Real Sociedad

Founded : 1909
Country: Spain
Stadium: Reale Arena
Stadium Capacity: 39000

Real Sociedad is a Spanish football club that plays in the La Liga, and it's one of the tournament's founding members. Currently, they aren't one of the top teams in the league, but they have the potential. The club has been to the La Liga's final five times, of which they took the title twice. They also have two Copa del Rey cups and five runners-up titles in that tournament. The club has had many fantastic footballers, and most of them came up through the ranks in the Real Sociedad youth team and proved themselves a crucial part of the senior team's success. The team isn't as popular as individual European and Spanish clubs, like Real Madrid or Barcelona. Still, they are doing okay on their football level and have some notable transfers we need to mention.

Historical Real Sociedad Transfers and Rumours

Real Sociedad has had more than a few good players, and some of them even came up via their youth team, but the transfers below were the most notable, whether they were arrivals or departures.

Darko Kovacevic – a former Serbian forward played for Real Sociedad from 1996 to 1999 when Juventus bought him for £17 million. That was the most considerable sum anyone ever paid for a Real Sociedad player at that time. During his time in the club, he finished as one of the top scorers in the UEFA Cup in 1998/1999. Darko Kovačević scored forty-one goals for Real Sociedad in those four seasons from his ninety-eight appearances.

Xabi Alonso is a former center midfielder who began his Real Sociedad career and was their team captain. He played for four years for the club from 2000 to 2004 and during that time scored nine goals and made a hundred and fourteen appearances. Liverpool bought him for £16 million that transfer because he and his childhood friend Mikel Arteta couldn't play together.

Asier Illarramendi spent most of his senior career in Real Sociedad. He came up in the team, and in his first three years from 2010 to 2013, he helped them qualify for the Champions League even if he didn't score any goals. He moved to Real Madrid in 2013 (for a £32 million fee) for two years before returning in 2015 (for £15 million), and he has been their captain ever since.

Antoine Griezmann started in Real Sociedad in his youth and, in 2009, officially joined the men's team. He quickly became an essential part of the team and helped them with forty-six goals in his 180 appearances. In 2014 he was acquired by Atletico Madrid for £54 million and became one of the best footballers in Europe.

Iñigo Martínez is an essential part of Real Sociedad, and he spent most of his senior career on that team. He played over two hundred and thirty matches and scoring eighteen goals. After a decade, he helped the team return to the Champions League but left for Athletic Bilbao in 2018 for £32 million.