When Will Goncalo Ramos Make His PSG Debut? Possible Dates Revealed

Popularly dubbed as ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’s replacement’ in terms of international football, Goncalo Ramos is no stranger to the media. And now that the Portuguese striker has joined PSG on loan from Benfica for the 23/24 season, understandably, fans are wondering when Goncalo Ramos’ PSG debut might be. 

Goncalo Ramos PSG Debut

With that said, it’s ultimately down to PSG and the manager as to when Goncalo Ramos will take to the pitch in a PSG shirt for the first time. Yet based on recent developments, we've got a fairly good idea of when this debut might take place. So, if that’s what you are curious about, let's get the ball rolling with some suggestions.

Goncalo Ramos PSG Debut – When Will He Make an Appearance?

Before we look at the possible PSG debut for Goncalo Ramos, it’s important to highlight the changes that have occurred within the last 24/48 hours. In case you’ve missed the news, Ramos has officially been loaned out from Benfica to PSG for the 23/24 season. So while he will be playing for PSG this season, technically speaking, for the next 12 months he will still be a Benfica man – behind the scenes. However, he will obviously be on the books at PSG, despite the fact that he is still under Benfica’s ownership.

With this said, that will no longer be the case due to the Goncalo Ramos PSG transfer that has been agreed upon recently. As per the latest reports, PSG has not only taken on Ramos for a full-season loan, but they have an obligation to pay a €65 million fee to sign this 22-year-old striker once the loan ends. This deal has reportedly been approved by all parties involved, and the initial fee comes with €15 million in ‘extras’. 

Of course, that means that Ramos is ready to take to the pitch for PSG, and I feel that the two options shown below are most likely for the highly anticipated Ramos PSG debut.

Game vs Lorient – Saturday, August 12th

While the loan deal has been confirmed, Goncalo Ramos still needs to travel to Paris and complete his medical. Assuming all goes smoothly, there is a chance that Ramos might play this Saturday in the opening game of the season. However, this is dependent on how quickly the medical gets completed. In reality, he needs to get this medical done and everything needs to be approved on paper prior to Friday. So this gives the Portuguese man and PSG around 72 hours to wrap things up if his debut is to be made on Saturday, August 12th.

Game vs Toulouse – Sunday, August 20th

If for some reason the medical doesn’t get completed as quickly as anticipated, or if there are any other holdups, the most likely debut will be against Toulouse. This is the second Ligue 1 game of the season for PSG. And if Ramos fails to be ready in time to play against Lorient, I feel it’s almost a certainty that Ramos’ PSG debut will then be made on Saturday, August 20th.