Montreal Impact and DC United will play together on Thursday and you can read our top suggestions and the best betting lines in the article, below.

Montreal Impact vs DC United: Betting Pick Suggestions

The top Montreal Impact vs DC United betting lines will be listed below and when you click the link, you can place the bets on the BetMGM platform, where we got the odds from in the first place.

All betting lines can change at any time, so make sure you check them out before you decide to place any of the wagers we suggested above.

Match Result

Montreal Impact won the last three games they played against DC United in 2020 and they lost only three fixtures this MLS season. DC United lost five of the last nine MLS games they played, including three out of the four away games they traveled to this season.

Total Goals

Only three out of the last eight fixtures for Montreal Impact ended with more than 2.5 total goals scored. DC United scored two or more goals in a match this MLS season only two times out of the nine MLS fixtures they played in total.


Both Montreal Impact and DC United have had three BTTS games this season out of the total games (eight for Montreal and nine for DC United) they played in MLS 2021. Only one of the two MLS games they played against each other in 2020 ended with both teams scoring.

Montreal Impact vs DC United: Preview, News, and Injuries

For Montreal Impact there is only one injured midfielder (Ballou Tabla) who hasn't played at all this season because of a groin injury. They not only have the better form, but fewer injuries to get in their way of winning, plus the psychological advantage.

DC United has two injured forwards, two defenders, and a midfielder that won't be able to make the game against Montreal Impact this Thursday because of various injuries from ankle and knee injuries to abdominal strains. It will be very hard for DC on the attacking front, especially with two missing forwards.

Montreal Impact vs DC United Prediction

Montreal Impact vs DC United: Questions and Answers

  • How do I find more MLS betting tips? – You can head to our website and find the latest MLS betting picks and lines.
  • Will the match be broadcasted? – You can check DAZN Deutsch's schedule for the match, and also see if your bookmaker will stream the fixture.
  • What time will the match start and where will it be? – The fixture is set to begin at 02:00 CET and it will be played at Saputo Stadium in Montreal.
  • Which bookmaker do you recommend for betting on Montreal Impact vs DC United? – We recommend BetMGM, not only because of the betting lines, but also the platform itself and the available features.

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