Key Canadian Premier League transfers ahead of 2024

In this article, you’ll familiarize yourselves with the key Canadian Premier League transfers ahead of the 2024 campaign. The 2023 race was a long and tiresome one, but in the end, the inevitable happened as Forge scooped up another title. The final game against Cavalry could’ve gone either way, as coach Bobby Smyrniotis’ boys bested their opponents twice via a 2-1 score.

Despite winning another Canadian Premier League title, Forge definitely showed signs of weakness, and it was only due to the lack of real challenge in Canada that Smyrniotis’ side was able to cash in another trophy. In the list of the key Canadian Premier League transfers ahead of the 2024 season below, you’ll see not only what Forge have been doing on the transfer market, but the rest of their key opponents as well.

Let’s analyze these Canadian Premier League transfers and see which teams have made good bargains, what we can expect from the newcomers, and what are the clubs’ title chances with their new players.

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Key Canadian Premier League transfers ahead of 2024

Top Canadian Premier League transfers this winter

This year’s Canadian Premier League season is set to begin in April, so there’s plenty of time for the clubs to make adjustments to their roster. However, we have already seen some very interesting names boost these Canadian clubs. Here are the top Canadian Premier League transfers this winter – the players for which the clubs paid a hefty price:

  • William Akio to Cavalry – €150k
  • Jordan Faira to Valour FC – €100k
  • Paris Gee to Vancouver – €150k
  • Ben Fisk to Vancouver – €125k
  • James Cameron to Vancouver – €100k
  • Carson Buschman-Dormond to York United – €50k
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As you can see from the list of key Canadian Premier League transfers this winter, we have Vancouver as the most active on the market when it comes to paying a sum for their new arrivals. Coach Ghotbi’s side really didn’t make a good first impression in its debut season in the Canadian Premier League, and it would appear that the club’s men in charge are eager to boost the starting XI with the likes of Paris Gee, Ben Fisk, and former Cavalry player Ben Fisk. These are the sort of players that can make a big difference to how Vancouver plays and we can’t wait to see the team in action.

Another interesting name that popped up among the key Canadian Premier League transfers ahead of the 2024 campaign is the one of William Akio. He boosted Cavalry on a three-year contract, and we are sure that the €150k that the club has seemingly paid for their new star will prove worth it.

Other Canadian Premier League transfers ahead of the 2024 season

So far, we’ve discussed the transfers for which the clubs had to pay a decent amount of money. This is where you’ll find information regarding the players out on loan and those who boosted Canadian Premier League teams via free transfers. We have some interesting names on that list so make sure you go through it completely:

  • Ballou Tabla (€375k) to Atletico Ottawa from Manisa FK
  • Mael Henry (€120k) to Cavalry FC from Vancouver
  • Beni Babangida (€150k) to Forge from La Louviere
  • Doneil Henry (€300k) to HFX Wanderers from the MLS Pool
  • Pierre Lamothe (€175k) on loan to Pacific from Quang Nam FC
  • Shaan Houndal (€200k) to Valour from Vancouver
  • Alejandro Diaz (€210k) to Vancouver from Sogndal
  • Juan Cordova (€400k) to York United from Nublese
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The most interesting name on that list is Juan Cordova’s. The Chilean has the highest price tag out of all of these free transfers & loanees. With a market value of €400k, Juan Cordova certainly has the quality to make a difference for the Nine Stripes this season.

Another player we should mention is Ballou Tabla. He parted ways with Turkish side Manisa FK a couple of months ago, only to boost Atletico Ottawa on a two-year contract.

Pierre Lamothe is one of the more interesting loaned-out players in Canada this season. His name is on the key Canadian Premier League transfers list, as it will be interesting to see if the team will make a bid for the player at the end of the campaign.

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