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World Cup Futures Betting Markets at Pinnacle

World Cup Futures Betting at Pinnacle – Quick Introduction

At the time of writing, the 2022 World Cup is within a week of starting. This is an incredibly exciting time that only comes around once every four years. So naturally, punters are chomping at the bit to see what the betting opportunities are for this tournament. On that note, our focus here is to highlight the World Cup futures markets listed at a brand new addition to the online betting market in Ontario – Pinnacle. These are available for you to bet on from the moment that you register as a new customer with Pinnacle.

To do exactly that, you can follow the links provided right here. Of course, you must also satisfy the online gaming regulations for Canada, and specifically, Ontario. These dictate that you must be based in Ontario as a permanent resident and you must be over the age of 19. If you tick both boxes, you can proceed to register and start looking at the futures betting markets for the 2022 World Cup.

Specifics on World Cup Futures Betting

Since you are looking into futures betting for this tournament, we’d assume you have a general idea of what this is. However, in case you don’t, or there are certain things you are uncertain about, we wanted to provide a quick description. Basically, World Cup futures is a form of betting where you can bet on the outright tournament winner (as the main option). Yet you can also wager on other markets for things like the top scorer, which team will make it to the finals, the tournament’s best player, and more.

For the 2022 World Cup, there are 32 teams involved in the action. These 32 national teams are split into eight groups of four, and you can wager on any of them to win the tournament before Sunday, November 20th. This is when the tournament begins, and Pinnacle will be closing this market prior to that day. Therefore, if you wish to bet on any of the teams to win the tournament, or on any other futures markets, you’ve not got a huge window of opportunity to do so.

World Cup futures

With this in mind, you should also know that some teams have a better chance of glory than others. This is reflected in the futures odds that Pinnacle has right now ahead of the 2022 World Cup. The subject of respective odds for each team brings us nicely to the next discussion. And in the next section, you will see the options for each selection at Pinnacle.

Available 2022 World Cup Futures Markets at Pinnacle with Odds

We mentioned earlier that there are many outright and futures markets at Pinnacle. Because of this, we want to now provide a prediction for each of the available markets. You can use our predictions to go ahead and wager on these options if desired. But either way, we hope you find the information presented below valuable for your betting decisions.

Outright winner – Brazil – +400 odds

Starting with our prediction for the overall tournament winner, we have to go with Brazil. This team just has too much strength and depth to justify going for anybody else. And if Neymar performs as he has been doing for PSG this season, the Brazilian team will naturally be a huge contender for the title. Should they win their group, which they should do, they will be sitting pretty for a run to the final.

Golden Boot – Neymar – +1000 odds

Since we are shooting for Brazil to win the tournament, it makes sense to back this up with a golden boot award for Brazil’s top striker. Once again, we have to reference Neymar here as our top pick for the Golden Boot award. In previous World Cup events, he hasn’t quite had the strength of players around him to let him play at his full potential. But this year feels very different, and he could go on to score a string of goals.

To reach final – Brazil/Argentina – +234/+287 odds

You can choose to pick one or two teams for this particular World Cup futures market. However, as you can see, we’ve chosen to go with two teams – Brazil and Argentina. If things work out as they should for the group stages, these two teams could only meet in the final. So this wager is both logical and somewhat likely. Then again, you don’t have to pick both. You can just pick one or the other to play things on the ‘safe’ side, if there is such a thing when it comes to World Cup betting.


Golden Ball – Lionel Messi – +700 odds

The Golden Ball is different from the Golden Boot, as you may know already. This award is given to the player of the tournament. And we feel that if Argentina was to make it to the final, especially with this being Messi’s last World Cup (most likely), he will go all out to snap up this trophy. So this has to be our top pick, especially with +700 odds on the cards.

Highest scoring group – Group E – +333 odds

This is probably one of the trickiest markets to go for, as there are so many variables for the group stages. But with Group E consisting of Spain, Germany, Costa Rica, and Japan, we feel there is enough scope to back Group E here. There is a nice blend of dominant teams vs underdogs, and this should allow for plenty of goals to be scored.

Winning continent – South America – +177 odds

Given that there are two terrific teams from South America at the moment (Brazil and Argentina), we feel this is a good bet to make. And if things work out as predicted according to the odds and seedings, these two could meet in the final – as mentioned earlier.

Winning group – Group G – +350 odds

Since we have a running theme here of Brazil being the likely champions, of course, we must go with Group G here. And to be perfectly honest, the odds of +350 are highly respectable. So this wraps up the last of our predictions for the World Cup futures options at Pinnacle.

For more details on how to bet on the world's biggest soccer event, do check out Pinnacle's World Cup betting guide.