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Play Fallsview Review 2023: Fallsview Sportsbook is Now live!

The newest sportsbook in Ontario is here and it's called Play Fallsview. Today, we will go over the platform and see its negative and positive qualities. In this Play Fallsview review, you can read all about our experience on the platform and what we thought about it.

Our Play Fallsview Review of the Sportsbook 2023

The new partnership Fallsview Casino Resort has with Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment and Kambi Group provided the newest addition to the Ontario sports betting market – their sportsbook app. You can create your account pretty fast and you also need to verify it before you can use it. That being said, there isn't a Play Fallsview referral code you need to use if you want to register because there aren't any benefits for registering on the platform.

There are plenty of sports and markets available for customers to choose from. The most popular sports that customers enjoy betting on remain Hockey, Football, Tennis, and Soccer. Some sports, like soccer, have more betting options than boxing, for example, but you will find that there are plenty of betting markets available even for not-so-popular sports.

Live Streaming and Betting In-Play on the Sportsbook

We will also talk more about the betting features you can use at Play Fallsview's online sportsbook a little later in this article, but for now, we will only mention that there are more than a few of them and customers enjoy them quite a lot.

How are the Play Fallsview Odds Looking Like and Are There Limits?

The odds at Play Fallsview are somewhat high, but the bookmaker is trying to be competitive and you might have to look closely between the different sports and markets to find the best odds at any specific time. Generally, the odds on the Play Fallsview sportsbook are competitive and fair. We wouldn't say that they are particularly high or low for specific sports and events because we didn't find evidence of this. Your best bet is to look through the available odds for the markets you want to bet on to find the best ones you like.

When it comes to limits, the sportsbook provides customers with plenty of those. It's all in the Responsible Gambling section, and it allows you to put different limits on your account. For example, there are deposit limits you can use if you want to limit the amount you deposit each month. Also, there are other limits you can use, like loss limits, stake limits, and playing limits. Of course, there is also the self-exclusion option for those of you that need it.

Other Betting Features and Platform Details About Play Fallsview Ontario

Live Streaming and Betting In-Play on the Sportsbook

In-play betting is a feature that is very popular and you can use it on the Play Fallsview app. It allows you to place bets after the game has already started. Some people think that the odds for in-play bets are sometimes better than the odds for regular pre-game markets, but in our opinion, you just have to find the odds that suit you at the right time. The other thing you should know about live betting is that the odds can change at any time, so if you find a bet you like and the odds are good, you should probably place it fast because those odds might change in minutes.

Live streaming is still on the table, but they don't offer it right now. They may provide the feature in the future, but for now, it's not available. If they do end up adding a live streaming feature though, you will be able to watch certain games live while you are placing in-play bets on them.

Betting Feature Details: Cash-Out & Bet Builder

For those of you that enjoy betting there is also the cash-out feature, which is available on certain bet markets. With it, you can settle your wager even before the game ended. This has several perks, like for example, you can limit your future losses if a bet isn't going your way, or you can protect your current winnings if you aren't sure how the match will end anymore.

Keep in mind that the feature isn't available for all betting markets and sports, but you will most likely see a sticker or an icon tagged cash out for all bets that have this feature. If there isn't cash out icon, after you placed the bet, you can head to the “My Bets” section and see which bets you placed are available for cash out and which aren't.

Bet Builder is another popular feature that you can use only on some sports, like soccer. It allows you to combine betting markets from the same game into a single bet. The odds are also combined automatically, so you don't have to calculate anything on your own. This feature is newer in the sports betting industry and that's why it isn't implemented for all sports. For now, the number of sports that this feature is available for isn't that many, but maybe in the future, they will expand it.

Mobile Application Available for Sportsbook & Casino

The Play Fallsview app is special because it's a combination of the sportsbook and online casino. This means that you can bet on sports and also play games via your phone from the same mobile app. Not many operators choose to do things this way, but some customers don't like to download many apps on their devices. This way, there is only one app for both sections. If the online casino has captured your attention, you can check out our best online casino reviews article and see how the Fallsview app compares.

Mobile Application Available for Sportsbook & Casino

The app itself is free of charge and is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can download it by following the link on the mobile site or by going directly to the application store and searching for it.

Does Play Fallsview Ontario Provide Different Sections?

Online Casino

Besides sports betting, you can legally play online games via the Play Fallsview Ontario platform. Same as the sportsbook, you don't need a special code or a new account to play on the platform. The game selection is limited to slots, table games, and video poker, but it's still small. We expect that in the future, they will add more games. You can read our full Play Fallsview review of the online casino to know more about it.

Live Dealer

The live dealer section isn't a separate one, but it's more like an extension of the online casino. There, you can play on live dealer tables various games. There are mostly blackjack and baccarat tables, but you can also find a few poker variations and a few game shows. The live dealer games are accessible via the mobile app without a problem.

Live Dealer

Our Summary of This Play Fallsview Review

Play Fallsview is a newer online sportsbook but they are landing quite well on the Ontario betting market with a fully functioning mobile app, which gives us access to not only a sportsbook but also the online casino. Very few brands decide on the fact to combine the apps into one rather than have a single app for each section, but it works for Play Fallsview.

In this short Play Fallsview review, we figured out that they aren't perfect and they have a lot of things to work on, but we think that in time, these negatives will be ironed out and they will improve. Either they improve or they get left behind and that is just how the betting market works nowadays.

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Zack TC

Zack is a longtime football fan, writer, and bettor. He also has experience playing and coaching the game of football at a local level. His interest in the MLS, Liga MX and the Canadian Premier League adds a new dimension to the content we have at FootballWhispers.


How old do I have to be to bet on the platform?

In Canada, and especially Ontario, you need to be at least 18 years old to place bets, so that is the minimum age you will be able to create an account on the platform and use it.

Why do I need to verify my account?

You need to verify your account because it’s required by the law for Play Fallsview to check and see if you are actually who you say you are. This way, they prevent scams.

Would I need to provide more documents in the future?

That depends, if any more documents are needed for verification, you will be contacted by Play Fallsview by e-mail and they will explain what they need and why.

Is my information safe on the Play Fallsview platform?

Yes, it is. Play Fallsview and the iGaming operators use the best online encryptions and protections to make sure your data is safe. You can trust them to use it only for verification services, for example, if you forgot your password, your data will be used to verify your identity before they can restore your account to you.

Which documents do I need to provide for verification?

There are a couple of different documents you can provide, but the most common ones are a passport or driving license to validate your age and identity, a utility bill to validate your address, and a bank statement to verify your payment method. Keep in mind that the utility bill and bank statement need to be issued within the last three months.