One of the World Cup qualifiers, which will be on the 28th this week is between Jamaica and Mexico. If you are looking for the best picks and lines for the game, then this is the best place to find them.  

Top Free Picks and Betting Lines for Jamaica vs Mexico 

Here is what our experts think of the Jamaica vs Mexico fixture this week. For more World Cup Qualifier odds, you can check out the latest posts on our website. Also, all the odds in this article are from BetMGM and are subject to change. Double-check your bet slip before continuing. 


Match Result – Mexico to Win 

Jamaica has improved their game in the World Cup qualifiers in the last five matches they played, but we still don't think it would be enough to face Mexico, who have twice more points than them. Also, Mexico beat Jamaica in three of the last four matches they played in Kingston, so it's logical they can do it again, like last year's fixture.  

Total Goals – Under 2.5 Goals 

We doubt that there will be more than 2.5 total goals considering the fact that in three of the last five times they faced each other the games ended with under 2.5 total goals scored. Also, four of the last five games for Jamaica ended with fewer than 2.5 total goals scored.  

Information and Lineups Regarding Jamaica vs Mexico 

Let's see how impacted the teams will be for Friday's World Cup qualifier.  

Jamaica's Lineups 

It is still uncertain if the players that were missing during last month from the teams will be back or if their illnesses are still keeping them away. We will most likely don't see Ravel Morrison because of a suspension, though. 

Mexico's Lineups 

Mexico will be playing at full strength because they don't have any injured or suspended players on their roster.  

Fixture Statistics and Bookmaker Odds for Jamaica vs Mexico 

In the tables below, you can check out the latest bookie odds and statistics for both Jamaica and Mexico and their match this week. 

09.03.2021 | Mexico vs Jamaica | 2-1 

07.24.2017 | Mexico vs Jamaica | 0-1 

07.14.2017 | Mexico vs Jamaica | 0-0 

Our Final Prediction & News for Friday's Match 

Jamaica may put up a fight, but we don't think that the match this week will end in their favor. Mexico beat them at their home turf many times in the past and has played better in general in their World Cup qualifier group. If Mexico wins this Friday, they can interrupt their losing streak and maybe get ahead of Panama to keep their spot for promotion to the World Cup.

Jamaica vs Mexico Prediction

Commonly Asked Questions About Jamaica vs Mexico 

  • What time is the match going to begin? – The fixture will start at exactly 01:00 on Friday (28th of January. 
  • Where is the match going to be played? – The fixture will be played at Independence Park in Kingston. 
  • Which bookmaker do you recommend for this match? – We think that BetMGM offers the best odds for this and other North & Central America World Cup qualifiers. 

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