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Must be 18 or older to play. In Arizona, must be 21 or older to play. Jackpocket is not affiliated with any State Lottery. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem and wants help, residents of NY call 1-877-8-HOPE-NY; residents of OR call 1-877-MYLIMIT; all others, call 1-800-GAMBLER. Please visit jackpocket.com/tos for full terms of service.

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Jackpocket Promo Code Jun 2023: Get a $3 Discount on Your First Lottery Ticket

Looking to apply a Jackpocket promo code and bag an exciting welcome offer for this site? We’ve got you covered right here – apply the code for a $3 discount on your first lottery ticket purchases. Full details are provided within.

Jackpocket Promo Code Offers

Introducing the Jackpocket lottery site – a place where you can pick up lottery tickets for some of the biggest draws in the USA. And for those of you who are not yet members of this platform, you can use the Jackpocket promo code to receive the offers shown in the table below.

Jackpocket Betting Offer
Bonus Details
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What is the Jackpocket promo code?

The Jackpocket promo code is an exclusive set of letters and numbers that will unlock the offers identified in the table above. This code can be applied when registering for a new Jackpocket account, and the code is unique to each state where Jackpocket operates. For example, if you aim to apply the Jackpocket promo code NYC – this is only for players based in New York State. This holds true when looking at using the code for all other states where Jackpocket has a presence.


Jackpocket Promo Code

Therefore, it’s advisable to check in with your state of residence to see if Jackpocket is active and available to you at the moment. At the same time, you must be 21+ to register and purchase lottery tickets from the Jackpocket site.

How to register with the Jackpocket promo code

We’ve mentioned above that you need to be a new customer if you are to use the Jackpocket promo code 2023. This means you can’t currently have an active Jackpocket account, and it also means you cannot have been a member previously too. But assuming you tick both boxes, you certainly can proceed to establish a new account while using the Jackpocket promo code in the process. Here’s what you must do if that’s what you ultimately choose to do today:

  1. Use the links to jump across to Jackpocket
  2. Apply the Jackpocket promo code 2023
  3. Set up a username and password
  4. Provide all necessary personal details (name, address, DOB, etc.)
  5. Open the account and sign in

Jackpocket Promo Code

After entering the promo code, you should see a confirmation icon pop up on the screen. This shows that the code has been applied successfully, and it means that the associated welcome offer should be yours for the taking.

Jackpocket promo code betting offers

At the time of writing, there is just one Jackpocket welcome bonus that you can redeem as a new customer. As a quick reminder, this welcome offer gives you a $3 discount on your first lottery ticket purchase. This is true for whatever lottery you choose, and it doesn’t matter whether you purchase one entry ticket or several – the same discount will be applied. However, you must still use the promo code in order to unlock this offer.

Should you register without applying the code, there is a chance that the same welcome deal won’t be available. And since it costs nothing to actually use the code, whether using the Jackpocket promo code NYC or the codes for other states, you’ve got nothing to lose really by entering it.

Finally, assuming that you are officially a new customer, there is no reason at all that the code won’t work for you.

Lottery section at Jackpocket

You’ve probably realized from the information shared above that Jackpocket is a lottery gaming site. In fact, Jackpocket provides this service exclusively, meaning that no other betting products are actually supported on the site. So for clarity, you cannot engage in any form of casino or sports betting after you’ve set up a Jackpocket account. But you can still engage in any of the lottery draws that the platform supports.

This range includes the two biggest lotteries in the USA too – Mega Millions and Powerball. Tickets can be obtained immediately for these draws as and when they are running, and you can check the results instantly when signed in. At the same time, if you’ve won anything with your ticket, payouts of up to $600 will be immediately credited to your account. But anything larger will take a short period of time to go through verification and the ultimate release of the cash.

However, it’s fair to say that if you’ve managed to win more than $600 with any ticket, this is a good problem to have. And finally, just before we wrap up this review of the Jackpocket products, we’d like to confirm that the site also runs state lotteries too. Prime examples of these state lotteries include the likes of the New York Lotto, among several others.

Specifically for the New York Lotto, it makes sense to join using the Jackpocket promo code NYC to get your $3 on these tickets!

Top 3 key features of the Jackpocket site

Now it’s time to get into the finer details of what makes Jackpocket such a hit with lottery players. After all, for a site to become so popular, you’d assume that it's got a trick or two up its sleeves. And with that in mind, let us now detail the three leading features of the Jackpocket site as of 2023.

Immediate payouts

We touched upon this feature earlier, yet we feel it’s important to emphasize its significance. Of course, when you purchase a lottery ticket through any provider, your hope is that you actually win something. Should you manage to achieve this with Jackpocket, anything up to and including $600 will go straight into your real money balance. This means you can then withdraw the funds or use them to grab more tickets. That’s a choice that we will leave in your capable hands, however.

Optional pools

Think that it’s more fun to play the lottery with other people? There are thousands of people who would agree with you! And that’s where optional pools enter the picture. Instead of purchasing individual tickets, whether you’ve used the Jackpocket promo code or not, you can grab tickets as part of a group here. This option makes things fun, as you get to play as part of a much wider network of people. Additionally, you can establish your own pools if you’d prefer to create groups within your own circle of friends.

Live draws

If there was one criticism of lottery draws these days, it would be that you don’t really get the thrill of watching any unfold. This is quite different from something like sports betting, where you get the twists and turns to keep things exciting. However, Jackpocket has obviously realized this and integrated the ‘live draw’ feature. This way, you can watch the draws be done for certain lotteries, and many enjoy tuning in for these to immediately see whether they’ve become a winner!

Jackpocket App review

Another great element of the Jackpocket platform is that the site has a fully operational mobile app. The Jackpocket app can be installed on smartphones or tablet devices that run using Android or iOS software. And once you’ve downloaded the app, this is where the fun can begin. You can sign up while using the Jackpocket promo code, of course, and this will get you started on the right foot. From here, you can instantly grab tickets, participate in pools, and just generally enjoy the app – no matter what you are looking to do.

Jackpocket App

Jackpocket Payment Methods

With Jackpocket being a lottery site, it doesn’t have quite the same depth of payment methods like broader betting sites might have. However, there is still an adequate range for you to access. With a handful of quality methods on offer, combined with SSL encryption for your transactions, the overall banking set-up with these guys is excellent.

Jackpocket deposit options

When you’re ready to fund your account, you can choose from the following options:

  • Bank Transfers
  • PayPal
  • Play+
  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Apple Pay
  • E-Check

All methods except E-Checks will be processed immediately, with zero fees to speak of.

Jackpocket withdrawal options

Most of the methods identified for deposits can also be used for withdrawals. However, the exact range for withdrawals does vary from state to state. And Jackpocket tends to run a closed-loop system, meaning withdrawals must be made through the most recent method used for deposits.

Why join the Jackpocket site

If you are a fan of lottery gaming and you want a secure, high-quality platform through which you can grab tickets, Jackpocket is the site for you! Thanks to a wealth of supported lotteries and other great features, you won’t be disappointed after setting up a new account.

Jackpocket Promo Code FAQ

Can I enter the Jackpocket promo code on mobile?

Yes, it can be entered on the Jackpocket mobile app.


Does the Jackpocket promo code lead to any other offers?

No – it only relates to the sign-up offer mentioned here.

What happens if the code doesn’t work for me?

You may want to contact the Jackpocket support team to find out why this is the case.