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Ever wondered when a certain player transferred to other teams across the pond or even across another conference and you didn't know? This is the place where you should find all the information about the latest soccer transfer news in the USA. You can also read about the latest soccer transfer rumors and other related information.

What Soccer Transfer News Can You Expect Here?

We will cover all news related to all sorts of soccer transfers. That means that you may read about transfers from one MLS team to another or a huge European club to another. You will find rumors about Real Madrid, PSG, Chelsea, and all other well-known brands in soccer.

For example, if player A is transferring to Team X via a loan for the season, you can read all about that, but we will only cover soccer transfer news related to either US soccer leagues or US soccer players. If a US soccer player is transferring to a European team, you might be able to see these types of articles. If an Australian player is transferring to a European team, you won't see the news of it here.

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What is Soccer Transfer Windows?

A soccer transfer window is a timeframe that lets players transfer to different clubs. The transfers can be from and to clubs in the same country and league, or they can be from and to clubs across different leagues and countries. There are two transfer windows available in soccer – summer/primary and winter/secondary transfer window. Each league has its own soccer transfer window timeframes. For example, in the MLS, the first transfer window is from March 10th until June 1st. The second transfer window, which is called secondary is between July 7th and August 5th. For other leagues the transfer windows are different. For example, in Europe and Australia, the transfer windows are at different times.

In Europe, the transfer window opened on June 10th and will be live until September 1st.

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Do you Post Any Transfer Rumors or Only Confirmed News?

We post both soccer transfer news and transfer rumors soccer, so you are always notified of what the latest news is regarding this subject. You can check out our most recent articles to see what the latest transfer rumors or news for US soccer are.

You will see news rumors related to both soccer players and US soccer teams, like the ones in Major League Soccer, for example. We won't be sharing news related to non-US players or teams outside of North America.

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What Else Do You Post About?

You can check out our soccer picks today page to see what the latest picks and predictions are and if you like any of them. There you will be able to see not only picks and predictions for specific games, but you will also be able to see generalized picks and predictions for specific game days in some tournaments, like the MLS. This can help you if you aren't an expert in the sport you want to bet on, but you also want to place solid bets on it and learn. Also, the positive side is that you don't have to waste time remembering stats and scores to determine the best pick for each game.

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