Michigan Lottery Promo Code 2021 – introductory offers

To be eligible for the offers mentioned, you need to bet 18 and be a resident of Michigan. With those details out of the way, have a look at the sign-up offers you can claim right now with Michigan Lottery:

Registering with the use of the Michigan Lottery promo code 

Michigan Lottery Promo Code: use PLAYMAX ([auto_last_update format="F Y" before=""])

Although Michigan Lottery is a site that doesn’t offer ‘gambling services’ as such, you still need to meet a couple of conditions before registering. In order to participate in any of the lotteries or instant games listed on the site, you need to meet the sign-up conditions previously identified (be a resident of the state and 18+). Of course, if you meet these conditions, you can go ahead and register with the Michigan Lottery promo code.

When registering for your new account, you may or may not be given the chance to enter the PLAYMAX promo code. If you are not given this chance, then you will need to enter the Michigan Lottery promo code when making your first deposit. This will not change the associated offer in any way, so don’t worry if you cannot enter the code when registering.

Michigan Lottery promo code – bonus information

Michigan Lottery Promo Code: use PLAYMAX ([auto_last_update format="F Y" before=""])

By joining the Michigan Lottery site as a new customer, you can cash-in on two elements of the offer. First and foremost, you will get 10 free online games by applying the Michigan Lottery promo code, but the welcome bonus doesn’t end there. To add to these 10 free games, you will also be given a $10 instant play voucher once you’ve deposited at least $10 into your account. This might not be an enormous welcome offer, but it’s definitely something that will help you to get started on the right foot, so you may as well claim it!

Questions you may have before signing up

Yes, but this is fairly standard for all online gaming sites. Basically, you will need to provide proof of your address and age, which can be done by sending through the necessary documents.

How long does it take for deposits to be processed?

Most of the deposits will come through instantly with Michigan Lottery. The only exception would be for deposits made through bank transfers, as this could take a day or two to come through depending on your bank.

What are the top lotteries I can participate in?

Michigan Lottery has all kinds of prestigious lotteries you can buy tickets for, such as Lucky 4 Life, Powerball, and Mega Millions. Some of these lotteries have cash rewards that extend into the hundreds of millions.

How often are lotteries available on the site?

Since Michigan Lottery covers so many lotteries, you can literally buy a ticket and participate in a lottery every single day if you want to.

Can I access my account on mobile?

Of course. Michigan Lottery has a basic mobile site you can log into your account from, but the site has also developed a native app that can be installed on your smartphone or tablet.

What can I do if the Michigan Lottery promo code doesn’t work?

If the Michigan Lottery promo code fails to work, you should double-check that you’ve entered it with upper case letters. Failing that, try to refresh your browser and attempt to enter it once more. If the code still doesn’t work, then you should contact customer support for further assistance.

Do I have to be located in Michigan to play?

Yes. Like lottery sites in other states, you must be physically present in Michigan to participate in any of the games or lotteries.

Is the customer support network adequate?

Yes, you can contact a support representative through email or by phone, and they are generally very capable and helpful.

Michigan Lottery Review

Michigan Lottery Promo Code: use PLAYMAX ([auto_last_update format="F Y" before=""])

Games supported with Michigan Lottery

Although Michigan Lottery is a lottery gaming site in its purest form, the site has expanded to offer a range of alternative gaming categories these days. There are more than 5 different gaming variations on the site right now, with titles available for Keno, scratchcards, draw games, fast cash, and several others.

There are currently around 10 lotteries you can purchase tickets for through your account, and the cash rewards work as both lump sums and weekly/monthly payments. This allows you to choose the lotteries that suit your ambitions, although naturally, the chances of winning these lotteries is quite low.

The Michigan Lottery site actually works much better than others of its kind. This is mainly because the site has implemented so many filters that you can apply to find your desired games with ease. You can filter through games according to type, ticket price, top prize, theme, and you can also use other filters too. While this is great to find your preferred games quickly, we’d also like to stress that the Michigan Lottery site performs well overall. No matter what pages or games you are loading up, the processing speeds are solid, and each and every page is quite vibrant too.

Customer Support Quality

While the support methods available at Michigan Lottery are adequate, they aren’t exactly amazing. You have just two methods you may use to contact the team, and these methods include phone and email. As you can see, this doesn’t include popular methods like social media interactions or live chat. But to the credit of the support teams, they are pretty quick to respond via both of the listed channels. And another positive note is that it doesn’t cost you a dime to contact the team, meaning you can contact them as often as you like to receive any assistance.

Banking Options


In order to fund your account at Michigan Lottery, you have a handful of options to choose from. While this shows a reduced number of available methods compared to alternative sites, it is promising that each of these methods is both reliable and trusted. When you make a deposit into your account, it should appear instantly too, so you can go ahead and enjoy the games without any delays.


You basically have two options to withdraw funds from your Michigan Lottery account. You can initiate a withdrawal via bank transfer, or you can cash out your funds by PayPal. While PayPal is the quicker of the two, PayPal can occasionally charge extra fees that are beyond the control of Michigan Lottery. And if you are trying to withdraw a large amount, it is usually better to go for a bank transfer. For either method, you are looking at a minimum of 2 business days before your funds come through.

Playing on mobile with Michigan Lottery

As long as you remain within Michigan borders, you can easily log into your account from a smartphone or tablet device and start playing. This can be done through your mobile browser, but for the best experience, we would suggest installing the app. Either way, we’ve taken a closer look at these platforms below.

Mobile app

Although the mobile app performs really well, it is only available to download on Android platforms right now. With that said, there are a bunch of great features you can expect from the app. Such features include the ability to watch Keno drawings, locating retail stores in Michigan, scanning existing tickets to check for winners, and more. The app is super simple to use too, which makes it suitable for basically any kind of gamer, regardless of experience.

Mobile site

Since the Michigan Lottery site isn’t overloaded with premium features, the quality of site performance doesn’t suffer all that much on the mobile site. It’s still just as convenient to apply filters to find games, you can watch draws unfold, and you can easily manage the finances of your account. This is good news for those that cannot download the mobile app!

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
250+ games to play No mobile app for iOS
Huge lotteries available No live chat
Great filters to find games with ease Limited payment options
Low ticket prices Potentially slow withdrawals

Michigan Lottery – sensational lottery platform

Although lottery sites don’t quite have the variety of platforms that would be classified as ‘online gambling sites’, this one comes pretty close. It’s rare that you find a lottery site with so many different gaming categories, and even more rare to find one that has more than 250 games for members to enjoy. Of course, we love that the fundamentals of the lottery site have remained in place too, with over 10 popular lotteries available. While this is all very positive, we would still like to see a couple of improvements. Mainly we’d like to see more promotions and the development of an iOS app in the near future!

If you're outside Michigan, here are your options:

PA Lottery

As the name indicates, this site is another online lottery platform, except it is only open to residents of Pennsylvania instead of Michigan. To be fair to PA Lottery, it has a bit more diversity compared to Michigan Lottery, even if it doesn’t support as many games. A prime example of its diversity would be that it offers virtual sports betting, and it also offers plenty of promotions for members to get stuck into. PA Lottery has also taken the time to develop a VIP program, which is pretty unique we must say.

Virginia Lottery

The Virginia Lottery site is quite similar to Michigan Lottery in many ways. Of course, the site provides members with direct access to large lotteries held throughout the USA, but it has also branched out into instant games, scratch cards, and even second chance games. This site is actually more visually appealing than Michigan Lottery, although it isn’t as simple or as quick to work your way around. But to add to the appeal of this site, it also has its own rewards program, which is something that many members benefit from.

Illinois Lottery

Finally, Illinois Lottery is a great alternative to Michigan Lottery. Once again, the difference here is that you must be based in Illinois to register and play on the site. On the subject of playing on this platform, members are treated to a series of fast play games, lotteries, and scratchcards. This platform also offers a mobile app for both iOS and Android, and members that win any amount under $600 will receive their winnings immediately. This is pretty cool, not to mention that it is super convenient for those that get frustrated about waiting for sites to payout. With all of these reasons listed, this is a perfect site to investigate should you live in Illinois.

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