World Cup Groups

Let’s discuss the World Cup groups for the 2022 Qatar World Cup, which are now officially complete.

Schedule for World Cup groups happening this year

All the 64 teams would compete to qualify for the round of 16, then the quarter-finals, followed by the semi-finals and the final.

Here are the matches that will take place in the World Cup 2022.

Group A:

Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, Netherlands

In this group, more attention is pinned to Senegal and Netherlands. That has to be with the fact that both have earned the trust of their fans with all their potential in the last years of effort.

  • November 21st: Senegal vs. Netherlands and Qatar vs. Ecuador.
  • November 25th: Qatar vs. Senegal and Netherlands vs. Ecuador.
  • November 29th: Netherlands vs. Qatar and Ecuador vs. Senegal.

Group B:

England, Iran, United States, Wales

England is catalogued as the World Cup group’s most expensive national team and is going to fight for the success of the competition until the end of it.

  • November 21st England vs. Iran. and U.S. vs. Wales.
  • November 25th: Wales vs. Iran. and England vs. U.S.
  • November 29th: Wales vs. England. and Iran vs. USA.

Group C:

Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Poland

Argentina is the big favourite of this group and is estimated to win first place. However, the fight between Mexico and Poland for second place is very strong.

  • November 22nd: Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia. and Mexico vs. Poland.
  • November 26th: Poland vs. Saudi Arabia. and Argentina vs. Mexico.
  • November 30th: Poland vs. Argentina. and Saudi Arabia vs. Mexico.

Group D:

France, Australia, Denmark, Tunisia

The world has all its hopes pinned on France this year, as it was the last World Cup winner. Despite this fact, Denmark also has demonstrated its big capacity for success in this competition.

  • November 22nd: Denmark vs. Tunisia. and France vs. Australia.
  • November 26th: Tunisia vs. Australia. and France vs. Denmark.
  • November 30th: Tunisia vs. France. and Australia vs. Denmark.

Group E:

Spain, Costa Rica, Germany, Japan

In this group, Germany and Spain are seen as the stronger ones, because they count on very talented players in the game.

  • November 23rd: Germany vs. Japan. and Spain vs. Costa Rica.
  • November 27th: Japan vs. Costa Rica. and Spain vs. Germany.
  • December 1st: Japan vs. Spain. and Costa Rica vs. Germany.

Group F:

Belgium, Canada, Morocco, Croatia

Maybe we will see Belgium succeeding, as everyone hopes for this team, one of the preferred World Cup groups.

  • November 23rd: Morocco vs. Croatia. and Belgium vs. Canada.
  • November 27th: Belgium vs. Morocco. and Croatia vs. Canada.
  • December 1st: Croatia vs. Belgium. and Canada vs. Morocco.

Group G:

Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, Cameroon

One of the favourites World Cup groups is where Brazil is. Just for the fact it has Neymar for itself, people are very excited about its possible victory.

  • November 24th: Switzerland vs. Cameroon. and Brazil vs. Serbia.
  • November 28th: Cameroon vs. Serbia. and Brazil vs. Switzerland.
  • December 2nd: Cameroon vs. Brazil. and Serbia vs. Switzerland.

Group H:

Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay, South Korea

The favourite one in this group has to be Portugal. Not only because of the excellent squad of players that they possess but because of the desire to win they put into the game.

  • November 24th: Uruguay vs. South Korea. and Portugal vs. Ghana.
  • November 28th: South Korea vs. Ghana. and Portugal vs. Uruguay.
  • December 2nd: South Korea vs. Portugal. and Ghana vs. Uruguay.

FAQ Section

How many games will be played?

In this World Cup of Qatar, 64 matches will take place.

Who is the favourite one in the World?

At the moment, England is the most expensive team and the World wants to see if this pays off.

When is this competition starting?

The first match will be played on November, 21st.