Why West Ham should sign Conor Gallagher in Summer 2023 transfer window

It seems like the situation on Conor Gallagher’s next club changes from day to day at the moment. The talented midfielder is just 23 years of age, and he has spent a few seasons out on loan from Chelsea in recent years.

Regardless, he did spend the 22/23 season at Chelsea, and he started to be included in more Premier League games as the season went on.

Yet it still seems like Gallagher wants more from his career, which is why there is plenty of news about Gallagher’s departure from Chelsea this summer.

On that note, although there are several clubs in the running to sign Gallagher, many believe that West Ham would be the best fit. 

Allow me to highlight why this is the case while justifying why the Hammers have already made a bid for Conor Gallagher in recent weeks.

Conor Gallagher a Declan Rice replacement?

When West Ham sold Declan Rice earlier this Summer, this was one of the biggest transfer stories of the entire transfer period. According to official reports, Declan Rice was sold for a fee of £105 million to Arsenal in July. And while this is obviously great for the bank balance of West Ham, it means that they’ve lost one of the superstars of the team. Furthermore, as a result of this sale, they are lacking a top-tier player to fulfil the defensive midfield role that he played at the club.

With that knowledge, I wouldn’t be surprised if West Ham viewed Conor Gallagher as a direct replacement for Declan Rice in midfield. While yes, he doesn’t strictly play as a defensive midfielder, he is versatile enough to fill the role if necessary. 

Conor Gallagher signing would leave more money for other transfers

Moving away from his role in this position at West Ham, another reason that West Ham should sign Conor Gallagher is that it makes sense financially. As noted above, when West Ham sold Declan Rice for a massive fee of £105 million, the club’s bank balance immediately became rather large. Despite that, West Ham is still one of the few clubs that have yet to sign any players during the Summer transfer window. In fact, the only players that have come back on the books have returned from loan.

This then paints a pretty obvious picture from the perspective of West Ham’s finances. The club is sitting on a hefty profit from Rice’s sale, and this money could be invested in a quality player like Conor Gallagher. Furthermore, with an estimated price tag of £40 or slightly more to sign Gallagher, this would still leave a bunch of cash to make another high-profile signing if desired.

Conor Gallagher would add more midfield depth

Although Gallagher would no doubt be brought in as a first-team player if he was indeed signed by West Ham, the club is still lacking depth in midfield. This is the third and final reason as to why signing Gallagher makes total sense. By bringing him in, West Ham would have a quality player or two that could be brought on as a substitute, or fill the gaps if one of the top guys sustained an injury. 

As a result, they wouldn’t need to rely on guys like Downes or Coventry to try and fill the boots of the first-team players when necessary.