Hugo Lloris to LAFC: What does the WC-winning goalkeeper bring?

Ever since coach Steven Cherundolo was appointed as head coach in charge of Los Angeles, plenty of world-class players have been introduced into the team. We have the likes of Carlos Vela playing for the team, but just recently World Cup winner Giorgio Chiellini was strutting his stuff at BMO Stadium.

After hearing about the defenders’ performances with the LAFC jersey, goalkeeper-in-chief Hugo Lloris opted to open an MLS chapter in his career as well. If there’s one spot in coach Cherundolo’s starting XI we can pinpoint as somewhat the weak link, it would definitely have to be the goalkeeping position. Hugo Lloris to LAFC could mean another title for the US manager, but what does the French veteran bring to the table exactly?

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Hugo Lloris to LAFC: What to expect from the goalkeeper

Who is Hugo Lloris?

For the very few of you who have no idea who Hugo Lloris is or who have only heard his name in discussions, you should know that Hugo Lloris is one of the most prolific shot-stoppers of his generation.

During his lengthy career, Hugo played for teams such as Nice, Lyon, and Premier League’s Tottenham Hotspur. Undoubtedly, it’s Spurs where he managed to make a name for himself as one of the best goalkeepers in the World, so you could say that Hugo Lloris to LAFC is definitely big news for MLS in general.

Hugo Lloris was born on the 26th of January, 1986, in Nice, France. He has had quite a career, the highlight of which undoubtedly is the World Cup triumph with France. He was even about to win a second one during the World Cup in Qatar. Alas, Lionel Messi was meant to win his first-ever World Cup trophy instead of Lloris snatching a second.

 What does Hugo Lloris to LAFC mean for coach Cherundolo?

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(Photo by Serge Haouzi/FEP/Icon Sport)

At the ripe age of 37, he’s definitely no spring chicken. However, it’s not a surprise that Lloris has lost his catlike reflexes. As mentioned earlier, he came close to securing a second World Cup title in Qatar, but the sensational Lionel Messi deprived him of this pleasure.

Los Angeles snapped up Hugo Lloris on a free transfer, which goes without saying was a bargain and a half. Not only will he bring huge revenues to the club thanks to his worldwide popularity, but we can also expect some sensational displays of goalkeeping from the 37-year-old under the sticks. Coach Cherundolo has been eager to sign a quality keeper, but we are sure that Hugo Lloris to LAFC was not what the US manager was expecting.

Los Angeles’ men in charge did a great job of securing Lloris’ signature in a deal that could keep him at BMO Stadium through the 2026 season when he will be pushing 40.

Coach Steven Cherundolo will surely rely on the French goalkeeping legend during the 2024 MLS campaign and if everything goes well, we will surely see Hugo Lloris’ deal with the club be extended.

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