Five Best Canadian Soccer Players of All Time

Canada doesn’t rank highly among the world’s most famous soccer countries. However, the country has produced top talents in the sport who have gone ahead to conquer the world stage, both home and abroad. And for a football novice, the big question is who are the best Canadian soccer players of all time?
It is a question that a critical analysis of some of the greatest names in the sports industry. By and large, Canada is known for hockey and basketball. However, the nation boasts of being the home to many athletes with diversified talents. For instance, football fans know that Canada is home to some of the fine skills in sports. This pool of talents is one of the reasons for the growth of the popularity of soccer among Canadians. The following are some of the sportsmen who have made Canada a pinnacle as far as soccer is concerned:

Owen Hargreaves

True soccer fans who enjoyed the game between 1999 and 2012 will acknowledge that Owen was indeed one of the best players the world ever had. Owen practised his art for England till most people thought he was an England professional player. However, the truth is that Hargreaves was born in Calgary, Canada. The midfield maestro had a remarkable career in the early years of the 21st century. He won the Premier League and the Champions League with Manchester United as a mid-fielder. He also played for Bayern Munich and won several trophies to become one of the famous Canadian soccer players who made it on the international scene.

Julian De Guzman

Who refutes the contention that Guzman is among the best Canadian soccer players of all time? Very few critics will do that. Until now, Guzman boasts of being a legend because he is the player with the highest number of appearances for Canada. He made 89 appearances for his country during his football career. Canadian football fans also remember him as the first-ever professional player from Canada to grace the Laliga fields. Guzman still remains in the history books of Depotivo La coruna club. He began playing as a u-20 star and graduated to the senior category. He won the CONCACAF Gold Cup Most Valuable Player by claiming the Canadian Player of the Year Award in 2008 and 2007. After quitting football, he took a managerial position at the Ottawa Fury FC between 2017 and 2019.

Scott Arfield

Scott Arfield commenced his footballing career abroad. He played for Scotland u-21 national team before making his debut with the Canadian senior team. His prowess is seen in the field even at a mature age as he is part of the team determined to stop the Celtics domination of the Scottish Premiership with Rangers. He is such a versatile player that you can field him in a different position to deliver the desired results. He can play in the deep-six position; plays wide on the flanks or centrally as a creative midfielder. Fortunately, if the strikers are not in good shape to play, Scott Arfield can step up and play as a point man for the team. He made 49 appearances in the Premier League. His determination could be seen when his team (Burnley) was relegated but remained steadfast until they returned to the top-tier division. At Rangers, he made over 90 appearances and scored over 20 goals. Scott Arfield will remain as one of the best Canadian soccer players who played beyond 30 years for the national team.

Craig Forrest

Few people recognize the contribution of the shot-stopper in soccer. One can be surprised if you mention Craig Forrest among the best Canadian soccer players of all time. However, anybody who remembers what Forrest did in 2000 will not refute that he is indeed one of the best soccer talents that Canada has ever produced. What made him among the famous Canadian soccer players is when he saved two penalty kicks and led the nation to the 2000 CONCAFA Gold Cup. The organization crowned Craig Canada's most valuable player in the same year. In 1994 and 2000, he won the Canadian Player of the year award. The Canadian international made his name known among the best in the world when he signed with clubs in one of the most popular leagues in the world-the English Premier League. He served at Ipswich, Chelsea, and West Ham United in the Premier League.

Alphonso Davies

Alphonso Davies has not become one of the most famous Canadian soccer players for being the first Canadian player to become an ambassador for the United Nations refugee charity. He is famous for his ability to superbly handle the ball by giving it the delicate touch needed at the flanks. The Canada-born international currently plays for Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga and the Canada senior men’s team. Davies started playing at a tender age. He has made appearances in one of the most-sought after tournaments-the champions League. Very few people have won the Champions League at a tender age as did Davies. He played a big part in helping Beryern to beat PSG in the Champions League final. The young player has a promising future in football. Bayern fans will remember the contribution of this Canadian. Canadian football lovers will remember that Davies received the highest number of votes for Canadian Player of the Year. Christine Sinclair held this record before.


Canada has produced some of the most talented soccer players the world has ever known. One notable aspect of these players for them to be termed the best Canadian soccer players of alltime is that they must contribute something unique to their teams. Individual success is valued when it assists the team move an inch better. Even talented players who practice their talent abroad have time to go back to their nations and serve with the highest degree of patriotism. Only those who remember their home countries become famous Canadian soccer players. However, individuals who leave their countries and acquire citizenship elsewhere are seldom regarded as legends in their countries of origin.

Zack is a longtime football fan, writer, and bettor. He also has experience playing and coaching the game of football at a local level. His interest in the MLS, Liga MX and the Canadian Premier League adds a new dimension to the content we have at FootballWhispers.