Premier League transfers: Here’s why Everton have signed Jack Harrison

In a recent and rather unexpected twist concerning Premier League transfers in August, Jack Harrison has signed for Everton. As you might be aware, Harrison is, or should I say ‘was’, one of the top players in Leeds United’s squad going into the 23/24 season. But with that said, we all know that Leeds United is no longer playing Premier League football. Therefore, it makes sense that a player like Jack Harrison would want to challenge himself in the highest tier of English football.

Jack Harrison Everton

This is all the more true since he is still just 26 years of age, so he has many years left to work on his game and make the most of his football career. As for details of the Jack Harrison Everton transfer, these will no doubt be fully disclosed in the coming days. 

Anyway, are you curious as to why Everton have signed Harrison on a season-long loan from Leeds United? If so, I’d like to provide some insight into this confirmed move right now.

He adds value to Everton as a versatile winger

You don’t need to look much beyond Harrison’s style of play to know that he is versatile in his role. While yes, he typically plays as a left-winger, he is one of just a few guys in the Everton squad who can adapt to play on the right flank if necessary. This is because he isn’t strictly what many would refer to as a ‘one-footed’ player. Therefore, if Everton needs to play him over on the right for whatever reason, Harrison is more than comfortable with such a switch. 

Additionally, the Everton squad is loaded with left-wingers like Danjuma, Gray, and McNeil. But when you look at the players who can adequately fill a key role as a right winger, Everton’s options are thin on the ground – that’s before signing Jack Harrison!

Has experience at a world-class club

Before I run the risk of upsetting Everton fans, I’m not making this statement to infer that Everton isn’t a top-level club. In fact, on the contrary, Everton has been one of the most consistent Premier League squads that we’ve seen in recent times. However, what’s undeniable is that Everton hasn’t been at the top of the Premier League for quite some time. Taking that into account, the fact that Jack Harrison has at least been involved with a club like Manchester City means that he will bring a different outlook to Everton.

After all, he’s been in and around the best in the business, even if he was mainly loaned out during the regular season while on the books at Manchester City.

Caters to two key ‘needs’ for the Toffees

Last but not least, the final reason why Everton has signed Jack Harrison relates to what he can do on the pitch in terms of results. Specifically, since he is actually a pretty handy forward when he gets going, Everton can expect some key goals to come from Harrison. Don’t forget – he has scored 31 goals for Leeds United in 190 appearances. Run the math, and it becomes clear that Everton should get some goals throughout the season.

Secondly, Harrison is a guy that can fulfill an attacking midfield position if needed. This is an area that Everton suffered with last season. But given Harrison’s ability to hold the ball while picking out dangerous passes, he will give Everton’s midfield a serious boost – that’s if the club chooses to play him in such a role.