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Rivalry Esports Referral Code 2023: Canada Sports and Esports Betting

Interested in joining Rivalry and want to use a Rivalry eSports code? There’s some information to learn before doing so – it’s all discussed here.

Registering with a Rivalry eSports code in Ontario 

Have you tried your hand at eSports betting in the past? Whether the answer is yes or no, we believe that you should consider joining this site and using the Rivalry eSports code (optional). That’s because Rivalry Canada has surged in popularity within the Ontario market of late. And this is the case due to its Rivalry betting offerings for sports, eSports, and more. To join this site, you can follow the steps identified right here:

  1. Tap links to jump to Rivalry Canada
  2. Create unique username with password
  3. Enter the Rivalry eSports code (optional)
  4. Supply Rivalry with name, address, DOB, etc.
  5. Establish security measures and agree to T&Cs
  6. End the process and sign in

Registering with a Rivalry eSports code in Ontario

As displayed in the step-by-step guide above, it’s your choice as to whether or not you actually sign up and use the code or not. The only implication of using the code is that you may then get tailored marketing materials further down the line. You won’t get any additional benefits of unique rewards by registering with the code, which is why we’ve stated that this is an optional step.

Why can’t I get a Rivalry Canada registration code?

You can get a code – it just doesn’t lead to any specific incentives, as we have mentioned in the section above. Therefore, when completing the registration process, you can completely bypass the code box, if you like. And to stress once more, the code only links to marketing materials and tracking. The latter just means that Rivalry would know that you’ve joined the site as a result of reading the information contained here. It has zero impact on how your account functions and whether you get any rewards or not.

Are residents of Ontario eligible to sign up and bet at Rivalry Canada?

As of a few months ago, residents of Ontario are able to open a new account and engage in Rivalry betting for sports, as well as eSports betting. We must be explicit in regard to the focus on Ontario and not Canada as a whole here, however. And that’s because Rivalry is relatively new to the Ontario market. It has been available ever since it obtained a license through the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

Yet as you may or may not know, this change in laws that now permits online gaming is a very recent thing. There are certain restrictions in place that prohibit certain people from gambling at Rivalry as well. The two major restrictions relate to age and residence status in Ontario. Essentially, you must be over the age of 19 to legally register with Rivalry, and you must be able to prove that you are a resident of Ontario.

Of course, this goes hand in hand with being a Canadian resident too, only it’s specific to this province. And if you are curious as to how this is monitored, you must complete verification when signing up – that’s how. Rivalry Canada will ask for a photo of both your ID and proof of address through either a utility bill or bank statement.

Rivalry eSports Betting Review

We hope that you’ve recovered from the realization that the Rivalry eSports code won’t lead to any benefits. And it’s important to keep in mind that while there might be no registration incentive, the site is still a formidable betting platform overall. That’s why so many people are looking to join the Rivalry platform at the moment.

As we start to run through some of the key betting elements for this site, you will soon understand why this is the case. So now, let’s turn our attention to reviewing some of these critical site elements.

Rivalry eSports Betting

Given that Rivalry is dominating the Ontario market when it comes to eSports betting, we may as well kick things off with this product. And just in case you were curious as to what eSports betting actually is, this is where you can bet on professional tournaments and leagues for gaming. Rivalry is rather extensive concerning the coverage of eSports at the moment too, with more than 20 different eSports leagues to wager on.

Rivalry eSports Betting

Leagues and tournaments tend to take place all year round too, leading to thousands of betting markets and thousands of actual matchups to check out. As for the respective betting markets, there is a solid range of futures and outrights, first and foremost. These are generally issued well in advance and Rivalry comes up with highly competitive odds for these options. Yet when the individual matchups come around, the standard betting markets tend to cover moneyline, props, point spreads, and more.

The markets do differ based on the actual eSports game that is being played. But as an example, Counter-Strike has some of the most extensive betting options. So you may wish to check out matchups related to this game at the beginning.

Rivalry Betting for Sports

Another great thing about Rivalry is that there is a comprehensive sportsbook to go with the eSports options. So if you want to wager on real-life sports instead of virtual games, you can absolutely do this. To navigate to the sportsbook, you should see a sports betting link alongside the eSports link in the main menu. This will open up the entire sportsbook, of which there are many different sports to bet on.

But as expected, Rivalry focused on sports that attract plenty of attention from Canadian punters. Examples of these sports include hockey, basketball, soccer, American football, and others. You can always take a punt on pre-game as well as live markets for these popular sports too, which puts the cherry on top for this formidable online sportsbook.

Rivalry Customer Service Options

Moving away from the actual product offerings now, we feel it’s beneficial to cover alternative elements of this platform. And here, we shall quickly discuss the customer service options that you have at your disposal with Rivalry. Basically, the site has three main contact methods that you can access. These include live chat, phone support, and email. And between the three, you can enjoy access to support services on a 24/7 basis. However, the speediest way to connect with an agent and solve your issue is to go through the live chat option.

Rivalry Customer Service Options

When you use this method, you will be connected to a support representative almost immediately. And since you can message back and forth, it’s easy to explain things and try to find a solution to whatever is going on. But if you’d prefer a more human approach, you can always call the team free of charge.

The slowest of these methods is definitely the email method. This is probably the best way to express yourself, but response times can be anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

Depositing and withdrawing funds at Rivalry Canada

It goes without saying that to make full use of your new Rivalry account, you’ll need to deposit some cash to get the ball rolling. And when you’re ready to pull the trigger, you can choose from a huge range of options. Currently, Rivalry supports payment methods like Bitcoin, cash vouchers, Interac transfers, e-wallets such as Skrill and MuchBetter, as well as credit and debit cards. You don’t need to deposit a ton of cash for your transaction to be accepted either. In fact, the standard minimum across these methods is just $15.

As for withdrawals, the same range of payment methods remains in place, as does the accepted transaction minimum. And of course, punters tend to be concerned about lengthy withdrawal times with any betting site. So to put you at ease – withdrawals are largely instant once the 48-hour (maximum) processing period has finished.

Both withdrawals and deposits are free of any unwanted fees too, which is ideal.

Review of the Rivalry App – non-existent

If you wish to access your Rivalry on the move, you may be eager to download a Rivalry app. Unfortunately, there is no betting app at the moment. However, like all respectable betting sites, you can access your account and place bets through a top-notch mobile site. This is accessible through the browser on either your smartphone or tablet. And once signed in, you get access to the same products that are supported on the desktop site.

Rivalry has pulled out all the stops concerning the implementation of features into the mobile site too. Particularly for Rivalry eSports betting, you can watch the action unfold through HD streaming services. Not only that, but you have the option to place live bets and cashout wagers related to the mainstream markets too. And finally, we found the mobile site easy to navigate with relatively little lag – no matter what section of the site we accessed.

Summary of the Rivalry eSports Betting Platform

All in all, we’ve got to give Rivalry a solid 4/5 rating for the current offerings. The site has several great products to make use of after you have registered. And Rivalry has done a great job with implementing top features like cashouts and streaming too. But we’ve taken a point away for the absence of a mobile app, which is something that many punters desire these days.


Is there much point in signing up with the Rivalry eSports code?

That depends. If you are okay with tracking and you may like to receive marketing materials relating to the site, then yes. Should you not be bothered about those things, then the answer would be no.

Will there ever be a Rivalry app to download?

Who’s to say really? The only people that will know the answer to that are the guys operating the Rivalry Canada site.

Do I have to verify my account after I’ve registered?

You don’t technically have to, no. However, if you fail to do this, you may be limited regarding withdrawals and your account may have unwanted speedbumps.

Can I trust the Rivalry betting site?

Absolutely. Rivalry is a fully functional and most importantly, a legal betting site open for Ontario residents right now. Hundreds if not thousands of punters are already registered too, which is a promising sign.

Can I come back to enter the eSports code after I’ve signed up?

No. You can only apply the eSports code during the sign-up process. So if you want to apply it, it has to be done then.

Are there any restrictions concerning live-streaming options?

Yes. You are required to have a funded account or you must have bet on the event in question to use this feature.