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WSOP Ontario app: How to download and play on mobile

Details of the WSOP Ontario app are shared within – see why this is one of the greatest poker brands in the game.

How to download the WSOP Ontario App

WSOP (World Series of Poker) is now open and available to residents of Ontario, Canada. As you may be aware, this is an established brand for online poker. So the fact that WSOP has now come to Canada is a big deal.

Since we are focusing on mobile casino gaming here, we’d like to show you what’s in store through the WSOP app. Before we get to that, let us quickly run through how you can easily download the app today:

WSOP Canada App – Android Download

  1. Open WSOP Ontario through your browser
  2. Identify the Android app icon
  3. Tap this link to initiate the download
  4. Trust the APK file and allow any changes requested

WSOP Ontario App

WSOP Canada App – iOS Download

  1. Type in ‘WSOP’ in the App Store
  2. Hit the download link
  3. Approve with Apple ID information
  4. Wait for the app to download

The fact that the WSOP Ontario app is available for both of these operating systems is a great thing. Of course, it means that most players hoping to use WSOP through the native app are covered. The app itself functions well on most smartphones and tablets too, so you’ve got flexibility in terms of the device that you use.

Signing up after downloading the WSOP Ontario app

The most important thing here besides installing the WSOP Canada app is to open a new account. This is mandatory if you are to enjoy any real money gaming through an app. So, once the app has been downloaded, the next thing you must do is hit ‘sign up’. This will open the registration form where you can apply a WSOP sign-up code (no specific benefits), provide personal details, and officially open the account.

Make sure you take the time to ensure that all of the details provided here are correct. We say this because WSOP has to verify the information that you provide through a quick KYC process. This is mandatory for all online sites operating in Ontario, Canada.

What does the WSOP Ontario app have to offer?

Now that we’ve covered the important steps regarding installing the app and signing up, it’s time to identify what the app has available. After all, this is the main factor that will determine whether you will enjoy the app or not. So let us get started by discussing the product quality and other key factors right now.

WSOP Canada app poker offerings

Given that this site is branded as the ‘World Series of Poker’, it’s no surprise to learn that the app is packed with awesome poker games. Not only can you participate in rolling cash tables, but you can also enter tournaments daily. These tournaments can often include hundreds of players with a big jackpot prize.

On top of this, you’ve got ‘sit and gos', ‘spin and golds', as well as a hair-raising format known as ‘all in or fold’. So as you can see, the range of poker games here is fantastic.

WSOP Ontario App

How to enter a poker game on the WSOP Ontario app

To play or enjoy any of the poker games that WSOP has available, you must part with some cash. This is fairly standard for a real-money gaming app, but there is some positive news here. You can get started with a poker game for as little as $1, known as the ‘buy-in’. However, to ensure that you know how to do this, we’ve put together a quick guide here:

  1. Pick the game/tournament you wish to enter
  2. Adjust the buy-in value to suit (must meet the minimum)
  3. Take your virtual seat at the table
  4. Wait for the ‘blind’ to come around and get involved

If you are taking part in a tournament, you don’t need to adjust the buy-in or wait for the blind. But we wanted to include these steps as these are necessary if you take a seat at a cash table.

Making transactions – deposits and withdrawals

To have the funds to enter any cash tables or tournaments, you need to make an initial deposit. This is done through the banking section in your account. And when you open this up, you’ll see a range of supported payment methods. These include methods like direct transfers, debit cards, PayPal, as well as other e-wallets. Most of these methods can be used to process withdrawals too, and none of your transactions will incur fees.

Top Features of the WSOP Ontario App

Take a look at the following three features to see what makes the WSOP Canada app so great:

Range of poker formats

The first feature we wish to highlight is the range of games. We’ve touched upon them earlier, but to clarify, WSOP has formats like Texas Hold’em, Three Card Poker, No-Limit Hold’em, and many others. This creates more diversity than most poker sites.

Big cash prizes

Not only can you participate in tournaments for as little as $1, but the cash prizes can be enormous too. Depending on the tournament that you enter, you could be playing for five and six-figure sums. Of course, the larger the payout, the more people tend to be attracted and enter.

WSOP Ontario App

Free play to practice

If you haven’t played poker before, it can be a little intimidating to try and use the WSOP Ontario app. However, the app has an option where you can play for free and practice your skills. This is awesome as it makes the app suitable for beginners as well as advanced poker gamers.

The user experience of the WSOP Canada app

There are a few things that we love about the WSOP app in terms of user experience. Firstly, the app has great aesthetics, which makes it feel professional. Secondly, as extensive as the app is, it’s easy to navigate between the many tournaments and cash tables. And finally, the app is seamless in terms of its performance once you are involved in a game.

WSOP Canada App Conclusion – Magnificent

Some might argue that since the app doesn’t have sports betting or casino gaming, it’s not worth downloading. But if you love playing online poker, you won’t find any better apps in the Canadian market. Because of that, we recommend giving this one a shot.

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