How to Bet on 2023 World Cup Explained: USMNT Betting Guide

It is almost about time for the most prestigious tournament in the world – The FIFA World Cup 2022. This year comes with many firsts, with one of them being that this is the first time a Middle-Eastern country will be hosting the World Cup.

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This article is tailored to serve as an information resource for everything you should know about World Cup betting ahead of the 2022 edition in Qatar.

World Cup Betting: Betting Terms Explained

As they say, knowledge is power. A key part of navigating World Cup betting is knowing what the key terms mean. If you are just finding your way with World Cup betting or even betting in general, not to worry, we will be treating you to all the information needed.

While we can’t cover all betting terms, here are some of the terms you should be familiar with as someone indulging in USMNT World Cup betting. A host of World Cup betting tips are already out on the market in good numbers but here are the most common options to have in mind before you make your predictions.


This is a combination of three terms and is the most popular betting option you can find when sampling World Cup odds. The “1” here implies that you are betting on the home team winning. The “X” implies you are betting on the game ending in a draw. The “2” option means you are betting on the away team winning.

Double Chance

This is a bet option that is common among those who aren’t so sure about a winning outcome. There are three ways to go about double chance World Cup betting. One way is to bet on 1X, which means the home team will win or draw.

Another way to go about it is to bet 2X, which means the away team will win or draw. The last way to go about it is 12, which means you are betting on any of the teams to win.


Over or Under Betting is a betting type that focuses mainly on goals as opposed to win outcomes. When you bet Over, it means the number of goals in the game should be up to a number or exceed it. When you bet on Under, it means you are betting that the number of goals should be at an exact number or below it. For example, betting on a game Over 1.5, means you are saying the game should end with two goals or more. Betting another game Under 1.5 means the number of goals should be below two goals. There are usually more Over/Under options represented in different sportsbooks. Those options include Over/Under 0.5, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5, 5.5 and 6.5.

Goal/ No Goal

This is another interesting form of betting that doesn’t focus on the winning outcome also but on goals. The Goal Goal option implies that you are betting on both teams to score. The No Goal option means that you are betting on the possibility of one team winning with a reply for the other team. This betting option is a staple among sportsbooks offering World Cup betting odds.

Handicap Betting

This is a unique betting format where you are essentially giving one team an advantage over the other. For this betting type, it is not strange to find the odds represented as Team A (-1) or Team A (+1).

The minus sign implies that team A will start that game with one goal down, yet expected to win. On the contrary, the plus sign means that team A will be one goal ahead, yet favored to win. Like with Over/Under betting, there is a wide variation of this betting type.


This is another betting option that you are likely to encounter among sportsbooks offering World Cup betting. This one is relatively self-explanatory. In this case, you are betting on what the corner outcomes will be at the end of the match. There are two ways to go about corner betting – betting on individual team corners or betting on total match corners. It is commonplace to find the World Cup odds for corners represented as Over/Under 6.5. 7.5, 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, 11.5, 12.5, 13.5, 14.5, 15.5, and 16.5.


This is one betting option that is relatively new in the betting scene but widely available among sportsbooks offering World Cup betting odds. In this case, you are betting on the player you think will score a goal in the game. For this World Cup odds, you will likely find it represented with all the players listed.


This is a unique betting option where you are betting on which team will win at Halftime and full-time. For most sportsbooks, you will find it represented in the following ways 1/1, X/1,1/X, X/X, 1/2, 2/1, X/2, 2/X. Those are all possible Halftime/Fulltime options. If you bet on 1/1 for instance, this means you are betting on the possibility of the Home team winning at Halftime and full-time. On the other hand, if you bet on say 1/2, this implies you are betting on the possibility that the Home team will win in First Half and the Away team will do a comeback.

Draw No Bet

This is a stylish yet safer way of betting on a team winning, however with a caveat. If you bet on a team draw no bet, this means you are saying if the team ends up playing a draw, that game will not be counted in the ticket.

This means that your ticket survives if that team draws, but the game will not be counted towards the expected winning. On the flip side, if the game ends with the team losing, you have lost the ticket entirely. In some cases where that bet is the only one in your betslip and the team draws, you will be refunded your stake.

Correct Score

In your journey indulging in World Cup betting, this is one betting option you are likely to encounter. In this case, you are betting on what the final scoreline will be for this game. The sportsbook will draw out different possible score lines and your job is to bet on what is most likely for you.

world cup betting


This is a very unique betting time where you are betting on two or more outcomes to play out. Because this option is more difficult to play out, it explains why the odds are relatively higher. Here are some of the combo options you will find at bookies where you can indulge in World Cup betting:

  • GG & Over
  • GG & Under
  • NG & Over
  • NG & Under
  • Double Chance & Over
  • 12 & Under
  • 1 & Over
  • 1 & Under
  • 2 & Over
  • 2 & Under
  • And so much more.

First Team to Score

This option explains itself. In this case, you are simply just betting on the team you think will first score a goal in the game.

Highest Scoring Half

For this particular option, you are simply just betting on the half that will have the most goals. If you bet on the Second Half, it invariably means that the Second Half has to record more goals for that bet to come through.

Cards (Over/Under)

For this betting type, you are basically just betting on the number of cards that will be booked in a game. If you bet on Over 1.5 Cards, for instance, this means there has to be a minimum of two cards booked in the game. You can also apply that inversely for the Under 1.5 Cards option.


This is one betting type that is often popular among those who love long-term betting. It is one of the World Cup betting odds that can be explored. This type of bet mostly revolves around the possibility of one outcome happening at the end of a tournament but not just at the end of a game. For example, betting on the USMNT odds to win the World Cup is a future option.

2022 World Cup Odds

In this section, we will take a look at the main World Cup odds, especially for futures betting. Here are the popular futures bet you will find on the major sportsbooks offering odds on the tournament.

World Cup Winner Odds

This is easily the most popular odds for futures you can possibly bet on at different sportsbooks. This option comes in handy when you are looking to bet on World Cup predictions regarding who will win the World Cup. For a majority of the sportsbooks offering World Cup betting odds on this competition, Brazil is widely rated as a favorite with odds to win the world cup. France comes in at a close second, being the defending champions.

The United States will not rank anywhere close to the top favorites but you can count on them as one of the top dark horses with odds to win the World Cup 2022.

2022 World Cup Round of 16 odds

The first knockout stage features some mouthwatering matchups and valuable lines for certain games. The following section will highlight some of the best Round of 16 odds and contests to bet on. Later in the article, we will provide USA vs Netherlands betting tips.

England vs. Senegal (England @ -180) (Unibet)

The Three Lions (2-0-1) scored the most goals (nine) in the entire group stage along with Spain. Gareth Southgate’s team won group B and capped off the first round with a 3-0 win over Wales on Tuesday.

The EURO 2020 finalists seem to have found form after a lackluster UEFA Nations League performance. After a 0-0 draw with the United States, Gareth Southgate made young star Phil Foden a starter. The Manchester City winger answered the call and scored a brace against the Welsh.

Senegal managed to escape Group A after beating Ecuador 2-1. Against more quality competition such as the Netherlands, the African nation fell 2-0.

It’s to be decided whether “It’s coming home” but England has the most expensive squad in the World Cup and should be able to beat Senegal in regulation time. Unibet is offering -180 odds for the red and white to win straight up.

France vs. Poland (France over 1.5 goals @ -190)(BetRivers)

The French (2-1-0) have put together one of the best resumes in the World Cup so far. A 4-1 win against Australia followed by a 2-1 victory over FIFA’s 10th-ranked Denmark shows how strong Les Bleus are.

The 1-0 loss against Tunisia doesn’t look good but is not too meaningful because manager Didier Deschamps fielded a starting XI filled with substitutes. Nine of France’s 11 starters didn’t kick off the match.

Despite the Polish (1-1-1) recording two clean sheets, the team has been outshot in all three matches thus far. The stats below show its opponents' shots


Mexico (11-6)

Saudi Arabia (16-9)

Argentina (23-4)

Czesław Michniewicz’s side has only recorded five total shots targets through 270 minutes.

France’s talented attack featuring the joint-leading scorer (three) of the tournament, Kylian Mbappe, along with Antoine Griezmann and Ousmane Dembele should put at least two past the Central European nation.

BetRivers is offering some of the best Round of 16 odds for France to score more than 1.5 goals (-190). Another valuable line on the site that is less safe is France -1.5 at -103.

Japan vs. Croatia (Croatia to advance @ -180) (DraftKings)

The 2018 World Cup silver medallists will attempt to make another deep run in the tournament. Croatia (1-0-2) survived against Belgium (0-0) to finish Group F in second place with five points.

The Vatreni’s best display came in its 4-1 mauling of Canada. Japan shocked the planet with two, 2-1 triumphs, over powerhouses Germany and Spain to top the “group of death” (E) with six points.

Zlatko Dalic’s Croatia is led by 2018 Ballon D’ Or winner Luka Modric (Real Madrid) and dynamic winger Ivan Perisic (Tottenham). Josko Gvardiol and the team’s backline have only conceded once over the course of three matches. The Leipzig center-back has arguably been the best defender of the World Cup.

The Samurai Blue did falter in a concerning 1-0 loss to Costa Rica. Hajime Moriyasu’s men were dominated in shots, possession and passes against Germany and Spain. They’ve been a little fortunate to garner such positive results.

Germany vs. Japan

Shots: (26-12)

Shots on target: (9-4)

Possession (%): (74-26)

Passes: 771-269

Spain vs. Japan

Shots: (12-6)

Shots on target: (5-3)

Possession (%): (83-17)

Passes: 1,058-228

It’ll be hard to earn a third positive result against FIFA’s 12th-ranked nation. DraftKings Sportsbook is offering -180 odds for the Croats to advance.

Golden Boot Winner Odds

This is also one option that you are very likely to find among most of the sportsbooks offering odds on the World Cup. If your World Cup predictions are based on betting on who you think will score the most goals in the competition, then this is where to tilt towards.

Player of the Tournament Odds

If on the other hand your World Cup predictions are based on who you think will be the player of the tournament, this is the category to watch out for. Not all of the major sportsbooks have this option. However, it is relatively common compared to some other future World Cup betting options.

To Qualify for the Final Odds

In the event that you are not so sure about who will win the competition, this is one of the World Cup predictions that serve as a safer alternative. In this case, your bet is simply just tied to the team reaching the finals whether they win it or not. As expected, the World Cup odds for this option are relatively lower than when betting on the winner.

Where to Bet on the USMNT in the 2022 World Cup?

If you are looking for the right sportsbooks to place your USMNT predictions, look no further. Here we will be taking a comprehensive look at the top-rated sportsbooks to place your World Cup predictions.

Caesars Sportsbook

world cup betting

This is one sportsbook that has earned its spot at the upper positions in the pecking order as far as the betting industry goes. This sportsbook has been making conscious efforts as regard providing mouthwatering USMNT World Cup betting odds. Asides from providing attractive odds to win the World Cup and others, the sportsbook also makes provision for certain bonuses. Currently, the platform has a welcome bonus offer of Up To $1,250 On Caesars + 1000 Tier Credits + 1000 Reward Credits® that can be explored for USMNT World Cup betting odds.

Bet on the world cup with caesars

BetMGM Sportsbook

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It is almost impossible to discuss the top-tier betting companies in the U.S without the mention of this name. BetMGM has so far built a rock-solid reputation and keeps exceeding expectations with the quality of betting service that’s offered. The sportsbook even takes it up a notch in its specific offerings in view of the World Cup. Asides from providing attractive odds to win the World Cup, the platform also shines through with its bonus offers. With the impressive interface of the site and array of World Cup odds, you are set up for an enjoyable betting experience on this site.

bet here with BetMGM

DraftKings Sportsbook

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This is one sportsbook that speaks class. This is reflected in the quality of the user interface and even the range of services offered. The platform also makes a commendable effort in providing a vast range of betting markets that bettors can sample. The sportsbook further augments things by providing an impressive range of bonus offers to make things even more exciting. With this broad range of bonus offers to wait to be enjoyed, you are set up to make the most out of your stakes.

bet on the world cup with DraftKings

FanDuel Sportsbook

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This brand which is the leading company in the fantasy industry makes for an even better competitor in the football betting markets as well. This site is every bettor's dream, scoring high points in every area of concern for bettors. For a top-rated sportsbook like this one, it is not out of place that World Cup odds are already mapped out. Like the other sportsbooks discussed so far, the betting platform also provides a fleet of bonus offers. These bonus offers can be instrumental for betting on your preferred World Cup predictions.

bet on the world cup with Fanduel

BetRivers Sportsbook

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While BetRivers doesn’t essentially compare to the others in standards, it is one sportsbook that shouldn't be underrated regardless. As the World Cup season draws to a close, this sportsbook has been making efforts toward ensuring bettors have an array of options to bet on. On the site currently, there are not just futures options but also regular options per game. As regards promotions, this sportsbook is not found lacking. The sportsbook makes an effort to ensure there are promotional offers to be sampled for both new and existing users.

bet on the world cup with Betrivers


world cup betting

This sportsbook is easily one of the fastest-growing sportsbooks in the United States. In such a period of penetrating the sports betting markets, the platform has proven to be worth being placed at the higher pecking order. As this season is currently buzzing with anticipation for the World Cup, PointsBet has made provisions for a variety of odds. The platform also takes it further by adding up new promotional offers that can be sampled in view of the World Cup. This platform has proven to be one sure place to apply your World Cup betting tips.

bet on the world cup with Pointsbet

The USMNT Preview for the World Cup

Round of 16: USA vs Netherlands betting tips and preview

At the inaugural World Cup (13 participants) in 1930, the United States finished in third place. Since then, the national team has only reached the quarterfinals once in 2002.

It’ll be a tough test against a Netherlands team that won group A and only surrendered one goal. FIFA has the Netherlands at No. 8 in the world compared to the USA (16th).

Netherlands results

2-0 vs. Senegal

1-1 vs. Ecuador

2-0 vs. Qatar

The United States finished second in Group B, five points behind England (seven). Gregg Berhalter’s squad recorded its best result in its 1-1 draw with the Three Lions and actually outshot them 10-8.

USA results

1-1 vs. Wales

0-0 vs. England

1-0 vs. Iran

Entering the tournament USA's World Cup odds were 100-1 to lift the trophy. After the group stage, the odds remain the same on most sportsbooks.

America's defense is statistically the best in terms of conceding non-penalty goals through 270 minutes. Berhalter’s side is the only team in the tournament to not concede a goal in open play.

Most of the USA’s players call Europe their home for club football. Only nine of the 26 are members of the MLS.

The most renowned player on the team is winger Christian Pulisic. The 24-year-old bagged the winner against Iran and has found the back of the net 22 times in 55 caps for his country.

Pulisic won the Champions League with Chelsea in 2020 and made a name for himself at Borussia Dortmund (2016-2019). The Hershey, Pennsylvania native suffered a pelvic contusion against Iran but has been medically cleared for Saturday.

The midfield is anchored by captain Tyler Adams (Leeds United) and midfielder Weston McKennie (Juventus).

Other U.S. notables by position:

Goalkeeper: Matt Turner (Arsenal)

Defenders: Sergiño Dest, (A.C. Milan) Tim Ream, (Fulham) Antonee Robinson (Fulham)

Midfielders: Brendan Aaronson, (Leeds United) Yunus Musah (Valencia)

Forwards: Josh Sargent, (Norwich City) Timothy Weah, (Lille) Giovanni Reyna (Borrusia Dortmund)

Sargent is considered questionable for the contest due to injury. Many pundits have questioned Berhalter’s decision to not give Reyna significant minutes. The 20-year-old winger has scored four goals in 15 caps with the national team and eight goals in 67 appearances for the German giants.

Louis Van Gaal’s side boasts a plethora of talent in plenty of positions. The side is captained by Liverpool center-back Virgil Van Dijk. Striker Cody Gakpo is the joint-leading scorer of the World Cup with three goals and has scored in every outing.

Other Netherlands notables by position:

Goalkeeper: Andries Noppert (Heerenveen)

Defenders: Denzel Dumfries, (Inter Milan) Nathan Ake, (Manchester City) Jurrien Timber, (Ajax) Daley Blind (Ajax)

Midfielders: Frenkie de Jong, (Barcelona) Davy Klaassen, (Ajax) Steven Berghuis (Ajax)

Forwards: Memphis Depay, (Barcelona) Steven Bergwijn (Ajax)

The USA vs Netherlands betting odds on DraftKings has the Dutch as -100 favorites on the moneyline compared to the Americans (+320). In terms of Round of 16 odds to advance, the Oranje hold a -200 edge over the Stars and Stripes (+165).

At Football Whispers, we believe this contest will come down to the wire. DraftKings is offering -120 odds for the USA to cover a +0.5-goal spread in regular time.


Can bookmaker odds vary?

Yes. In most cases, the odds offered by one site are always different from the odds offered by another. This is because each bookmaker uses different metrics to come to the conclusion as to what their odds will be. However, one thing that is constant is that the odds usually fall within a certain range.

What are the top World Cup betting tips to apply?

Here are a few World Cup betting tips you apply to give yourself an edge with your World Cup betting predictions:

  • Review head-to-head information
  • Follow up on the lineups before making your picks
  • Observe each team’s last five games records to help understand their form
  • When there are no strong favorites in a game, goal options are the best options to play
  • Have a budget and stick to it.

Can I cash out my bet?

Yes. The vast range of sportsbooks in the U.S offer the cashout option. This feature allows you to be able to receive a partial payout of expected winnings from a betslip.

What is the minimum bet amount for most sportsbooks?

There is no fixed bet amount for all sportsbooks. The amount is said to vary from one sportsbook to another. To get the right figure, you will need to visit the site and navigate to the FAQ section to get the right answers.

Do I need a promo code to access the welcome bonus?

There are no hard and fast rules to this. For some bookies, you are expected to register with a specific promo code to get the welcome bonus. While some others don’t consider this in any way. It is important to navigate to the promotions page of your preferred sportsbook to get clear insights into this.