What Number Will Ousmane Dembélé Wear at PSG?

Ousmane Dembélé looks set to make a move to PSG, at least that’s according to the most recent transfer window reports. With that said, the Dembélé transfer fee is a bone of contention between Barcelona and PSG. However, a few rumors that have emerged over the last 24/48 hours indicate that Dembélé might head to PSG for a fee of around €50 million. Whether this is official or not remains to be seen. 

Ousmane Dembele Shirt Number PSG

Yet if this is true, it would give PSG a little over three weeks to work out the finer details and secure Dembélé before the end of August. Anyway, my intention here isn’t to provide speculation on what the fees will be if Ousmane Dembélé moves to PSG. Instead, I want to have a bit of fun and explore the options of what Dembélé’s shirt number might be at PSG. 

On that note, there are a couple of realistic options on the table, and I’d like to discuss them right now.

Number 7 PSG Shirt

Of the three options I’ve provided here, this one is perhaps the most speculative of them all. Then again, because of the current situation with Mbappe reportedly looking to leave PSG, this would make the number 7 shirt open for business. And while Dembélé might not be viewed as an exact replacement for Mbappe, he’s not exactly ‘unworthy’ of wearing the number 7 shirt for PSG. Additionally, he wears the number 7 shirt for Barcelona already, so this would seem like a logical transition for the French winger. 

But to stress once again, this is subject to Kylian Mbappe leaving the club, which is very much up in the air at the moment.

Number 12 PSG Shirt

Rather than looking at a shirt number that is already taken, let me come up with a less conditional proposal for the second of these three possibilities. Given that existing PSG wingers wear the number 10 and 11 shirts, and since the number 12 shirt is vacant, this seems a likely outcome if he does sign for PSG. As for the guys that occupy these shirt numbers at the moment, these players are Neymar in the number 10 short and Asensio in the number 11 shirt. 

Additionally, Asensio has recently joined PSG from Real Madrid, and since he has slotted into the number 11 shirt, should another winger arrive, why not put him as number 12?

Number 13 PSG Shirt

The last of these three options is the number 13 shirt. Looking at the current PSG lineup concerning the shirt numbers that are vacant, the number 13 is open at the moment. Of course, I’ve given the possibility of Dembélé’s PSG shirt number being number 12 above. However, if PSG is keeping that number on reserve for some reason, the number 13 option would seem like a suitable decision. 

So to conclude, when you consider the PSG shirt numbers that Dembélé could wear, I feel it’s most likely that he will wear number 12 or 13. Yet as a reminder, if Mbappe vacates the number 7 shirt, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ousmane Dembélé asks for this shirt number instead.