Costa Rica vs Panama Prediction: Betting Lines, Odds & Picks 01/28/2022 

Costa Rica will be facing Panama on the 28th of January in a World Cup qualifier match, and today we will be going over the game to check out the best picks and lines for the upcoming game. If you want more World Cup Qualifier predictions, you can always check out our website.  

Top Betting Lines for Costa Rica vs Panama 

Our experts went through the data and came up with the following tips and predictions. All odds you see here are from BetMGM and subject to change, so before placing them make sure to double-check your bet slip. 


Match Result – Panama to Win 

Panama seems to be very close to the promotion especially if they keep up with the points gathering. They are currently with fourteen points right alongside Mexico and if they beat Costa Rica, they can get into the top three of the group. Panama won three of the last five matches, while Costa Rica lost or drew three of the last five matches they played. Panama also beat Costa Rica in three of the last four matches they played together.  

Total Goals – Under 2.5 Goals 

Many of the matches between Panama and Costa Rica in the past ended with fewer than 2.5 total goals scored. That includes four of the last five they played. We think that there is a high chance the game this week also ends similarly.

Information and Lineups Regarding Costa Rica vs Panama 

What do Costa Rica and Panama's lineups look like for their upcoming match this week? 

Costa Rica's Lineups 

Two of Costa Rica's players were suspended through sports court back in December last year and they won't play soon. They are goalkeeper Leonel Moreira and defender Keysher Fuller. 

Panama's Lineups 

Panama doesn't have any injured or suspended players on their team, so they will be playing at full strength. 

Match Statistics and Histories Regarding Costa Rica vs Panama 

In these tables, you can check out the latest match histories and bookmaker odds for upcoming Costa Rica vs Panama game.  

09.03.2021 | Panama vs Costa Rica | 0-0 

10.14.2020 | Costa Rica vs Panama | 0-1 

10.11.2020 | Costa Rica vs Panama | 0-1 

Latest News & Preview for Costa Rica vs Panama on Friday 

Many matches between Panama and Costa Rica ended uneventfully with either a draw or a straight win for one of the teams. We don't think the match this week will be any different and there won't be a lot of goals scored. Also, the most likely winner would be Panama considering their recent form in the World Cup qualifiers and against Costa Rica, especially on enemy territory. 

Costa Rica vs Panama Prediction

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Costa Rica vs Panama 

  • Where is the match going to be hosted? – Costa Rica will host the match at Estadio Nacional de Costa Rica in San José. 
  • When is the game going to start? – The match will start at exactly 03:05 on the 28th of January (Friday). 
  • Who will win according to the bookmakers? – The bookmakers believe that Costa Rica has a better chance of winning this Friday.