What is a Canadian Bet and how does it work?

A Canadian bet is a complex form of multiple bet where the punter picks five options that culminate into twenty-six stand-alone bet elements. It takes the form of a Yankee bet or the Lucky 15 that involves 11 or 15 bets respectively out of four selections. However, this type of bet widens the selection to five fields to generate twenty-six options. Because this bet is complicated, bettors must be informed about the events they intend to include in the bet slip. Moreover, you need to be familiar with the specific markets in the bookmakers and the individual players before participating in this type of betting. Horse racing players fancy Canadian bet. However, bookmakers feature other events from which punters can make their selections. Before we really break down what a Canadian bet is, if you are looking for sportsbooks to place that Canadian bet, check out the best Canadian sportsbooks and see which one is the most appealing.

What is a Canadian bet?

Novices, as well as experts, often ask the question, “What is a Canadian bet?” To answer that question, we must break down the complex nature of the bet. To get started, a punter places 26 equal bets selected across five separate events thusly; ten doubles, ten trebles, five as a four-fold bet, and the last one will be five-fold. The type of bet requires a minimum of two selections to be successful for the punter to obtain a return.

When Should I go for this type of Bet?

The best time to go for this bet is when you stand to get the highest payout. You can find value in it by adopting the handicap betting format or making use of the available information just in time before a match kicks off. The bet gives value to punters if they place bets as soon as the bookmakers release the lines. Bookmakers make the lines available six or seven days earlier for football events. On the contrary, bookmakers make lines available less than a day before the games commence.

What is a Canadian bet in soccer?

Most sportsbooks change betting lines depending on what most people place their bets. Bookmakers use this strategy to balance the odds in their sportsbooks rather than predict the outcome of an event. Canadian bettors who fancy the handicap market know that pre-match betting has better rewards.

Another strategy for getting value from it is to place a bet before the events commence. You can rely on a robust handicapping system that uses vast data to place value bets. This strategy is complex and requires the right software to beat the bookies. Punters use critical information from the football clubs to place their wagers. MLB and NBA betting may not take advantage of this strategy because the line-ups come soon before the matches begin.

You can enjoy Canadian bet when you adopt the in-game strategy. In-game betting permits punters to ascertain the mood in the team and how individual players feel in a game before placing a bet. NBA games are one of the platforms that offer punters a practical opportunity to enjoy this type of betting. For example, you can bet on an NBA team to lead and proceed to the half-time break. In the second half, the opposite team gains the lead and eventually wins the clash. In this case, punters take advantage of the first half to place a handicap bet.

How do you calculate the payout?

If someone asks the question, what is a Canadian bet, the assumption is always that he or she doesn’t how to calculate the payout in this type of bet. Thus, you should follow the steps below to calculate the possible payout from the bet.

  • Convert the bookmakers’ odds into decimal odds.
  • Multiply all the odds that you have selected together.
  • Multiply the product of the odds by your stake to get the possible returns.

Advantages and disadvantages of Canadian bet

It comes with its merits and demerits hence any punter should conduct a cost-benefit analysis before committing to a Canadian bet. Here are some merits and demerits of the bet.


  • This type of bet gives a punter the chance to bet on the Super Yankee where all elements are assigned similar muscles to determine the direction of the outcome.
  • With it, the punter has the chance to get a return even if he misses on two or three bets. This reason is why people prefer a Canadian Bet over an accumulator bet.
  • You can place an each-way Canadian to get returns from the selections you will include in your bet slip and higher returns when all bets go through.

What is a Canadian bet?


  • Punters claim that this bet is seldom flexible. That rigidity implies that a punter does not have the chance to determine the number of funds for each selection in the bet slip. All bets will have the same stake. A punter does not have the freedom to allocate specific funds for his bets.
  • It involves a tedious and complex process that may confuse an amateur. You need lots of information to place a successful bet if you are new to the field.
  • The bet requires the punter to make selections from five events. The system forces the punter to delve into games where he had no interest to reach the minimum number of options.
  • You may not get the entertainment associated with actual betting if the computer selects the markets for you. Most people prefer a betting type that allows them to hand-pick their choices instead of letting the in-built software do the job for them.
  • Canadian betting makes the process of cashing out funds difficult. Unlike other types of betting, this type of bet may not allow you to cash out funds after an event has kicked off.


A Canadian bet has brought another set of thrills to the gaming industry. Punters now reduce the risks associated with multiple betting where a single selection results in total loss of the stake. However, you need to understand how it works to place a bet correctly. You can do this easily by searching for the answer to the question, “What is a Canadian bet?”Note that there are many articles on the web that shed light on the topic of Canadian bets, so always research well before placing the bet.

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