Super Bowl LV 2021 (KC Chiefs vs TB Buccaneers) free betting picks: Our Predictions

super bowl 2021

This year’ NFL playoffs are unlike any other playoffs we remember in recent history mainly because the New England Patriots are not in them. All joking aside, many people suggest that the Patriots’ absence has made the tournament a tad more interesting this year.

The Divisional Round is in the books and now we got our ‘’Final 4’’. Time for some Super Bowl betting. The AFC will have two young quarterbacks against one another (given that Patrick Mahomes clears concussion protocol by Sunday evening). In the NFC, we will watch another exciting game between experienced (and that’s putting it mildly) quarterbacks. Having Brady play Aaron Rodgers in the playoffs can be topped only by watching them play in the Super Bowl. Alas, this is highly unlikely to happen in the future as it looks like one of them will retire before moving to an AFC team.

So let’s see what we can bet when it comes to the Super Bowl. Who will win, who will lose? Let’s see our expert predictions for the NFL big final:

The current outright odds and our tips on Super Bowl LV


Sunday, February 7, 2021
Teams Point Spread % Handle % Bets Total Points % Handle % Bets Moneyline % Handle
KC Chiefs -3 78% 72% Over 56.5 76% 75% -162 50%
TB Buccaneers +3 22% 28% Under 56.5 24% 25% +143 50%
Provided by DraftKings Sportsbook
Superbowl tips KC Chiefs vs TB Buccaneers Selection and odds Bet here
Match Result TB Buccaneers to win @+143 Add to betslip
Spread TB Buccaneers + 3 @-103 Add to betslip
First Offensive play from scrimmage will be Pass @-143 Add to betslip

Obviously, these odds are subject to change but we really like what we see here as there’s plenty of value. The only team of the four, we do not expect to really win the Super Bowl is the Buffalo Bills. Actually, not that we don’t expect them to, but the value that we get at 3/1 if we bet them is not all that great.

If Buffalo’s chances are equal to the ones of Tampa Bay, we’d rather bet Brady and his friends to win at 4/1.

Is Outright betting popular for the NFL?

Outright bets are exceptionally popular in the USA. People love betting money on who will make the playoffs, who will win the division, who will win the MVP trophy and so on. All of these wagers are available during the season but when the playoffs arrive, most bookies take the offers down as the conditions start changing rapidly.

What are some other kinds of bets we can place on the NFL and the Super Bowl in particular?

Ah, in addition to your regular match bets, you can place a wager on all sorts of props on Super Bowl LV. Some of the goofiest ones are:

  • How long will the performance of the national anthem be
  • Will the jersey number of the player who scores the first touchdown in the match be odd or even?
  • What will be the color of the ‘’Gatorade shower’’ that the winning coach gets?
  • How many times the camera will show Rodger Goddell?
  • What will the first commercial be?

Where can I bet Super Bowl 2021 and who offers good odds?

We do recommend the Draftkings promos to place bets on the Super Bowl if you are located in one of the US eligible states

Here are our top picks when it comes to UK bookmakers:

Bet365 – definitely one of the leading bookies at least in Europe. They will not offer you the craziest Super Bowl props, but you will still have a variety of wagers at your disposal. Bet365 boasts quick settlements and quick updates of their odds.

Ladbrokes – online operator will shower you will with player and game props during Super Bowl LV. You can be 100% certain that your money will be paid out immediately after the outcome of a wager is known.

William Hill – this is an online bookmaker with strong traditions in the UK and the USA alike. They are typically big on Super Bowl betting and you can count on being able to wager on the national anthem, coin toss and many more.

Why did we decide to go with the top 3 NFL Super Bowl LV predictions that we shared above?

There are a couple of reasons for the three best value bets we gave away earlier. First of all, if you bet even money on all three of them, if any of the three teams among the Chiefs, the packers or the Buccaneers win, you will break even at worst.

Furthermore, we think the Buffalo Bills aren’t really there yet. Their win against the Ravens was not lucky but it wasn’t impressive either. Lamar Jackson went out of the game at the most important time so we suspect the outcome may have been different.

The Packers looked like the most well-prepared team during Divisional Round weekend. Then, Andy Reid managed to pretty much beat the Browns on his own – only with good coaching. The Buccaneers displayed their fantastic defensive pressure with 4 forced turnovers in the match versus the Saints.

This was enough for us to decide that the Bills are the most unlikely Super Bowl winner of the four.