Juarez vs Toluca Prediction: Betting Lines, Odds & Picks 30/07/2022

In this article, we will analyze the Juarez vs Toluca clash that will be held on the 30th of July. We have some great predictions for you!

Top Predictions And Odds For Juarez vs Toluca

Juarez has been a different team in Liga MX this season and perhaps this is a good chance for the team to earn some extra points:

No Winners At Juarez vs Toluca

Juarez was the weakest team in Liga MX last season but the team seems really renewed under Hernan Cristante’s coaching. After four games played, Juarez is in the 9th position with two draws already while Toluca is in the 2nd position and it’s about time the away team loses some points. We predict that this will happen on the 30th of July as Juarez seems like a decent home side this season. The head-to-heads are also in Juarez’s favor – five of the last seven games were won by Juarez, one game ended in a draw, and only one game was won by Toluca.

Under 2.5 Goals

Juarez was also the worst attacking team in Liga MX last season. In the Clausura, the team had only 10 goals scored in 17 games. In the Apertura, things were a bit better but not by much – 14 goals scored in 17 games. The most common result between Juarez and Toluca is the 1:0 victory for Juarez. Four of the seven games between Juarez and Toluca ended with two or fewer goals being scored.

Juarez vs Toluca Prediction

Squad Insight For Juarez vs Toluca

There are some issues that must be taken care of before the start of the game.

Juarez’s Lineup

Gabriel Fernandez is expected to be in the starting 11 for this game. He has scored three goals so far and is Juarez’s top scorer this season. We expect him to do well in the game against Toluca.

Toluca’s Lineup

Leonardo Fernandez from Toluca has also scored three goals and is predicted to be in the starting 11 for the game against Juarez. Jordan Sierra will also make an appearance. He scored the winning goal against Santos Laguna a few days ago.

Head-To-Head Statistics And Odds For Juarez vs Toluca

The head-to-head statistics and top odds are located in our next graphic:

Juarez’s Odds Are Good

This is a great opportunity for Hernan Cristante to really make a name for himself in charge of Juarez. Should Juarez get a draw against this opponent, this could launch the team into the top 5 and this is something that the fans would appreciate. Juarez conceded only two goals in the first four games and it will be difficult for Toluca to penetrate this defense, especially when the game will be held at Estadio Olimpico Benito Juarez. Our soccer experts predict a 1:1 draw that will be considered a good result in the home camp.

Top Questions And Answers For Juarez vs Toluca:

  • When will Juarez vs Toluca be played? – The game will be played on the 30th of July.
  • What’s the venue for this game? – Juarez vs Toluca will be held at Estadio Olimpico Benito Juarez.
  • Who do the bookies favor? – They predict a difficult victory for Toluca in this game.
  • Where can I watch Juarez vs Toluca? – The Juarez vs Toluca clash can be watched over at TUDN.