How to watch World Cup 2022? – TV broadcast info

The FIFA World Cup is the biggest and most popular football tournament in the world. There is no higher honour in the sport of football than winning this trophy for your nation. That's why come November 20, we will all be glued to the TV screens. In this article, we will talk about the TV broadcast info and how people in the UK can watch every World Cup fixture.

France vs Argentina

France are set to play their second consecutive World Cup final and face Argentina to defend their title at Lusail Iconic Stadium. The White and Sky Blue knocked Croatia out of the tournament to book their final berth with a 3-0 victory. On the other hand, the Blues sent Morocco out of the competition by breaching their strong defence with a 2-0 win. Argentina has been dominant in recent meetings but France were able to change the trend with a 4-3 victory in the last World Cup. There is more on the line as this might be the last time Lionel Messi graces the grandest stage of world football. In Les Bleus's colours, Kylian Mbappe will be looking to establish himself amongst the greats with another World Cup triumph. The match kicks off at 15:00 GMT and can be watched on BBC One, ITV1, STV, BBC iPlayer, ITVX, STV Player, and the BBC Sport Website.

TV broadcast info – World Cup 2022 coverage

Football fans across the UK can watch every World Cup game either on BBC or ITV. The tournament is split between these two broadcasters and each game will be on one of their channels. So, if you possess a valid UK TV license, you are ready for the World Cup. Additionally, the BBC iPlayer and the ITV Hub will also stream all World Cup fixtures. So, even if you are not at home at some point, the games will still be available to you.

During the group stage, all fixtures start at 10am, 1pm, 4pm, and 7pm GMT. In the last round, matches are played only at 3pm and 7pm GMT. So, check whether the game you want to watch is on BBC or ITV before kick-off and enjoy the show.

Canada world cup odds

World Cup TV schedule 2022 – How to watch England at the World Cup?

BBC and ITV have shared coverage of major tournaments for more than 50 years. According to reports ITV had the first pick on which fixtures they would stream at the World Cup. BBC will show two of England's group matches. First, they will stream the game against Iran and then the last group match against Wales. However, after that, the next potential England fixture that BBC will stream is if the Three Lions make it to the semi-finals. Among other excellent fixtures during the group stage, BBC will also cover the game between Spain and Germany.

On the other hand, ITV is going to stream the 2nd group fixture for England where they face the USA. It's going to be an interesting match as England is yet to beat the USA in a World Cup finals tournament. They lost to them back in 1950 and got just a draw the last time they met in 2010. The TV broadcast info states that following the group stage, ITV will potentially stream any fixture England gets in the last 16 rounds and the quarter-finals. We also have to mention that ITV will also cover Wales when they face the USA as part of Group B.

England group stage TV coverage

The World Cup TV schedule 2022 for England during the group stage is as follows:

  • England vs. Iran – Sunday, November 20 on BBC – 1pm GMT
  • England vs. USA – Friday, November 25 on ITV – 7pm GMT
  • Wales vs. England – Tuesday, November 29 on BBC – 7pm GMT

Full TV broadcast info for BBC and ITV

While broadcasting the Three Lions is an obvious priority, BBC and ITV are going to cover the whole World Cup as well. UK football fans should be happy that they can watch any fixture during Qatar 2022. Keep in mind that both BBC and ITV have several channels at their disposal. At one point during the tournament, there will be two games at the same time which is where some of those other channels can come into play. For instance, instead of the main BBC and/or ITV channel, a game could be put on BBC 2, BBC 3, ITV 2, etc.

Sunday, November 20
Monday, November 21
Tuesday, November 22
Wednesday, November 23
Thursday, November 24
Friday, November 25
Saturday, November 26

Qatar vs. Ecuador 4pm BBC

England vs. Iran 1pm BBC

Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia 10am ITV

Morocco vs. Croatia 10am ITV

Switzerland vs. Cameroon 10am ITV

Wales vs. Iran 10am BBC

Tunisia vs. Australia 10am BBC

Senegal vs. Holland 4pm ITV

Denmark vs. Tunisia 1pm ITV

Germany vs. Japan 1pm ITV

Uruguay vs. South Korea 1pm BBC

Qatar vs. Senegal 1pm BBC

Poland vs. Saudi Arabia 1pm ITV

USA vs. Wales 7pm ITV

Mexico vs. Poland 4pm BBC

Spain vs. Costa Rica 4pm ITV

Portugal vs. Ghana 4pm ITV

Holland vs. Ecuador 4pm ITV

France vs. Denmark 4pm ITV

France vs. Australia 7pm BBC

Belgium vs. Canada 7pm BBC

Brazil vs. Serbia 7pm BBC

England vs. USA 7pm ITV

Argentina vs. Mexico 7pm ITV

Sunday, November 27
Monday, November 28
Tuesday, November 29
Wednesday, November 30
Thursday, December 1
Friday, December 2

Japan vs. Costa Rica 10am ITV

Cameroon vs. Serbia 10am ITV

Ecuador vs. Senegal 3pm ITV

Tunisia vs. France 3pm BBC

Canada vs. Morocco 4pm BBC

Ghana vs. Uruguay 4pm BBC

Belgium vs. Morocco 1pm BBC

South Korea vs. Ghana 1pm BBC

Holland vs Qatar 3pm ITV

Australia vs. Denmark 3pm BBC

Croatia vs. Belgium 4pm BBC

South Korea vs. Portugal 4pm BBC

Croatia vs. Canada 4pm BBC

Brazil vs. Switzerland 4pm ITV

Iran vs. USA 7pm BBC

Poland vs. Argentina 7pm BBC

Japan vs. Spain 7pm ITV

Serbia vs. Switzerland 7pm ITV

Spain vs. Germany 7pm BBC

Portugal vs. Uruguay 7pm ITV

Wales vs. England 7pm BBC

Saudi Arabia vs. Mexico 7pm BBC

 Costa Rica vs. Germany 7pm ITV

Cameroon vs. Brazil 7pm ITV


Based on TV broadcast info, who will cover the World Cup coverage in the UK?

As with previous tournaments of this type, BBC and ITV will share the broadcasting rights.

How to watch England during the group stage?

BBC will cover their fixtures against Iran and Wales while ITV will screen the fixture against the USA.

What's required to be able to watch BBC and ITV in the UK?

All residents in the UK who have a valid TV license will be able to watch all the World Cup fixtures on both BBC and ITV.

What if you are outside the UK during the World Cup?

UK residents can still watch the whole action for free through the BBC iPlayer and the ITV Hub.

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