If you are interested in watching the action from Liga MX, you are no doubt wondering where you can watch the games without spending tons of money on an expensive TV package. We totally get it, which is why we’d like to help out by supplying you with options to successfully (and legally) connect with a Liga MX live stream, and subsequently enjoy the games. The good news is that there are a number of legal options on the table for you – you just need to know where to look. And since you are here, we’ve already done the research legwork for you.

Read on, and you will discover several places where you can safely, legally, and enjoyably view a vast number of Liga MX games! Some of them are even free for you to use – does it get much better?

The top places for a Liga MX live stream service

The world of trying to stream any online sports games can be fraught with illegal activity, and subpar quality. This is something we don’t want you to have to deal with, so without further ado, if you’re looking for a secure Liga MX live stream, make sure you look at some of the following choices:

Online bookmakers

You might not have thought it, but with the surge in online bookies popping up around the US, live streaming offerings are becoming quite a regular feature for bookies to stand out from the competition. The exact sports you may stream do vary from site to site, but as it happens, there are a number of bookmakers that do offer streaming services for Liga MX. The only thing we would say about this option is that you won’t necessarily be able to stream all of the Liga MX games, as there are still TV rights issues in the US, and you must also maintain a funded betting account to be able to use this feature.

The good thing about this is that you can always stream games from either your laptop, PC, or mobile since many of the top sites facilitate the feature across multiple platforms. And to be perfectly fair to them, while the quality may not be as good as if you watched it on a TV, it’s still pretty decent.

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Streaming subscription services

Perhaps the most dependable way to secure a Liga MX live stream is to simply opt-in for one of the legal streaming services in the US. There is certainly no shortage of streaming services out there right now, but they do vary in quality, cost, and what you can actually watch as part of paying for a subscription. While many subscriptions such as Hulu and Fubu have preset channels for you to watch once paid, you can always customize your plan to include Liga MX games – since that is what you are looking for after all.

The beauty of these subscriptions is that they are generally quite cost-effective, they link up with many smart TVs and extensions such as Amazon Fire Sticks, and the quality of streams are just as good as if you were watching through a direct TV connection.


This isn’t always a guarantee, not by any means. However, if you’re not too keen on pumping money into an online subscription service, or you don’t want to set up any online betting accounts, you may need to rely on YouTube streams to stay on the right side of the legal fence. The only thing about going down this route is that YouTube isn’t generally a platform where you can expect regular streams to be shown. Sure, if they are available, you can watch them without needing to pay anything at all – and you can even watch them without the annoying YouTube Ads.

Securing soccer live streams through YouTube isn’t anything new either. Games like the Champions League final have been offered through YouTube in years gone by, and this is part of YouTube’s efforts to branch out into other services. With that said, given that we do not know YouTube’s plan for scheduled sporting events until a few weeks or even days before they are broadcast, it’s difficult to provide an accurate prediction for what you can expect here.

Individual channel subscriptions

As we stated above, there are several subscription services that you can sign up with and pay for in 2021. Especially in the US, these options are plentiful, but they usually come with a whole range of channels that you might have zero interest in. Therefore, the next best solution is to simply look at which channels broadcast Liga MX games, and then sign up for a subscription on an individual basis. Don’t worry, this will still give you quality access to a Liga MX live stream, but it won’t involve the same cost that an all-out subscription would.

As a prime example, many Liga MX games are shown through channels like ESPN and FOX, although the issue is that it’s not the basic ESPN or FOX. Instead, it’s the plus services that these channels provide where you can watch Liga MX games. Of course, these plus services require you to pay, although we’ve seen specific subscriptions for as little as $5 – $10. As you can see, this is a pretty good deal, but it’s not a totally inclusive deal should you want to watch all Liga MX games.

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Liga MX live stream options – our conclusion

We’ve presented four options for you to watch Liga MX games online right here. However, they aren’t all as reliable and secure as one another. For that reason, our number one recommendation would be to combine your preferred options to try and cast the widest net possible regarding which games you can watch. As we said before, not all options will provide you with 100% access to all Liga MX games, which is why it’s best to mix things up to avoid disappointment.

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