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Pinnacle World Cup betting: How to wager on soccer’s biggest event from Ontario

If you are based in Ontario and you’re looking forward to the World Cup, we’ve got some great news to share. Specifically, if you are looking to place a few wagers on the World Cup, there is one platform you must know about.

Pinnacle World Cup Betting – Introduction

Pinnacle is a brand new betting platform that has opened up for the Canadian betting market recently. Of course, this means that you can engage in Pinnacle World Cup betting once you’ve registered with these guys. Our Pinnacle Ontario review is the best thing to read before you sign up with Pinnacle Ontario.

pinnacle World Cup betting

To be even more precise, you must be over the age of 19 and based in Ontario to register and place any bets on the site. As long as you satisfy this criteria, you are legally allowed to sign up and make wagers on the 2022 World Cup. Keep in mind that the details you provide will be checked by Pinnacle after opening the account. And this is done through a relatively quick verification process, which is required to be completed by all new customers.

Anyway, with those important details taken care of, let’s switch it up and start discussing how you can use Pinnacle for betting on the World Cup.

Getting started with Pinnacle World Cup Betting – the sign up process

At this point, you entered your Pinnacle sign up code Canada, and you’ve no doubt realized that opening an account with Pinnacle is a non-negotiable requirement. Therefore, it makes sense for us to begin by discussing these details before we go any further. So on that note, please see the standard sign-up process for Pinnacle right here:

  1. Tap the provided links to get to the Pinnacle sign-up form
  2. Establish a fresh username and password
  3. Give your address, DOB, full name, email, etc.
  4. Agree to Pinnacle’s T&Cs
  5. End the process by opening the account

Getting started with Pinnacle World Cup Betting - the sign up process

This is a very quick and easy sign-up process that shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete. We should note that you can complete this process on either desktop or mobile too. So you can choose whichever platform is most convenient for you. And finally, before we get into the platform specifics, let’s quickly highlight the verification process.

It is essential to complete this as soon as you’ve opened the account. Failure to do so could result in account blocks down the line, which nobody wants, of course. With that said, to verify your account details you must upload two things – proof of ID and proof of address. The first can be done by uploading a photo of your passport or driving license. The second must be either a bank statement or utility bill which is dated within the last three months.

After these have been uploaded and approved, you then have unrestricted access to Pinnacle World Cup betting!

Pinnacle Ontario World Cup Betting – beyond registration

Now you are in the perfect position for betting on the World Cup with Pinnacle. You will have opened your account and verified the details to prevent any restrictions. And since this is taken care of, you can now start looking at the betting opportunities for this tournament on the platform. There are a few important areas to look at surrounding this review, and you can read through all of them below.

Available markets

One of the most important areas of them all relates to what you can actually wager on concerning Pinnacle World Cup betting. As a quick reminder, the World Cup is a tournament that will last for around a month, with progressively fewer games to wager on with each passing stage. At the beginning of the tournament, which starts on Sunday, November 20th, you will have a ton of group games to bet on. And at Pinnacle, you will typically find 50+ betting markets for all of the group games right now. This provides an adequate selection for most punters.

pinnacle World Cup betting

As for what these markets are, as expected, the mainstream options include moneyline, handicap, as well as over/under options. There are plenty of others, however, with examples like BTTS, individual goal scorers, and number of cards making regular appearances. You can also check out the odds on Pinnacle's World Cup futures betting.

Live betting

The section above regarding available markets focuses on the pre-match options that Pinnacle has available. Yet once the games actually begin, you can still bet on a bunch of markets since live betting is supported. Typically, there are fewer markets for in-play World Cup games compared to pre-match betting markets. But you’ve still got options like moneyline, next goal scored, exact final score, and plenty more to keep you entertained.

Just remember that you’ve got to be quick to snap up the options shown. By nature, live betting can chop and change from one moment to the next, especially with soccer.

Pinnacle World Cup odds

Following on from the range of markets and different betting variations, we have to mention the odds that Pinnacle has. Essentially, it’s the odds that provide the real value at a betting site for the World Cup. And the general rule of thumb is that the higher the odds for any market, the more appealing that particular sportsbook is for that specific bet. As an example, if Pinnacle had odds of -100 for a moneyline bet whereas a major competitor had odds of -200, Pinnacle would provide you with the best returns on your wager.

pinnacle World Cup betting

While this is an example, generally speaking, the odds that Pinnacle has for World Cup markets are always very competitive.

Leading features

Last but not least, we feel it would be an injustice not to mention the top features. There are plenty to speak of at Pinnacle as well, especially for this tournament. And from the moment you’ve signed up, you can benefit from accessing and using the following features:

  • Boosted odds markets
  • Quick bet
  • Available ‘teasers’
  • Betting resources – tips and predictions
  • Prop betting

This is a general overview of the main features that help to boost your World Cup betting experience at Pinnacle. Of course, some you will find more useful than others. However, they all add up to create an exceptional online sportsbook for World Cup betting.

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