World Cup Betting

The 2022 World Cup is just around the corner and experienced bettors have begun preparing for it. World Cup betting is always popular which is why it’s important to find the best bookmaker offer.

World Cup Betting Offers

Starting on November 20, we will witness the first-ever winter World Cup. Qatar plays host for the first time in history which is why the competition will be held in winter. France enters the tournament as defending champions. They have a strong shot at winning it again but no team has ever won a back-to-back World Cup since Brazil did it in 1958 and 1962. So, do we back France to win or go for some of the other favourites like Brazil, England, Argentina, and Spain? Even though there are a couple of months until the tournament begins, World Cup Betting is already extremely popular.

If we look at World Cup betting odds across UK bookmakers, we will see that they all agree on who the favourites are. Unless some major injuries occur, these are the odds we should expect before the start of the World Cup:

  • Brazil is the favourite to lift the trophy on 18 December 2022. Most bookmakers have them at 9/2 or 5/1 odds.
  • Behind them are the defending champions. France is valued at 6/1 for a back-to-back success.
  • England is considered 3rd favourite and they are the most volatile option at the moment. Bookmakers can’t agree when it comes to England which is why you will see them at 6/1, 7/1, and 11/2 odds.
  • Last but not least we have Argentina and Spain. Both nations are valued at either 7/1 or 8/1 odds.

Betting Tips World Cup

There are two things that every punter should know before going on a World Cup betting adventure. First, find the perfect bookmaker for your needs. Second, read tips and tricks that will help you make the best betting predictions.

How to pick the right bookmaker?

There are several factors that bettors should consider when picking the right bookmaker. Always look for the best odds. There are odds calculators online that will help you find which bookmaker is offering the best odds for the market you want to bet on. Bonuses are promotions are an important factor as well. Bookmakers will have specific bonus offers for World Cup betting. Some of them will be offering no deposit or free bets. Lastly, make sure to look for a bookmaker that has an excellent live betting section.

How to make the correct predictions?

Depending on the bet you want to make, you need to follow these tips:

  • Analyse the teams and the forms of the key players that will feature.
  • Follow injury reports and check the line-up before the match begins.
  • Research head-to-head results between nations.
  • Read about the tactics that both teams will use in the match.
  • Always consider the psychological aspect of the match.


When and where is the 2022 World Cup?

The 2022 World Cup will be held in Qatar and it starts on 21 November.

Which nations are favourites to lift the World Cup trophy?

According to World Cup bet offers across the UK, Brazil is the number one favourite to win the competition. France, England, Argentina, and Spain are among the favourites as well.

Can I bet on the World Cup?

Even though there are months before the tournament begins, most popular bookmakers already have their World Cup offer up and running. It’s already possible for punters to place bets on who will lift the trophy.