Minnesota United vs Cincinnati Prediction: Betting Lines, Odds & Picks 05/08/2022 

Today, we will go over the Minnesota United vs Cincinnati match to determine the likely outcome and top free betting picks for the match on Sunday. For more MLS predictions, you can check out the latest articles.  

Minnesota United vs Cincinnati: Free Picks, Betting Lines & Odds 

Below, you can check out the top betting lines and picks for the upcoming Minnesota United vs Cincinnati this weekend. Odds from BetMGM are subject to change but correct at the time of writing. Make sure to double-check them before confirming. 


Match Result – Minnesota United to Win 

Minnesota United and Cincinnati are in a very close form right now despite being in different conferences. Also, Minnesota United never lost a game against Cincinnati. Actually, they won four of the last five matches they played together. 

Total Goals – Under 2.5 Goals 

Three of the last five matches for Minnesota United and Cincinnati ended with fewer than 2.5 total goals scored. Also, three of the last five games between Minnesota United and Cincinnati also ended the same way. It's highly likely that Sunday's game will most likely end the same way. The last games for both teams also ended with under 2.5 total goals scored. 

Recent Lineups and Injuries for Minnesota United vs Cincinnati 

Here, you can check out the most recent injured players before the upcoming Minnesota United vs Cincinnati game. 

Minnesota United's Injuries 

Minnesota United doesn't have any suspended players but Raymon Gaddis and Patrick Weah are out with injuries since mid-April. 

Cincinnati's Injuries 

Right now, Cincinnati has a total of four injured players right now that won’t make it on Sunday – Allan Cruz, Raymon Gaddis, Alec Kann, and Ronald Matarrita. There aren't any suspended players right now. 

Minnesota United vs Cincinnati: Match History and H2H Data 

In the table, we gathered the most recent statistics and scored for the Minnesota United vs Cincinnati match. 

Minnesota United vs Cincinnati: Preview & Top Match News 

Cincinnati hasn't had any luck against Minnesota United and we don't think that the match on Sunday will end with a win for them. We also don't think the match this weekend will end with more than 2.5 total goals scored based on the past games both teams played.

Minnesota United vs Cincinnati Prediction

Minnesota United vs Cincinnati: Popular Q&As for the Weekend Match 

  • Which bookmaker do you recommend for this game? – We recommend BetMGM because they have the best odds. 
  • What time is the match going to start? – The fixture will start at 02:00 on Sunday.  
  • Which stadium will the match be at? – The fixture will be played at Allianz Field (Saint Paul, Minnesota). 
  • Where can I watch the match live? – You can watch the match via WSTR Star 64, WUCW, ESPN+, FCC TV, Bally Sports North, and SKOR North in the USA. 

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