that is diverse and user-friendly, clearly. Each of the products and subsections of the app is well laid out. And when you perform commands or move through the various menu items, the app performs extremely well.

OLG app final thoughts – great all-around platform

Since the app is speedy, inclusive, and simple to navigate through, we feel it deserves a positive ending for our review. So to clarify, we would be more than happy to use this app again. And once you’ve signed up and given it a try, you will probably feel the same way.

For more details, check out our OLG review.

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