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Pointsbet Ontario Review


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PointsBet Ontario Review 2023: Online Sports & Casino Betting

With online sports betting becoming legal in many Canadian provinces, more than a few operators decided to enter this market, especially in Ontario.

One of them is PointsBet, a popular Australian bookie with a share in the US market already. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed PointsBet Ontario review and cover all the important facts you should know about it.

PointsBet Ontario – Available Sports and Betting Markets

Sports betting is the focus of the PointsBet Ontario website, even though you can also find casino games here. That is why we will be very detailed in our PointsBet sportsbook review.

After all, their sportsbook is the main reason why PointsBet has grown in popularity in recent years – their unique points betting feature, to be exact.

Unfortunately, points betting is not yet available in Canada. PointsBet currently only offers fixed odds for standard betting markets, which is a bit disappointing given how popular points betting is on their website in other countries. In any case, we hope that this betting feature is added soon to PointsBet Canada as well.

Many Sports to Bet on at PointsBet Ontario

When it comes to the number of sports you can find on this website, you won’t be disappointed. All the major sports and leagues in Canada and North America are there and clearly in focus, such as NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL, and MLS.

Many Sports to Bet on at PointsBet Ontario

Of course, you can also find a variety of other sports here, even those that are less popular. Overall, PointsBet has more than twenty different sports you can bet on at PointsBet Canada, including soccer, tennis, basketball, motorsports, golf, and many others. Basically, you will find most sports you can think of on the website and most of them have multiple leagues/competitions you can bet on.

On top of all this, you can also bet on certain e-sports at PointsBet Ontario.


Various Betting Markets at PointsBet Ontario

PointsBet offers a variety of betting markets for standard betting, including betting on the outcome of the game (winner), handicap betting, over/under, full-game betting, period betting, outright betting, team specials, player specials, and others.

You can even request a bet that you have in mind if it’s not already available on the website and PointsBet will usually make a special market for you. This feature is pretty neat and one of the standouts in our PointsBet sportsbook review.

PointsBet Ontario Review – Odds and Limits

When it comes to odds at PointsBet Ontario, they are pretty much in line with the industry standards. It’s worth noting that their odds are noticeably better for the most popular North American leagues, while they tend to be more average than great for other sports and leagues. Overall, PointsBet Canada has competitive odds, which are pretty comparable to other big brands in the country.

Meanwhile, there are no limits on how much you can bet or win at PointsBet, at least we didn’t find any on the website. On top of that, no withdrawal limits exist at PointsBet Ontario at the moment. On the other hand, you can set certain limits for yourself, including bet limits and deposit limits, for as long as you want them to be active.

PointsBet Ontario Review – Additional Betting Features

Now that we’ve covered some basic things in our PointsBet review, like the sports and betting markets available, and the quality of odds, let’s take a closer look at some other betting features that make PointsBet stand out.

Live Betting and Live Streaming at PointsBet Canada

Like most other sports betting sites, PointsBet Canada also offers live betting to their players and we will cover it now as part of our PointsBet review. This is becoming an increasingly popular form of betting, so it’s no surprise that PointsBet has an extensive assortment of live betting options.

Live Betting and Live Streaming at PointsBet Canada

First of all, you can find live betting markets for most of the sports that are available for pre-match betting, especially for bigger leagues. Secondly, the number of live betting markets is impressive, although clearly not as numerous as the number of pre-betting markets.

What is lacking a bit here, at least compared to some of the best bookies, is a variety of live stats that could make your decision a bit easier when placing a bet. Some bookies even have graphics that display the ongoing events for the live games they offer in real time and to their credit, there is a Live Tracker option at PointsBet as well, but it’s not available for all live games.

How to Place Live Bets at PointsBet Canada

Placing a live bet at PointsBet is as simple as placing a bet for any of the pre-match betting markets. Here’s a quick guide for it:

  1. Sign in to your PointsBet account
  2. Go to the Live Betting section on the site
  3. Choose the live game you wish to bet on
  4. Find and select the market you want to bet on to add it to your betslip
  5. Add more selection for a parlay bet (optional)
  6. Enter the amount you want to wager and confirm the bet

New users would need to register their account first. The registration process is simple and straightforward that involves the user's pertinent information and the optional Pointsbet sign-up code.

Live Streaming Options at PointsBet Canada

Although we were a bit let down by the lack of live stats on the site, the fact that you can watch live streams of certain sports and games at PointsBet Canada is redeeming for the bookie in this PointsBet sportsbook review.

At the moment, you can find select matches to watch live, for a few different sports, including tennis, soccer, table tennis, and basketball. On the downside, the selection of live streams is pretty limited, but at least you can watch some of the games that you bet on.


Cash Out Feature at PointsBet Canada

Another interesting feature PointsBet provides to their players is the Cash Out feature and we wanted to cover it in more detail in our PointsBet review.

The Cash Out feature at PointsBet allows you to get out of your bet before the event you bet on is over or even before it started, for example if you are waiting on the last leg of your parlay bet. This gives you a chance to get out of a seemingly losing bet with some of the wager amount saved, or to reduce the risk of a loss on a bet that’s looking like a winning one by cashing out a part of the winnings.

In addition to this, PointsBet also has a Partial Cash Out feature, which gives you a chance to cash out a part of potential winnings, while still keeping part of the bet in play until the end of the game. This can be a great option in some situations since it can provide you with some security and still keep you thrilled for the chase.

It’s important to remember that these features are not available at all times and for all games, but only on selected games that PointsBet deems eligible. If your bet is eligible for Cash Out, you will see the Cash Out icon on the website/betslip.

Also, the amount of the Cash Out is not negotiable – you can take it or leave it.

Well-Designed PointsBet Ontario Mobile App

In addition to the website, you can also download the PointsBet sportsbook app to your mobile device and use it. So, as a part of our PointsBet Ontario review, we will now talk about the PointsBet app a little bit.

PointsBet Ontario Review [auto_last_update format="Y" before=""]: Online Sports & Casino Betting

The app is available for both iOS and Android devices and you can download it either on the App Store or Google Play. You can also follow the links for download by going to PointsBet Canada and clicking on the respective icon.

Meanwhile, the app has a very similar design to the PointsBet website, so if you used the site before you won’t have any trouble adapting to the app. On top of that, the app has a pretty straightforward layout, so even if you are not familiar with the site, you won’t have any problem moving around the app and finding the games you want to bet on.

PointsBet Canada app also has a section where you can play casino games, just like their site. Also, all other features that are available on the site can be found and used on the app – including payment options, customer support, live betting, live streaming, etc.

PointsBet Ontario Review – Basic Casino Section

The next thing we will cover in our PointsBet review is the casino section available on the website.

On the positive side, PointsBet Canada does have a casino section and they provide a few different products here – slots, table games, video poker, and live dealer games. The downside is – there aren’t many of them.

This is especially true for slots, which are usually the most numerous type of casino games you can find on sports betting websites and online casinos. However, PointsBet Ontario has just around 40 different slots, which is far from impressive.

Meanwhile, you can find around 50 table games and live casino games, including different versions of blackjack, baccarat, roulette, poker, dice games, and game shows. That is pretty much in line with what most casinos have, which makes the low number of slots even more confusing.

Also, and this might be nitpicking, we would like to see table games and live dealer games separated into two individual sections, instead of grouped together. That’s the way it’s usually presented and it’s easier to find your favorite game if they are separated.

PointsBet Ontario Review – Basic Casino Section

Despite some of the flaws and if you are primarily interested in sports betting and you only want to play an occasional casino game, PointsBet has enough to keep you entertained. Not to mention the fact that we expect more slots to be added in the future anyway.

PointsBet Ontario Review – A Good Option for Sports Fans

There are many things to like about PointsBet Ontario and we’ve covered them all in our PointsBet review. Still, it’s worth mentioning some of them again, like the number of sports and markets available on the site, the live betting options and ability to watch live streams of certain games, interesting features like Name A Bet or Cash Out, etc.

However, there are some things that we feel could be better, which we also mentioned already in our PointsBet Ontario review. The biggest letdown is the fact that points betting is not available at PointsBet Canada, despite being the operator’s staple feature in other countries. On top of that, we would appreciate a few more slots added to the site, a few more live streaming options, and perhaps one or two additional payment methods.

Overall, PointsBet Canada deserves more than a simple passing grade, especially compared to the competition in this relatively new sports betting market.


Pointsbet Ontario Review 2023 FAQ

Is PointsBet Reliable?

Yes, PointsBet Ontario is a reliable and trustworthy site, proven by the fact that they are licensed and controlled by appropriate regulating bodies, such as the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (‘AGCO’) and iGaming Ontario.

Do I Need a Registration Code to Join the Site?

No, a sign up code is not required to open a new account at PointsBet at any time. Also, even if you have it, you wouldn’t get any advantages from it at all.

Is Points Betting Available at PointsBet Canada?

Unfortunately, this betting option is not available on the site right now, but we certainly hope to see it on the website in near future.

What Sports Can I Bet On at PointsBet?

PointsBet provides a variety of sports and leagues for betting, more than 20 overall. That includes popular leagues in Canada, like NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, and MLS, in addition to many others.

Is Cash Out Feature Available at PointsBet?

Yes, PointsBet Canada has both Cash Out and Partial Cash Out features, allowing you to choose the option that suits you the most. However, these features are not available for all games.

Can I Play Casino Games at PointsBet Ontario?

Yes, you can find some casino games on this site, including slots, video poker, table games, and live casino games.

How to Contact PointsBet Customer Service?

You can contact PointsBet customer support via phone, email, or live chat.

What Payment Methods Can I Use at PointsBet Canada?

There are a few different options you can use to make payments at PointsBet Canada, including MasterCard and Visa cards, Trustly, PayPal, and Interac.