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Rivalry Esports Betting Review 2024: Newest Ontario Sportsbook

This Rivalry eSports review highlights all of the pros and cons of this site – currently open to all Canadian residents.

Rivalry eSports Review – Events and Markets Covered 

You may be aware already that sports betting is big business in Canada. However, one of the other forms of betting that is also booming is eSports betting. Therefore, we’ve crafted this up-to-date Rivalry eSports review to highlight one of the best sites in the market. At the moment, Rivalry is active in the Ontario market, and it's ranked right up there as one of the best online betting sites in Canada. Once signed up, you then have access to the full scope of eSports markets that Rivalry covers.

So on that note, we can already tell you that Rivalry has betting markets for over 25 eSports on the site. Some are more popular than others, of course, and examples of popular eSports at the moment include Dota 2, Call of Duty, CS:GO, NBA 2K, plus plenty of others. You’ll find open betting markets for events taking place for these games in abundance with Rivalry. This is true for classic league matches, tournaments, and more. For a more extensive review on Rivalry's eSports betting, take a look at our Rivalry Esports betting review.

rivalry esports review

As for the exact markets that you can bet on, there is a solid range available. Typically, you’ll be able to take a punt on markets like moneyline, over/under points totals, and you can even make unique parlays. This is the case for the pre-game betting markets, as well as the live betting markets. And for the latter, you can still be looking at 40+ betting markets to consider.

Rivalry eSports betting – odds and limits

The quality of the odds available is a major element to look at with any site. On that note, we’d like to confirm that the Rivalry eSports betting odds are usually top-drawer. The reason for this is because Rivalry is pretty much the largest provider of eSports betting in Ontario. So as you’d expect, the odds are frequently much better than you might get elsewhere. This might not always be a staggering difference. But if you consistently bet on markets that have higher odds, this adds up significantly in the long run.

So this alone shows that you are guaranteed great value on your wagers by engaging in Rivalry betting for eSports. However, this doesn’t cover the whole story. You’ve got to also look at any limits that are enforced relating to minimum bets, maximum wins, etc. With that in mind, if you wish to make a bet on one of the eSports markets, you must wager at least $0.50. This is a very reasonable minimum in our opinion, and this drops lower for in-play betting.

As for maximum payouts, this isn’t explicitly specified by Rivalry. But since the maximum withdrawals are set at $1,000 and $10,000 for unverified vs verified members, we’d assume that the cap on winnings is above this.

Additional Rivalry betting features to take note of

Now that we’ve covered the eSports product and discussed the odds/limits, let’s move on. Naturally, the Rivalry eSports betting product receives plenty of attention since it’s pretty much the largest of its kind in Ontario. But if you really want to see what makes a site special, you’ve got to dive deeper. We think it’s important to look at premium features that relate to Rivalry betting, for one. And we also believe that assessing other areas like the user experience, banking, and customer support is important too.

The quality of each of these areas does have an impact on the overall quality of the site as a whole. So without further ado, let us cover them for the remainder of this Rivalry eSports review.

Rivalry Ontario live betting and streaming services

We briefly mentioned above that live betting is listed for Rivalry eSports betting. However, we haven’t quite done this section justice yet. Therefore, it’s about time that we changed that. Once you open the eSports product you’ll see a whole subsection reserved for live betting. Tap that link and all current events will reveal themselves. This can reveal live events for any of the 25+ eSports that are covered. And once again, you can have 40+ live betting options at your disposal.

rivalry esports review

Some events do have more than this, and some have less. Yet we’d say that 40 is about the average across the board. You can always see which way the odds are shifting for live betting too. This is indicated by green and red arrows that flash across the screen – very helpful. Once you decide you want to back one of these markets, it’s a two-tap process. Just tap once to add the market to the bet slip, enter a stake, then tap ‘place bet’. It’s that easy.

This should get you rather excited about live betting at Rivalry. However, we’d like to also point out that live streaming options are available too. As long as you have wagered on that event or have funds in your account, you can use this feature. And to initiate a stream, all you have to do is hit the ‘watch’ button.

The Rivalry betting cash-out tool

If you have a bit of experience with online betting, cashouts will be familiar to you. If not, let us quickly give you the breakdown. Basically, cashouts are an offer that gets issued to you if your bet looks likely to be a winner. A site like Rivalry will offer you a cashout to avoid the need to payout on the full value of your wager. Therefore, if you do take a cashout offer, you can instantly bank the winnings. But this is by no means compulsory. You can let things ride until the bitter end to hopefully redeem the full value of the bet.

Of course, the problem with the latter is that your bet might end up losing, hence the benefits of the cashout tool! Now, with Rivalry eSports betting, you can cash-out most wagers made on the site. This is a major benefit of choosing Rivalry over other eSports sites. And we say that because competitor sites only allow cashouts for a handful of markets. Naturally, this reduces the overall value and use of this feature.

Rivalry eSports review of the mobile app

Unfortunately, there's no Rivalry app per se. Then again, this is fairly consistent with most online betting sites in Canada at the moment. But don’t feel too disheartened just yet. You can still access your account via the sophisticated mobile site. Just log in through the browser on your phone/tablet to be in business. And while mobile sites can sometimes be a little clunky or slow, this one is anything but.

It’s a slick platform with full support of all 25+ eSports. On top of that, you can still make use of features like streaming and cashouts too. So really, it would be completely unfair to say that this wasn’t a mobile-friendly site.

Processing payments at Rivalry Ontario

With Rivalry being a real money betting platform, this is an important area to look at. After all, without funds in your account, you won’t be moving too far off the blocks. So with this in mind, what are these payments and how do they work? We’re glad you asked! Starting with the actual range of payment options, the big three here include MasterCard, Visa, and Interac Online. In fact, these are the main three payment options that you’ll see with most betting sites. And when you’re ready to fund your account, it only takes a minimum of $15 to get this done.

Adding to this, we should state that the monthly deposit maximum is $5000 for starters. This can be changed if you like, but you must contact the team to do so. The cherry on top for this part of the review is that deposits don’t have any fees whatsoever.

The customer support network for Rivalry betting

Nobody likes to think about technical or account problems, but it’s part of online betting. So if something goes wrong at any point, it’s comforting to see solid support methods. The best of the bunch is definitely live chat, however. This service is monitored by support agents 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. And once you actually open the live chat and send a message, usually, an agent joins the chat in a few minutes.

The customer support network for Rivalry betting

So this is obviously the most convenient and indeed the speediest of support methods. But alternatively, you can use the email or toll-free number to reach the team too. All of these methods are found under the ‘contact us’ tab. This can be accessed at the very bottom of the main homepage.

Overall Rivalry eSports betting user experience

The last of the areas we wish to assess in this Rivalry eSports review is the user experience as a whole. This relates to things like the site design, ease of use, site performance, and more. And if we were to summarize these elements, we’d have to say that Rivalry knocks it out of the park. The site feels immensely professional given its aesthetics, layout, and various dynamic elements.

Following that, the premium features such as cashouts and streaming are easily accessible, while performing well at the same time.

Alternative Products – extra options

We have a sneaky feeling that you’ve picked up on the fact that we’ve mainly been assessing the Rivalry eSports betting product so far. However, this isn’t the only product on the site. In fact, there is a highly respectable sportsbook that you can also access. We’ve quickly reviewed this product below:

Rivalry Betting for Standard Sports

Rivalry might be an excellent site for eSports betting, but the sportsbook is also quite spectacular. After hitting the ‘sports’ tab, you’ll notice a string of popular sports to bet on. These are listed within the panel at the side of the page. And some of the main sports you’ll find here include football, basketball, hockey, baseball, tennis, and soccer. This isn’t the entire range, it’s just the main sports. And in terms of general market depth, we’ve found that Rivalry whips up 50-100 markets on average.

Rivalry eSports Review Summary – a true market leader

At the end of the day, we have to determine whether we’d recommend Rivalry Ontario or not. And given the countless positives discovered in this review, we’ve got to say yes. In fact, we’d probably give Rivalry a 4.5/5 rating for the eSports offerings. And the sole reason we’ve docked a point is that there is no native app that members can download yet.

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In our experience, the offerings are extremely competitive.


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